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The Child Within

Chapter 4: The Visit

The sounds of chirping entered the room as the young man with silver hair laid on the bed; his arms wrapped around a stuffed fox, his lips parted in soft breathing, his hair draped all around him, and his eyes sealed shut. His steady soft breathing grew sharp and hoarse. His eyes fluttered slowly as the light from a window flared into his eyes. His tight grip on the fox slowly loosened as he began to turn and push himself off the comfortable bed where he once let his body heat take control. His amber eyes flashed brilliantly, his mouth opened, and he yawned; exhaling the air out of his lungs into the world around him. He reached up his free arm and began to rub his head lightly. He looked around for a clock and found none. He fumbled at the drawer next to the bed where he laid his cell phone, grabbed it, and looked at the time. 6:30AM. He had never woken up that early for the past couple of months. The anticipation on the day that awaited him drew him from his sleep.

He placed his foot on the cool wooden floor and began to walk out of the room. He had noticed there was no bathroom in the room; something he wasn't use to. He glanced down the hall and began to walk slowly in search of the bathroom only to find a boy walking out of it with a toothbrush in his mouth.

"Murmning." He managed to muffle through the toothbrush and paste. His tired eyes looked up at the older boy and turned away quickly back into the bathroom.

Inuyasha decided he wanted a shower as well. He turned back around to head into the bedroom to find the clothes he had brought with him, decided on an outfit, and headed back towards the bathroom to have Souta walking out slowly.

"Mom is already downstairs making breakfast for us and lunch for Kagome." He began and waved into the bathroom, "So the bathroom is free for you to use." He said smiling and ran off into his bedroom to change for the visit to the clinic.

Inuyasha found the boy rather interesting. His eyes were a bit darker from Kagome's; or at least from what he last remembered of her, the boy's smile resembled his father, not only that but his overall appearance. He still couldn't believe there was another soul born into the Higurashi family and for ten years he didn't know about it.

He dragged himself into the bathroom and stared at himself and then at the necklace. He found himself always looking at it; something that always drew his attention. Every time he stared into the orb, he always seemed to lose himself in thought, and at that very moment wasn't the time to do so. He needed to hurry, the sooner they got ready and finished, the sooner they'd be at the clinic. He was anxious, he still didn't know what to do or what to say when he finally got to talk to her. He didn't know if a hug would be appropriate. The thought of Kagome as a young woman intrigued him and sent a tone of pink across his cheeks. He took a shower and looked around the bathroom; no toothbrush for him to use. He had forgotten about that. He thought it'd be ok just to find one un-used, use it, and replace it with a new one for the family. He found one under the sink and began brushing his teeth and fixing his hair. It was long and very silky; well kept. He dried his hair with a towel and blow dried it a little. He got dressed and headed out of the bathroom. He walked into the bedroom he had stayed in, looked around for a second, grabbed his keys, cell phone, and wallet. He stood in there for a moment longer taking in the scent of the room. He finally decided to leave. He grabbed the toy fox and headed out the room and down the stairs into the kitchen where his meal awaited him.

He seated himself as the young boy jumped into his chair and the woman sat down. The woman looked at the young man while he sat there looking at the food and then back at the woman.

"Good morning Inuyasha." She smiled kindly to him. "Eat up; we've got a long day ahead of us." She said as Souta began eating his breakfast.

Inuyasha nodded, "Thank you." She said and began to eat quickly. The woman seemed fascinated in watching him eat, occasionally asking if he liked what he was eating; the food was great.

Mrs. Higurashi was nervous on what would happen when she brought Inuyasha to meet Kagome. Would she be happy? Would she be scared? Shocked? Confused? Not recognize him? She didn't know what the reaction would be. Would she cry?

They all finished eating and cleaned up quickly. Mrs. Higurashi walked over to the oven and opened it as she pulled out a pan of brownies. She began to cut it and place it into the box, turned back to the stove, and placed into another box with Kagome's lunch.

She looked at Inuyasha and Souta, "Are you boys ready?"

Inuyasha nodded but truly he wasn't. He felt sick. Souta on the other hand nodded gleefully; anticipating another visit with his sister.

