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The JL members were silents after KidFlash ended his story. Neither of them could actually believe that the story was true but the Martian was telepathically telling them that it was true.

Superman broke the silence.

"Why didn't you approach a Justice League member, before this incident took place," Superman asked, somewhat sternly.

KidFlash shrugged nonchalantly.

"Guess we weren't thinking straight," he said, not revealing that it was Robin who told them not to approach a JL member. He was worried that the JL might lock Raven up or even worse, kill her to stop the prophecy from coming true.

"How can we be sure that Raven will not open any more portals?" Wonder Woman asked softly. Raven felt her heart drop.

A man stood up in the crowd. He was obviously a JL member but there was a look of arrogance on his face. Robin remembered that any JL members who wanted to contribute to the hearing had the right to do so. Robin had a bad feeling about the hero.

"Yes, Quantum?" Superman asked.

"I say that the girl should be kept under lock and key from now on. She is much to dangerous to go free," Quantum said.

Robin cursed softly under his breath in a variety of different languages. Most of the JL members looked like they agreed with Quantum. It was time for Robin to step in.

"Please listen," Robin said, stepping forward. "When Raven was born, the prophecy was made as well. She had no way of stopping it. Ever since she was able to understand the meaning of the prophecy, she had been forced to accept it. She-"

"She's a dangerous girl who can't be allowed to set free!" Quantum interrupted.

Robin looked at him in anger and unknowingly did the Bat glare. While Bruce always laughed when the glare was aimed at him, Quantum on the other hand, turned a sickly pale colour and sat down immediately.

The founding member s was very amused.

"Wow, B!" Flash chortled in his seat. "You even taught him to do the death glare!"

Batman was still silent but inside, he felt prod of Robin for standing up for his friend.

The other Titans members, including Raven found it hard not to laugh. Robin really did look scary when he was angry.

"As I was saying," Robin continued with a curt voice. "Raven tried her best to avoid the prophecy by becoming a heroine. She has saved many people's lives and has always been there for her friends. If it wasn't for her turning against her own father, we wouldn't be her now."

Raven impressed everyone. She coloured slightly at Robin's compliment.

"You still can't warrant that Raven won't open any more portals though," Green Lantern said pointedly.

"The prophecy is over and there's definitely been no more prophecies made. Raven won't ever open a dangerous portal on purpose. If you don't believe it then I'm afraid you are going to have to deal with it," Robin said coldly.

By then not one person in the room doubted that Robin was Batman's son. Not only did he look like him but the spoke like him as well.

"What would you do if we refused to let Raven go?" Superman asked, full with curiosity of the young man before him.

The entire court received a surprise as Robin gave Superman a feral grin. Robin grinning like that was just as scary as the Batman scowling.

"We'll just have to move on to Plan B then," Robin said innocently.

"Is that a threat?" Hawkgirl asked looking affronted.

"Absolutely!" Robin said playfully. "Raven is not going to be left behind,"

Raven looked shocked that Robin was prepared to attack the entire JL just to get her back, as did many of the other JL members. The courtroom was full with chattering noises, which drowned out the conversation taking place in the founding members seat.

"He hasn't got a chance in defeating us," Green Lantern said scornfully.

"Don't be too sure of that," Batman said tonelessly.


"There are currently at least 32 ways he can defeat us and go with his friends," Batman replied.


"Your partner is a very dangerous enemy, Batman," the martian said. "He has got at least a hundred allies and friends in all the high places,"

"Is he your son?" Superman asked, unable to conceal his curiosity any longer.

"He's my adopted son," Batman said. Only Hawkgirl heard Wonder Woman's sigh of relief.

The courtroom fell silent as Robin started to talk again.

"All we want is our friend back," he said coldly. Only Batman, the Teen Titans and possibly, Wonder Woman could hear the pleading note in his voice.

Superman sighed.

"All right, I declare that Raven is released," he said, standing up. "She is free to go,"

His statement brought cheers from the crowd as most of them had been on Robin's side.

Robin flashed Superman and the other founding members a sudden smile. It was full of friendliness and the founding members couldn't help smiling in reply. (Except for Batman of course, who felt very pleased with Robin)

Raven ran to hug her friends while the JL members departed from the room. The founders descended from their high seats. Wonder Woman reached the Titans first.

"You are all badly wounded. Please, let us give you some medical aid," she said warmly.

"That would be nice," KidFlash grinned at her. He was hoping to be tended by the beautiful Amazon princess but his uncle appeared in a "flash".

"I'll fix you up," Flash said, dragging the protesting KidFlash towards the hospital wing.

"Right," Superman said briskly, "Hawkgirl, you can fix up Starfire is it? And Wonder Woman can help Raven out. That's a rather nasty gash there. GL can assist Beastboy while Batman, you can sort your partner out,"

Batman and Robin didn't speak at all till they reached the hospital room and they went into a separate room. After making sure that no one could hear them, Batman released all his pent up concern and anger.

"What on Earth happened!" he yelled.

Robin sighed and sat on a medical bed.

"It's long, long story," he said as Batman began to tend to his various wounds. He looked at Batman and remembered the occasion where their roles had been reversed.

12 years old Dick sat up straight in bed. It was three o'clock in the morning and he couldn't think of what had woke him u. He was certain that he didn't have the nightmare of his parents dying or he would have been crying. Not to mention Bruce would have been beside him, as Alfred was away.

Dick listened carefully and picked out a faint moaning sound. He swiftly got out of his bed and made his way to the source of the moans. To his surprise, he ended up in front of Bruce's room.

"Bruce?" Dick asked softly and knocked on the door. Only another cry answered him. Feeling panicked, Dick opened the door and gasped as he went in.

Bruce was twisting and turning in his massive bed. His sheets were tangled around him. As Dick watched in horror, Bruce whimpered.

"No! Mum, dad!" Bruce cried.

Dick ran to his foster father and shook him, calling his name.

"Bruce? Bruce! Wake up!" Dick yelled.

Bruce woke up with a start. His face was drenched in sweat mingled with tears. Bruce stared at Dick, realising what had happened.

"It was just a nightmare," Bruce said stiffly.

Dick smiled at his mentor and hugged him. Bruce hesitantly hugged back, relaxing against Dick's small form.

"It's all right Bruce," Dick whispered. "I'm always here for you,"

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