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Chapter Fifteen

One day, while Mokie and Greta were baking cookies, Mokie asked her a question that nearly had her drop the spoon she was holding, he asked "do you love Roland?"

Greta put the spoon down and smiling she said to him "yes I do very much, why do you ask?"

Mokie looked at her and he said "well Seto and Joey hold hands and they even kiss each other, even around me, but you and Roland don't why not?"

Greta thought for a second before answering and before she could answer, Roland walked up to her and he kissed her, I mean really kissed her, in fact when he lifted his head she was breathless. Mokie's eyes lit up and he said "WOW!" Roland laughed and he said "I guess we should do that more often, shouldn't we?" Greta smiled an turned red and then she said "I guess we should."

Mokie ran out of the kitchen and he found Seto and Joey and he shouted "guess what?" Seto looked at his brother's face and then he said "what?"

Mokie said "Roland just kissed Greta in front of me, and boy it was a really good kiss." Seto and Joey laughed and they said "it's about time." Then Mokie said more to himself and not meaning to say it out loud, everyone is kissing but me. Then Seto looked at Joey and they smiled and grabbed Mokie and started kissing him. Mokie broke away and ran out of the room with Seto and Joey chasing him and Mokie was "hollering for someone to save him."

Greta and Roland ran out of the kitchen thinking something was wrong and when they saw the boys playing for the first time in ages, they both held each other and laughed till tears fell down their faces. Their boys were going to be alright.

That evening after dinner, while the boys were laughing about who was beating who in the video game they were playing, Roland and Greta went for a walk in the garden. As they walked he had his arm around her and they enjoyed the star lit sky and every once in a while they would stop and he'd give her a kiss. What they didn't know was that they boys were spying on them and when Roland stopped and took her into his arms and whispered that he loved her, Mokie couldn't keep quiet and he said "yes!"

Roland and Greta smiled at each other and then Roland said "I'll give all of you three seconds to get inside before I come after you." Seto, Joey and Mokie ran off laughing and then they heard "did you see him kiss her?" Greta started laughing and Roland joined her. Greta then said "wow, he sure can kiss good, can't he?" They both started laughing and then he kissed her again.

One month later, Roland and Greta got married in a very small and intimate Wedding with their closest friends and of course their boys. Seto was his best man, Joey walked her down the aisle and Mokie was the ring bearer. It was the happiest time in the lives of all of them. Mokie cried because he was so happy and when he told Greta that, she smiled and gave him a kiss and hug. Mokie then whispered "are you going to have any babies?" Seto and Joey nearly passed out and Roland and Greta laughed and then she said "no, honey we're a little to old for children besides we have you three to raise, and that's enough for us." Mokie smiled and kissed her.

It was exactly two years from the first time Seto and Joey met that they also got married. It was a very informal affair with all their friends and family in attendance. As time passed, all three young men we able to put what happened behind them and go on with their lives. Joey went on to College, where he got a Masters in Pshychology, and he started working with Doctor Gruber with rape victims. Seto still is the CEO of Kaiba Corp. Seto helps fund programs that will help with the healing process of those who have been raped. They did adopt two boys and a little girl.

Mokuba started dating a very nice young lady while they were in High School and eventually they too got married and had three little boys whom their parents, Uncles and Grandparents love with all their hearts.


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