Unbreakable Vow Alternative Ending

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Warning: boy/boy (Harry/Severus) Do Not Read If This Offends You.

"Severus?" Harry asked one night as three years passed since their wedding night.

Severus was sitting in the living room with the Daily Prophet in his hands as the fireplace was lit as he looked up where Harry just came into the living room with a serious look on his face, "what is it love?" He asked worriedly as he had never seen Harry this serious before.

"I want to have a child," Harry said as this statement brought Severus to shock.

"Harry, you can't become pregnant. You know that," Severus said as Harry sat beside him on the couch and stared at the black eyes.

"I know, I was thinking that we could adopt a child from the orphanage? I want a child that is around the age of five," Harry explained.

"You've been thinking about this a lot, haven't you?" Severus asked.

Harry nodded, "after that we learned that Ginny was pregnant just two months ago, it got me thinking. I want our family to extend more. I just don't want to be us anymore Severus. I want us to have a daughter," he said.

"You do realize that the orphanage might have some strict regulations there? I mean, I don't think they'll allow two guys into adopting a child from that orphanage," Severus said.

"Severus, did you know there's a orphanage here in the Wizarding world now? The Ministry of Magic is helping kids who got magic like us who are being brought up by the streets," Harry explained.

Severus frowned, "I did not know that," he said.

Harry chuckled, "you have to be out more Severus," he said with a smile.

"If we do this Harry, we have to think about all the responsibility that we have to do, don't you?" Severus asked with a concern look on his face.

Harry nodded, "our daughter could go to Hogwarts as soon as she hits eleven," he said.

Severus nodded, "who's running the orphanage?" He asked as he knew that Harry had simply gone there to see the kids or had looked it up somehow.

"Daniel Flash. His a new Auror in the Ministry of Magic whose helping the kids," Harry replied.

"Why don't you fire-call him and ask him to set up an appointment with me for tomorrow so that I could speak with him? I'm sure we could find our daughter in the orphanage Harry," Severus said confidently as Harry smiled at him.

"Thanks Severus," he said as he kissed him on the cheek before leaving to fire-call Daniel.

Couple months past….

Harry and Severus had argued what age there daughter wanted to be. At first Harry wanted a daughter at the age of five, but decided against it and wanted a daughter at the age of eleven so that the two could get there daughter started at Hogwarts.

Severus had thought that Harry wanted a five-year-old kid so that was why he was surprised when he decided he wanted an eleven-year-old kid and that was why both had argued.

"Caitlin, where are you?" Harry called out his daughter name as an owl delivery had just come for them from Hogwarts.

Caitlin ran downstairs as she looked at her father, "what is it dad?" She asked worriedly as Harry steered her to the living room where Severus was reading the Daily Prophet.

"Have you told her the good news yet?" He asked without looking up.

"I'm about to right now," Harry replied as he sat next to Severus and Caitlin sat at the opposite of Severus as well. "Do you remember that we were telling you that the headmaster was Albus Dumbledore in Hogwarts?" Harry asked.

"Of course I know. I heard it at the orphanage," Caitlin said with an excited smile.

"Well, just a few weeks ago, Dumbledore had recently retired from being headmaster," Harry began.

Caitlin's face became disappointed, "what? I was planning to meet him!" She exclaimed.

Harry chuckled, "I assure you Caitlin, I think that can be arranged. Do you know who's the new headmaster at Hogwarts, Caitlin?" He asked with a smile.

Caitlin shook her head, "I do not want to know," she murmured but Severus heard it.

Severus put his paper down as he looked at his daughter, "why ever not sweetheart?"

"The new headmaster might be strict and I don't want to get in trouble," Caitlin said as she trembled with fear.

Severus put his arm around his daughter, "Caitlin, how would you feel if I am the new headmaster?"

Caitlin blinked as she looked at her father, "your joking, right?" She asked shocked.

"Do I ever joke Caitlin?" Severus asked with a smile.

Caitlin squealed as she hugged her father tightly, "that's awesome dad! But what about you father? Are you still teaching Defense Against The Dark Arts?" She asked excitedly.

Harry nodded, "also, your Hogwarts letter just came in today," he said with a smile.

Caitlin squealed again, "where is it?" She asked excitedly.

"I have it with me. We better go to Diagon Alley soon to get your stuff," Harry said as he handed her the envelope that contains the letter within.

"Father, what should I call you when I start school?" Caitlin asked worriedly.

Severus frowned, "everyone knows that you are our daughter Caitlin. But to answer your question, you should call us what the students are calling us," he said.

"You mean like greasy bastard or the boy-who-lived?" Caitlin asked with a smile.

Harry chuckled, as Severus stared at his daughter, "no. Just call us 'professor,' 'sirs,' and so on. Also, we'll be living at Hogwarts during the school semester," he explained.

Caitlin nodded, "I can't wait to tell May!" She exclaimed as she was the newest addition to Molly and Arthur's family. Molly had decided to adopt once she heard Harry was going to since all her kids were all married and knew she wasn't going to have kids anytime soon.

"Do you think she won't be an outsider, Severus?" Harry asked worriedly as she watched her daughter go back to her room to fire-call May who was the same age as Caitlin.

"Considering that her father is the boy-who-lived and her magic doesn't contain with ours? I'm sure she'll survive the school year," Severus said as he hugged him to comfort him.

"Could you watch over her Severus? Do you think we'll manage for her?"

"You have the Marauder's map, don't you? I'm sure you'll watch every movements of her," Severus said with a small smile.

Harry chuckled, "you are right I guess," he said as he nuzzled Severus chest.

"Of course I am," Severus said as Harry just smiled and the two kissed knowing that there daughter would be fine at Hogwarts.


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