So what if Trigon never betrayed Slade. Slade would get his own flesh and blood and also an unwilling apprentice. This is The End rewrite and I hope you will enjoy it.

There's 2 things you need to know before you read this:

Instead of Cyborg, I've put Kid Flash as the Teen Titan.

Robin didn't get fired by Bruce but was allowed to start his own team.

The Titans watched in horror as Trigon rose. Slade watched coolly from the back of the room. Trigon gathered himself to full height and screamed. His scream turned all on earth to stone except for the five Titans. Robin, KidFlash, Raven, Starfire and BB all suddenly fell down unconscious.


Robin woke up with a gasp. He hoped that whatever that had happened in the last few days had just been a dream but it wasn't. His surroundings told him that much.

Robin was in a dark crumbling room. He was bound to the wall with fiery ropes. The ropes went around his arms, wrists, thighs and feet. Beside him, his friends were bound in a similar way. Raven was on his left while KidFlash was on his right. Starfire was on his far left while BB was on his far right. They were waking up.

" Dude, where are we," BB said with a gasp.

"Dunno, mate," Kid Flash said wearily. " Everyone OK?"

"Yeah fine, except said we are in the hands of a demon and are tied up to the wall with fire!" Robin said sarcastically.

Starfire sighed while the rest of them kept quiet. Robin suddenly felt mean for rubbing in the situation. Raven was crying, silent tears streaming down her face. Robin shifted and wriggled so he could hold her hand. He squeezed it comfortingly.

"Don't worry Rae, we can get out of this,"he tried to assure her. Raven gave him a faint smile and he smiled back. (Don't worry; Robin loves Starfire in my fanfic)

"I highly doubt that, Robin,"

Raven, KidFlash, Starfire and BB gave out a sharp intake of breath and shrank back. Robin however stood his ground and glared at Slade as Slade walked in front of them.

"Slade," Robin said, his voice driiping with poison. "What do you want with us?"

Slade's eye narrowed and Robin felt that he was smirking under the mask.

"I had a feeling that you would say that, Robin," Slade said calmly. His gaze bore into the Boy Wonder as Robin tried to get out of the ropes.

" Well you see Robin, three of your friends are here to provide entertainment for me and Trigon," he looked at Kid Flash, Starfire and BB who were also like Robin, struggling with the ropes.

"Raven is to serve her father in any way that he wants her to,"

Raven went paler and bit her lip.

Robin growled and struggled more. He will not let his team suffer! They were his responsibility and he was their leader. Someone who should protect them.

Slade chuckled, apparently amused by Robin's defiance.

" You will all find that your powers are gone," Slade said. He then clicked his finger and 5 Sladebots came into the room and positioned themselves next to all the Titans. Slade moved his hand and all the Titans except for Robin were released from the ropes. They fell into the hands of the Sladebots. They were led out of the room.

Robin struggled with the ropes furiously and yelled out curses and threats to Slade. He could do nothing to stop the Sladebots from taking his friends away. Slade stayed silent and unmoving though Robin could see a satisfied look in his eye. Slade and Robin were left alone.

"What do you want with me," Robin asked, scowling at Slade.

Slade came closer.

"The same thing I wanted from the beginning, Robin. I want you as my apprentice."

Robin went pale and his breathing got quicker. He gave a death glare towards Slade and said icily.

"I will never be your apprentice again. Why don't you get Terra to be your filthy apprentice?"

Unlike the other Titans, he and Raven had never forgiven Terra for betraying them to Slade.

Slade walked closer to Robin.

"Well you see Robin, I have no intention of bringing back someone who killed me to life. I like someone with a fighting sprit and she gave in too quickly. But you are perfect." Slade said walking closer to Robin.

Robin snarled and started struggling again, Slade continued talking.

"Join me Robin and you'll get powers you have never even dreamed of. You will be one of the most powerful people on earth,"

Robin stopped struggling and actually considered what Slade said. For a horrifying moment Robin almost said yes. It was a tempting idea and he often felt under appreciated just because he was the one on the team who didn't have powers.

Then a memory of Bruce came to his mind. How Bruce had always treated him like his own son. How Bruce looks at him proudly every time Robin managed to take down a villain. How Bruce always taught him never to give in without a fight and always urged him on when he failed.

Now a picture of how Bruce would like and feel like if he got to know that his own son had joined the criminal side for plain, greedy power came to his mind.

The thought disgusted Robin and he felt sick with himself at how greedy he was to gain power. He shouted at Slade venting most of his anger on Slade.

"I'll never join you ,Slade. I'd rather die," he shouted.

Slade growled in anger. Why was Robin so stubborn?

"That can be arranged," Slade said icily and clicked his fingers.

Suddenly, the ropes that held Robin felt hot. They burned into his clothes and seared into his skin. Robin screamed in pain as pure agony travelled through his body. He wriggled madly around the ropes trying his best to move away from the ropes.

Slade watched for a while then clicked his fingers again. The ropes stopped burning but there were red angry welts buried into Robin's skin.

"I'll ask again Robin. Want to be my apprentice?" Slade asked coolly.

Robin's face scrunched up in pain as the burn marks carried on hurting. Only the thought of Bruce stopped him from giving up.

"Never Slade," Robin yelled in a raspy voice.

Slade sighed. It was impressive that Robin still wouldn't give up. It was one of the many reasons that Slade chose Robin but now he would have to go to the back up plan.

" As you know, Robin. Your friends are at my mercy and unless you comply, I'll destroy them. And this time Robin, I'm afraid that you can't stop me."

Robin's breathing got faster as the threat hung in the air. He growled and hit his hand on the wall in frustration. Slade watched amused knowing that he had won.

Slade clapped his hands once and the ropes disappeared. Robin fell to the ground hard and landed on his back. He was still too weak to get up. The welts hurt every time he tried to move. Robin groaned.

2 Sladebots appeared and held Robin up by his arms.

Slade came up to the young hero and his fingers traced the R logo on his shirt. With a barely noticeable movement, he burned it off. Robin snarled in anger and tried to attack Slade but the robots held him back.

Slade then did a waving motion with his hand and the painful welts on Robin's skin disappeared. Robin gasped as he felt his strength returning.

Slade chuckled slightly at the surprised look on Robin's face. The look quickly changed to anger and Robin tried to get rid of the robots. But the robots held him firmly.

Slade smiled at his victory. He gripped Robin's chin and forced the boy to look up at him. He said to Robin in a chilling whisper.

"You're mine now,"

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