"Isn't it a bit early?" Inuyasha asked as Mrs. Higurashi shook her head.

"She gets up early for her therapy. She naps after lunch, more therapy around five and then she goes to sleep; it's like a cycle." She said softly, realizing how boring it seemed when she said it. But truly that's all that Kagome's days consisted of. Waking up at five in the morning, small warm ups, breakfast, reading, therapy, lunch, nap, therapy, reading, and then sleeping. Her days were the same cycles unless Kagome's doctor decided to give her a day off and walk with her in the garden; him walking and pushing on Kagome's wheelchair.

Inuyasha nodded and thought to himself how could her day only consist of those small things? It seemed not very thrilling. If it was him, he knew he'd die from the boredom.

They all exited the house; Inuyasha got in his own car and followed Mrs. Higurashi's car on the drive there. He was surprised how close the house was from the clinic; it made sense. They would've wanted to be as close to Kagome as possible in case of an emergency.

They arrived, parked, and got out of their cars. Mrs. Higurashi looked over at a very nervous Inuyasha holding onto a stuffed fox. She smiled softly; he truly cared for her daughter. She extended her arm and hand as Inuyasha looked down at her. He noticed Souta was holding her hand and he gave a small smile, gave in, and held her hand as they all walked towards the clinic entrance.

Mrs. Higurashi explained who Inuyasha was and they proceeded towards Kagome's room. On the walk there felt like a million years. Inuyasha could feel his palms beginning to moisten up and his heart racing. Mrs. Higurashi stopped in front of the room, looked in and shook her head.

"She's probably at therapy." She said while opening the door into the room, placing down the bag of food on the table. Inuyasha looked around the room; it was pretty much empty aside from a few mechanical devices to measure heartbeat, pulse, and whatnot. It was so empty and plane. He gripped onto the fox tightly as they began to proceed down the hallway silently.

Mrs. Higurashi stopped as she saw Kagome's doctor. She bowed at the young man as he entered the door next to her and she turned around to look at Inuyasha.

"That's Kagome's physical therapist, Houjo." She said and tried to remember his last name but couldn't remember it. She shrugged and looked into the room and caught Kagome in her sight instantly.

Souta opened the door and ran in quickly and waved at his sister whom waved back at him and continued her exercises.

Inuyasha hadn't seen her yet, he was standing next to the wall as Mrs. Higurashi turned around. "Do you want to come in now?" She noticed he had a distressed look on his face. "Whenever you're ready. Just let me know and I'll let her know someone wants to see her." She said as she placed a hand on his shoulder and entered the room.

Inuyasha nodded and turned to lean against the wall for a moment. 'I'm finally here. I'll finally see her again.' He thought to himself, the thought of seeing her again made him smile; but the thought of seeing her try to walk made him uneasy. He thought of how she looked and her antics as a child brought a smile to his face. He took in a deep inhale of breath and exhaled slowly. It was now or never.

He detached himself from the wall, took a stride forward, and peeked into the room slowly. He didn't see anyone and began to move a bit closer and looked the other way. His eyes landed on Mrs. Higurashi and Souta as they watched someone. He moved his body a bit more to get a better view, his amber eyes scanning the room as his eyes rested on a young female and froze. 'Kagome…'

Inuyasha placed his free hand up against the door as he stared at the female figure. She was standing in front of the doctor, Houjo that Mrs. Higurashi mentioned. Her silky long hair flowed down her back; that's all he could see, her back. He stared at her up and down hoping she'd turn around so he could see her. Looking at her felt oddly familiar as the doctor extended his hand to the girl. He watched nervously, he watched as she placed out her small delicate hand and placed it onto the doctor's. Houjo began to retreat as her leg began to move slowly, one foot in front of the other slowly. Houjo made a turn as Kagome's face slowly came into view.

Her hair flowing with her every movement as her body turned. Her cheeks a tint of pink, her lips like a strawberry, her pale skin glistening in the room's lighting, and her smile. His heart skipped a beat as he stared at the beautiful creature in front of him. Her honey brown eyes shined brightly as she accomplished a few more steps. 'You can do it.' He found himself thinking. His lips were parted watching her with fascination. She was so beautiful. He was amazed to not see any scars on her.

