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Chapter One

Seto and Mokuba were coming home from dinner, when all of a sudden a person ran out in front of the Limo. The driver had to hit the brakes, and thanks to the seatbelts, they weren't injured.

Seto got out and ran after the person. They ran down the alley and just before they got to the end, he tackled the person, sending them both crashing to the ground.

Mokuba came running after them, and he couldn't believe his eyes, it was Joey Wheeler, or he thought it was. The person looked all beaten up. His clothes were almost torn off his body, and there were scars and cuts all over his upper body. Seto picked him up and carried him to the Limo. "Get us to the Hospital right away" he ordered his driver.

At the Hospital, the Doctors and Nurses were cleaning off his wounds and sewing up the deeper cuts, and they could't believe that this young man had been raped so many times that his rectum was torn and terribly bruised.

"How did this happen" The Doctor asked Seto?

"I don't know. We nearly hit him when he came out of nowhere and ran into the path of the Limo." Seto told the Officer.

"Do you know who he is?" The Officer asked.

"His name is Joey Wheeler" Mokuba said.

"How is he?" Seto asked the Doctor.

"He is in very bad shape. He has been beaten worse then you'd beat a dog, and someone has raped this poor kid several times. I don't know how he even is alive. Some of the wounds have become infected and he is running a very high temperature. We're giving him large doses of Antibiotics and have cleaned and sewn the wounds, now all we can do is to wait." the Doctor told Seto.

Just then the doors to the Emergency Room burst open and a man came running in. "Where the hell is that no good for nothing son of mine?" He roared.

"Who are you?" The Officer asked him.

"It's no damn business of yours" he said as he tried to push his way by the Officer.

"You can't go in there" he said, but Wheeler didn't stop.

Seto and three Orderlies had to tackle the man and they held him while the Officers put handcuffs on him.

"You can't do this he yelled. That is my son and I can treat him as I see fit." The man yelled.

"Take him away" the Officer said.

Mai Valentine worked at the Hospital as a Volunteer, and she witnessed this. She went up to Seto and asked "what was going on?"

He told her, and she ran to the phone.

Solomon answered the phone, and she told him "what was happening at the Hospital."

He told her that he would have both "Yami and Yugi will be there in a while." He thanked her for calling.

One of the Nurses came and told the Doctor that "Joey was asking for someone named Seto."

When he heard his name, he went over and wanted to know what was going on?

"It seems that Joey is asking for you." the Doctor said.

He walked to the room and went in. There on the bed laid Joey. He looked terrible. He walked over and said his name.

Joey opened his eyes the best he could. "Don't let him hurt me anymore please" he begged Seto.

"Hey, he won't he told him. He wiped a tear that was coming down his face. You just get better, I'll make sure that he never sees you again." Joey gave him a small smile and went back to sleep.

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