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Jacob's POV

I still couldn't believe what happened a month ago. Bella, my best friend if not something more, betrayed me. She had abandoned me and left me to go back to that filthy parasite. The most devastating thing was that she wanted to become one of them…a vampire.

I tried not to think of that word because it caused me to let off slight tremors of fury and despair. For one whole month I ignored Bella except for the few times I communicated to her. Instead of risking breaking the treaty by going to Forks, I wrote letters to her and she wrote back just as often.

I wasn't sure whether or not the letters were helping me or forcing me to grow even lonelier. Sometimes, the way she worded thing would make me feel like she wanted to be with them, but then she would say something like "I miss you very much and not a day passes when I don't think off you." What was I supposed to think? She was a walking contradiction. She wanted to be friends with werewolves and vampires at the same time. She longed to be with me, but couldn't stand to be without that leech.

For what seemed like the tenth time today, I found myself wishing that things could be easier. I wished that things could be the way there were before he came and ruined everything.

I sighed and went downstairs to cram in breakfast before high school. The three bowls of Frosted Flakes tasted like ash in my mouth but I continued to eat. After many sleepless nights out with the pack trying unproductively to catch the other vampire that sucked humans dry like a mosquito.

I dumped my bowl and spoon in the sink before heading out the door.

"Don't forget your math book, Jake." My father shouted at the other end of the house. "It is on the table."

I sighed and debated whether to go back and get it. I hadn't done my homework in any class for ages. I walked out the door pretending not to hear his calls. I knew that I would be lectured on my lack of responsibility when I got home, but for now I had more important things on my mind.

I got into the rabbit and went to school absent-mindedly. I got to school and went through the daily rigmarole of life. Quil came up to me and I gave him a halfhearted smile. Recently, he had just turned and this was his second day in school since the change.

"Hey, Jake." He had circles under his eyes and looked slightly worn down.

"How you doing?" I tried to be vague so that no one could understand out hidden meanings if they eavesdropped. "Are you in control?"

He nodded slightly and I smiled at him.

"Don't worry, Quil." I tried to be comforting.

He scoffed. "It isn't like I have anything to be worried about."

I tried not to flinch at his sarcasm. "Let's go. You can't miss anymore class."

He went to Chemistry and I went to Lit class, or as it is called in our school 'American Literature.' I sat down in my normal seat towards the back corner by some of my friends. I chatted with a few people that I knew to an extent until class started. Not to brag, but a lot of people at my school liked me. Unlike Quil who flirted with girls who were already taken, I was more of the boy-next-door type because of my friendliness.

As the teacher started to drone in the front about the Tempest and how Miranda's secret feelings for Ferdinand were inspired by Prospero. I slowly zoned out until it was only a slight buzz like background music in a movie. I let my thoughts wander back to the person I cared the most about. Bella.

Just as I was thinking about how unfair life was that a bloodsucker could woo and win the most beautiful girl I have met, the door to the class opened and Mrs. Fox, the councilor at my school, started to whisper to the teacher in a hushed tone.

Some people took this time to giggle and gossip quietly about conversations they had in the beginning of class before school started. I leaned back and closed my eyes.

It felt so good to just relax. I hadn't done so in days, if not weeks. I felt myself drifting off to sleep and slowly tried to prevent it. Not that I was worried about missing part of class, but I didn't want to get into redundant trouble.

The teacher cleared his throat and I open my eyes just as the hum of voices stopped. "We have a new student today." He turned to the girl that was standing right next to him. "Would you care to introduce yourself Ms…….." He let the question fall into air and I looked at the girl.

She was stunning. If Bella was beautiful, she was gorgeous. This girl outshone Bella by a ten fold. I felt slightly guilty about thinking this, but it was true.

The girl had long braided black hair that shone all the way to her knees. Her skin made mine look feeble in comparison because she was a beautiful copper color that seemed to gleam. Her eyes were impenetrable and deep brown that was almost black. They were framed in heavy black eyelashes that made her look like a movie star or a goddess. Just looking at her lips made me want to kiss her….

What was I thinking? I felt myself avert my eyes from her beauty even though I wanted to keep staring until the worlds end. Could I be so easily over Bella just by glancing at a stranger? No, I couldn't. This girl may be pretty, or even slightly more than that, but she didn't have Bella's charm or any of the things that made me love her.

That is right, Jake. I told myself. You love Bella and only lust for this girl. She can't compare… I listed all of the reasons why I loved my Bells in my head. I missed her introduction entirely while I was listing. It did clear my head considerably and I found my thoughts going back to Bella again. Until that sweet seductress came over to sit right next to me.

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