She raised her left leg and took a step forward as her ankle turned suddenly, sending her to the floor in a beat. Her once smiling face turned into fear as the doctor quickly caught her. Inuyasha stared at Kagome as she seemed in pain and the doctor checked her ankle. He eyed the doctor for a second with hate suddenly in his eyes; jealousy. He didn't know the man but began to feel anger rise. 'Don't touch her…' he thought to himself as she began to find his heart beating fast.

Kagome's once distraught face quirked into a smile as she began to laugh; he wanted to hear her laughter. He noticed Mrs. Higurashi turn her head and look over at the door as he nodded at her and continued to watch Kagome. She was trying so hard. Her legs were still weak but she was making progress. He felt his chest tighten as she made an attempt to get up, only to fall right back down. She continuously tried to get up as her eyes suddenly began to well up. Her lips moved to what it seemed like "I can do it." He nodded, "You can do it Kagome." He whispered softly to himself as she made one last attempt and collapsed with tears streaking down her cheek.

He wanted to burst into the room and help her up. He wanted to hold her and tell her how much he missed her, how long he waited until he could see her again, tell her about his dreams, but most of all, tell her how sorry he was. He felt his chest ache and the air around him felt thick. He watched as the doctor comforted her wrapping his arms around her trying to sooth her along with her mother and brother. He felt helpless standing outside; he wanted to be by her side.


An hour passed as she began to do better with her walking and was beginning to move a bit faster. Inuyasha continued to watch, it only felt like a short amount of time as Mrs. Higurashi headed out of the room and looked at Inuyasha who looked like he was in pain.

"Inuyasha? Are you alright?" She asked in a worried tone, her eyes searching in his eyes for the answer. She realized what he saw must've hit him hard. She placed her hand on his and shook her head, "She's trying her hardest. Don't be this way." She said softly. "Would you like to meet her during lunch?" She asked and looked at her watch. Lunch for Kagome would be in another fifteen minutes.

Inuyasha nodded, "I'll go outside for some air and I'll knock on the door when I'm back. Tell her I want to see her." He said as he quickly turned away and walked down the empty hallway. His eyes focused on the tiled floors.

He tried to find an escape, but all he could think of was getting as high as he could. He found a set of stairs and began walking up it quickly, his eyes tired and weary; not from the lack of sleep but the thoughts of what to say to her when he'd finally meet her again.

He made it to the top, flung the door open as the breeze blew against him, sending his hair flying all around him. He walked out slowly and towards the edge where the side of the wall was completely fenced off. He thought and realized what it was meant for and looked down and then back up. He sighed and turned around to lean against the fence. He thought of how she looked in the room. She appeared so fragile. Her ebony hair long and flowing, her stunning honey brown eyes flashing with determination, her pale complexion, and her rosy lips. The sight had been breathtaking. He swore he had seen someone that looked like her before. He stood there in thought and took in a sharp breath. 'Kikyo.' He thought.

He had left home without calling Kikyo to let her know their date was off for the night; he knew he would be hearing from her eventually.

Kikyo was a stunning girl. She was fairly pretty. She had long hair down to her waist, chocolate brown eyes, and a pale complexion as well. They seemed similar but not completely. Kikyo was stubborn and somewhat a snob. She enjoyed spending money lavishly when she went shopping, she was pushy, bossy, and really annoying at times. For the first time he thought about how he could stand her; but his train of thought was broken as a bird overhead squawked. He pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and looked at it, 'lunch.' He thought and began heading inside again.

He took his time making it to Kagome's room, paused outside and waited as he heard soft muffled talking from inside. He looked down at the fox in his hand and held the necklace tightly, released it, and knocked on the door gently.

Inside Mrs. Higurashi looked at Kagome seriously as she looked over at the door curiously.

"Kagome, I brought someone with me today." She said and grabbed a hold of Kagome's hand. Kagome looked at her mother; her mother's brown eyes welled up and she began to turn away and walk towards the door. "Embrace yourself" She said as Souta stood up from where he sat and headed towards the door too; knowing that his mother would make him leave for the two to be alone.

Inuyasha stood outside nervously while watching Mrs. Higurashi approaching the door slowly and opening it as Souta waved at his sister and bolted out the room. Mrs. Higurashi nodded at him and allowed him in. She closed the door and looked back in to watch the two.

Kagome had a book out and was reading it. She had a fork in her hand and her lunch on the desk next to her bed. She heard footsteps and the door closing as she raised her head slowly to look at who was in her room. Her honey brown eyes stared up into amber eyes. Her lips parted, no words came out. She felt her chest tighten at the sight before her. He stood there; in his hand the stuffed fox, around his neck her necklace, his long silver hair flowing down his back; she knew who it was. The fork in her hand dropped on the floor as the silence was broken with the sound of metal colliding with the floor. It echoed through the room as Inuyasha stared into her eyes. Her lips quivered, her cheeks flared, and her eyes welled up.

"Kagome." Escaped his lips as he stared into her eyes. Her gorgeous face was all he could stare at.

Kagome closed the book slowly and placed it on the desk and gulped, "I-Inuyasha…" she whispered softly in awe.

Her voice was enchanting, never did he expect her to be so beautiful; she looked like an angel.

Inuyasha didn't know what to say, she looked as shocked as he did. He stood there for a moment and stared into her eyes as tears formed in them. His eyes widened at the sight and he moved closer slowly.

Kagome felt her heart racing as her childhood friend approached her. She wanted to reach out and touch his face to make sure he was real. She was afraid he would disappear, she was afraid he really wasn't there. Tears began to stream down her cheeks as Inuyasha knelt down in front of her bed, placed the stuffed animal on the desk and threw himself at her. Her eyes grew wide as she wrapped her arms around him. His grasp on her was tight as if he didn't want to let her go. Her eyes soften as she closed her eyes tightly and hugged him as tight as she could.

Inuyasha felt her warmth against him, he couldn't believe it, it was really her. Her hair, her skin, her eyes, and her lips. They were all really there. He breathed in deeply and exhaled as he tried to remain as calm as he could but he felt like going insane.

"Inuyasha." Kagome sobbed softly as she buried her face into his shoulder, her tears socking his shirt as he began to stroke her hair soothingly in hopes to stop her crying. He didn't know what to do.

"Kagome…" He whispered and buried his face into her neck and stroked her hair, "its ok." He cooed.

Mrs. Higurashi stood outside covering her mouth at the sight. Her eyes filled with tears as Souta hugged her waist.

The two remained in each other's arms for a little bit longer as his grasp on her slowly began to loosen only to have her grip onto him tighter and pull him back.

"Don't leave me." She whispered softly.

Her soft fear filled voice felt like a sharp slap to the chest. He rubbed her back gently, "I won't…" He whispered as she slowly released him.

He moved his hands to her shoulder, his right hand moved up to her neck, and then to her cheek. She sat there blushing as Inuyasha realized what he was doing and released her.

Kagome smiled softly, reached out her hand, and touched the pink orb around his neck. He looked down at her hand and back at her. He was about to take it off only to have her stop him.

"No. Keep it." She whispered softly, "Keep it until I can go home." She looked at him, her eyes burning into his as he nodded.

Inuyasha got up as Kagome moved over in her bed a bit to allow him to sit down. He sat down and looked at the book on her desk. It was a rather advanced book and he looked at her. She had gone into coma when she was young; he was baffled at how she could be reading a junior grade book. Kagome noticed he was looking at it and smiled.

"Houjo gave that to me." She began as the name sent Inuyasha's heart racing. "He's been helping me catch up in school as well… kind of. He helps me read and write." She said softly. "I don't want to be stupid…"

Inuyasha looked at her and shook his head, "You're not stupid." He said softly.

"I don't know what to say to you…" She began and trailed off, "I guess it's been a long time since you've seen me; for me its felt like it was only yesterday." She said softly thinking about being in her coma. It was like time hadn't passed by at all aside from a few months. They just suddenly got older the next day.

Inuyasha grabbed the fox and handed it to her slowly. "I think Shippo wants a kiss." He said and held it up to Kagome's face as her eyes lit up. She grabbed the fox and hugged it tightly. He smiled. He had thought of bringing her flowers but he decided not to; or at least not at the moment. His attempt on a conversation somewhat failed as he realized how pathetic it had sounded.

Kagome smiled up at him. They barely had talked but it felt like they were learning about each other. They were content with each other's company once more. Kagome reached out and touched his hand, "Did you miss me?" She asked curiously and looked up into his eyes.

Inuyasha was shocked at her question. "Miss you?" He asked softly almost skeptical. "All I can ever think about is you." He said as he realized how inappropriate it sounded. They were best friends and he made it sound like they had been more.

Kagome didn't see it in the way he did and she smiled, "I was afraid you had forgotten about me." She began, "You didn't come to visit. I thought you didn't want to see me." She whispered.

He shook his head, "I wouldn't ever abandon you Kagome. You know that."

Kagome smiled as Inuyasha picked up the fork from the floor and placed it on the far end of the desk and rummaged through the bag for a new fork and handed it to her.

"Hungry?" He asked.

She blushed and nodded. She didn't move as she held the fork in her hand; he looked at her hand and realized they were trembling. He took the fork from her and began to feed her lunch. She blushed at being fed and continued to eat, having Inuyasha occasionally tease her and in return she'd pout.

An hour had passed by quickly as Inuyasha and Kagome spoke to one another about what happened throughout the time she had been sleeping. He explained to her what school he went to, how old he was, and how he was shocked to get a call from her mother.

Kagome laughed. Her laugh. It drove him off the wall. She was so adorable and charming. Her innocence intrigued him. He would accidentally say things that to a teenage girl would've blushed and called him a pervert or a freak, but she didn't understand that it was considered in such context, so all she did was smile or laugh.

"Kagome. What was the last thing you remembered that day?" Inuyasha asked suddenly as Kagome looked up from her book. They had been sitting in silence for a bit and his question broke it.

She sat still for a moment in deep thought and gripped the book tightly, "I remember being scared." She said softly staring down at her book, "All I could hear was you yelling and then things going really dark and it felt like my body was being ripped apart." She whispered. "I was wishing for you to save me; and then I woke up… here." She said as her grip on the book loosened.

He noticed her knuckles turning white and he placed his hand on hers, "I'm sorry Kagome." He whispered softly.

She shook her head before he could finish, "Don't be." She said laughing, "I got a good ten year sleep." She joked trying not to think about that day.

Inuyasha looked at her sadly realizing she was trying to hide her pain with a smile. He brushed her cheek and heard the door open as Houjo stuck his head in; earning a low growl from Inuyasha.

Kagome waved at Houjo, "Houjo!" Kagome cried out and looked at the time realizing how long she and Inuyasha had been spending time together.

Houjo entered the room slowly and smiled at Kagome and gave a quick nod to Inuyasha who gave him a dirty look.

"Who is this? Your friend?" Houjo asked as he walked over to the bed.

"Not just a friend." Kagome began as Inuyasha looked at her, "But my best friend." She said smiling in delight. Inuyasha smirked and looked over at Houjo as he extended his arm to him.

"I'm Houjo, Kagome's physical therapist. Nice to meet you."

Inuyasha decided to be nice, extended his arm in return, and shook Houjo's hand, "Inuyasha." He said.

"I'm sorry to break this up but Kagome needs to go to therapy." He began as Kagome gasped and pouted.

"Can Inuyasha come too?" She asked as she tugged on Inuyasha's arm.

Inuyasha looked at her surprised; pleased that she wanted him to go with her.

Houjo nodded.

Houjo moved Kagome's wheelchair over next to her bed and reached out to carry her into it. Inuyasha watched in disgust; not wanting Houjo to be touching Kagome. He felt like a jealous boyfriend and couldn't believe he felt that way.

Houjo began to push the chair as they all began to walk towards the exercise room.

They entered as Mrs. Higurashi followed behind them with Souta.

Inuyasha sat down on a bench in there as Houjo picked up a weight that seemed a tad bit bigger than the one from earlier in the day. Inuyasha watched as Kagome held it and began to lift it up and down with ease.

"Kagome, you're getting stronger." Houjo praised as Inuyasha snorted.

Kagome glanced over at him and smiled and continued to lift them. After a short amount of time Houjo decided to work on her legs.

Houjo once more carried Kagome out of her wheelchair and onto the bench next to Inuyasha where she'd sit in between Inuyasha and Houjo.

"Whenever you're ready Kagome." Houjo said as he got up and stood in front of Kagome.

Inuyasha eyeballed him and recognized this from earlier in the day. He wanted to shove Houjo over and take his spot to help Kagome; but he knew that was unreasonable.

Kagome looked over at Inuyasha and smiled at him as he smiled at her. Mrs. Higurashi sat from a distant looking at Inuyasha. He didn't seem to give her any encouragement. She stood up and walked over to Inuyasha and sat down.

"Encourage her. Cheer her on. She does her best when she's being praised and rooted for." She whispered. Inuyasha blushed and watched as Kagome pulled herself up.

"You can do it Kagome." Inuyasha said as she stood up. Her cheeks turned pink as she realized what he said and mustered all her strength and began to slowly walk while Houjo moved backwards slowly. Kagome lost her stepping like earlier in the day and collapsed.

Inuyasha sprung to his feet right as Houjo caught her and walked her back towards the bench slowly.

Kagome sat down breathing heavily and looked over at Inuyasha and smiled. She hadn't gotten any further than she had in the morning.

Inuyasha stared at her; she looked like she had just run a mile. He watched as she regained her breath and drank her bottled water.

Inuyasha saw Houjo stand up and he quickly stood up himself and got in front of Kagome. He looked down at her as she looked up at him, her eyes twinkled in confusion. Inuyasha reached his large hands out towards her as she slowly reached her small hands up and placed it onto his. His large rough hand grasped her soft delicate hand; intertwining perfectly. She began to pull herself up slowly as Houjo sat back down and watched the two.

Mrs. Higurashi smiled and clapped with Souta as Kagome stood for a second with Inuyasha.

Inuyasha looked her in the eye, "Pretend we're dancing Kagome. Like our Saturday nights with grannie." He said softly to her, "I'll lead you, just take your steps." He whispered and slowly took a step back forcing Kagome to walk. Houjo sprung to his feet.

"Don't move too fast." He warned as Kagome quickly took a step forward.

Inuyasha ignored Houjo and looked at Kagome, "Atta girl." He said as he took another step back and she stepped forward. A smile sprang to her face as the two continued throughout the room. Houjo, Mrs. Higurashi, and Souta were shocked. She had gotten further with Inuyasha than she did with Houjo. Kagome had lost her footing once but regained herself without any help which sprung awe into everyone in the room; even herself. In his hands, his presence, she felt stronger and more determined.

Inuyasha began to move at a walking pace as she walked with him, her legs grew tired and her breathing increased as he moved back towards the bench and sat her down. He looked down at her and sat down.

Kagome caught her breath and laughed, "I did it!" She cried out as everyone clapped and she threw her arms around Inuyasha.

Inuyasha blushed and hugged her as he felt the pressure of her chest against his. He noticed Houjo was eyeballing him and Inuyasha rolled his eyes and slowly released Kagome.

Kagome clapped, "Can we do it again." She asked him as Inuyasha nodded and stood up and gave her another walk around the room. He spoke to her softly as they did, encouraging her and giving her tips. He explained to her to lift her feet up more since he had noticed her toes would hit the floor and she'd lose her balance.

"Heel, toe, heel toe." He chanted softly to her.

Mrs. Higurashi smiled as the two walked around the room.

"Mommy, she's doing better with Inuyasha than she does with Houjo, and Inuyasha isn't even a doctor." Souta whispered as his mother laughed softly.

The two sat back down and rested as Houjo told them therapy was over and that she could go back to her room.

Inuyasha this time carried her into her wheelchair and pushed her into her room and carried her into the bed.

"Thank you." Kagome said softly as everyone sat in the room and Houjo explained how much she was improving and that soon enough she could walk on her own if she kept walking like she did earlier with Inuyasha.

Kagome nodded as Mrs. Higurashi opened the box of brownies and handed it to everyone while Houjo left the room.

"Sis! You were great!" Souta suddenly yelled, "You were walking so fast." Souta began as he slowly stopped and noticed Kagome was staring at Inuyasha.

Mrs. Higurashi grinned and nudged Inuyasha whom in returned blushed and looked away from Kagome. All she did was smile and continued to eat her brownie.

The day had passed by quickly, they all sat in the room talking as Mrs. Higurashi bid her goodbyes to her daughter and left; leaving Inuyasha behind to stay with Kagome as Souta waved and left as well.

Kagome pulled the book from the desk and looked at him, "Shouldn't you go home too?" She asked Inuyasha and flipped her book open, hoping to hear the answer she longed for.

Inuyasha watched her as she delicately opened the book. "I want to stay a little bit longer." He said, "Can you read to me?" Inuyasha asked.

Kagome smiled, blushed, and nodded at his request. She began reading from where she left off and occasionally stopped to explain to him about the story and why that event happened. Inuyasha was amazed at how intelligent she was. She didn't have a mind of a child at all.

"Kagome, have you been learning a lot here?" Inuyasha asked suddenly.

She nodded, "Houjo helps me a lot like I said. Mom at first brought me kid books but Houjo said it'd be better if I start at a higher level and comprehend it from there." She explained.

"Do you like Houjo?"

Kagome placed a finger on her chin and nodded, "He's my doctor, he's helping me, and of course I like him. He's my friend." She said and looked at Inuyasha whom seemed distracted.

Inuyasha looked at her and smile wondering why he even asked her that. He was just her friend and he had a girlfriend back at home. He felt jealousy and hated it. He shook the thought of Kagome and Houjo even being together; besides, Kagome wouldn't have those thoughts. Or at least he assumed she didn't.

Another hour passed and it was getting late. Inuyasha tucked Kagome in and placed the toy in her arm, "Goodnight Kagome." He said as he brushed her hair aside lightly.

Kagome looked up at him, "Will you come back? She asked him softly. She didn't want him to leave her in fear he wouldn't ever come back again.

Inuyasha thought about it for a second. He could stay however long he wanted, but school was about to start and he'd have to buy school supplies along with other misc. things.

"I don't know." He replied and rubbed his face.

Kagome looked somewhat sad. "Oh."

"I have school soon so I can't just stay here." He said softly to her when he noticed her expression change.

"Will you come to visit me?" She asked him in hopes for a yes.

Inuyasha nodded, "Of course. I'll come whenever I can. Alright?" He asked as Kagome reached up her hand and stuck out her pinky. Inuyasha smiled and locked his pinky with hers.



Inuyasha kissed her forehead lightly and stood up. "I want you to try your best ok? Finish therapy and come back home and play with me. We'll be best friends." Before he could finish Kagome did it for him.

"Forever." She smiled.

Inuyasha nodded, "Forever."

Inuyasha departed shortly after watching her fall asleep. He quickly left her a note to try her best for him and left his cell phone number just in case she ever needed him; he'd just be a call away.

It pained him to leave her side when she needed him the most; but he knew he had to get things done and on weekends he could come see her, if he was able to. He had to be able to balance his personal life with his social life.

Inuyasha walked down the empty halls listening to his footsteps. The sound of Kagome's laugher rang in his ears, the image of her smile ripped through his mind, and her eyes imprinted a everlasting joy heart. He felt relieved to finally see her, talk to her, and help her. He felt happier in a sense. He hadn't really been looking forward too much in his life with the constant dreams he had; this freshened him.

He made it to his car and looked at the clinic one last time and got into his car and headed back to Mrs. Higurashi's house to bid them goodbye and told them he'd occasionally come to see how she's doing while in school.

On the long drive home he felt like a part of him was whole again but yet empty. 'She's really back.' He thought to himself. 'She was so cute.' He thought as he remembered her innocent laughter and eyes. He felt his chest warm up at the thought of her and blushed. 'I can't think that way of her.' He thought to himself and tried to stop thinking of Kagome in any fashion other than a friendship. He hoped that she would do ok, try her hardest, and get back home to him so he could show her how much she missed out on. Help her fill the empty pages of her life.

His thoughts shifted as his eyes narrowed.

"How do I tell Kikyo why I didn't make it to our date…" He muttered in the silence.

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