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Running, Jumping, Leaping. That's all Naruto knew at the moment. He tried to run, to get away from the horrors of the past, but they soon caught up to him. Covering his ears, Naruto tried to block out the rawer that broke the peaceful night. He tried to ignore the sounds of people screaming, and of people dieing. Looking back, Naruto stared at the bloody moon that hung over him like a grim. A reminder of how it could drive him crazy at any moment. Panting naruto tried to black everything out, but he could not. Unlike nightmares, Memories were hard to stop and block. Naruto's eyes widened in horror, as he felt a familiar tug at his stomach. The next thing Naruto saw was from the eye's of the nine-tailed fox. Shaking his head from left to right, he looked at the carnage that was once human beings. Blood flowed like a crimson river, illuminated by the blood moon that hung over head. Some of the humans were in peaces, while others were only missing a limb or two. Lifeless eyes stared at him in horror, as they left this world behind. Blood and flesh covered Naruto's paws and mussel. Shacking his head one more time, He let out a fearsome rawer that shook the very heavens.

Noticing even more of the humans had come out to play, the insane fox gave a horrific grin. He lifted his huge paw, and swooped down upon the helpless humans. Hearing crunches of bone and cartilage, his grin turned into a smirk. Feeling the blood on his paw make him shudder in pleasure, but the screams that fallowed were even better. Letting out a rawer like laugh, He searched for more victims. Seeing a man and woman not far off, He lowered his mussel. Naruto shot awake as his dream self chopped down on a man and woman that looked a lot like his favorite sensei, Iruka. Tears pouring down his face, Naruto ran to the bathroom, ignoring the fact that the Hokage was their along with his current sensei and Jiryia. Barely making it to the toilet, Naruto heaved the contence of his stomach into the bowl. After a few more dry heaves, Naruto cleaned himself up, and walked out to meet the worried looks of the others. Naruto gave them a small smile, and got himself a glass of water. After He sat down and had a bit to drink, Naruto croaked out a 'What?' at the others in the room.

The Hokage looked Naruto up and down with a worried look on her face, and sighed. " Unfortunately we came to deliver bad news to you. I would seem that someone kidnapped, or rather, adult napped Iruka last night. We were wondering if might know anything." Naruto stared at his cup in shock. Why would someone do that to Iruka? Everyone both loved and feared the chuunin. But then again someone did rape him. Maybe it was the same person? But why? Naruto looked up from his cup and looked at the others that were in his home. If you could call it that. " I might have a little something that you could work with, but I doubt it will help. I ran into Iruka the other night, quite literally, and he seemed off. He was more skittish and would not make eye contact with me. Also he flinched almost every time I moved. I could only come up with one conclusion." ' With your help of course' Naruto thought to Takeshi. " He was rapped. All the signs were there, but I don't know who did it."

The others had even more grim looks then before. Naruto stared off into space, trying to figure out who would do this. " I'm going for a walk. I'll be back later." Naruto randomly stated, and walked out the door. Walking in no particular direction, Naruto tried to piece together his scrambled mind. Naruto was so lost in thought that he didn't here someone fallowing him into the forest. Walking aimlessly in the woods, Naruto and his stalker got deeper and deeper into the woods until Naruto finally snapped out of his daze to notice that he was lost. " DAMNIT! Just another thing to add to my most wonderful day." Naruto spat out with his voice dripping in sarcasm.

Naruto let out a startled yelp, as he was grabbed around the neck and thrown into a tree. Seeing spots before his eye's, Naruto tried to snap out of his daze. Once he started to come to, he felt a body pressed up to his. Opening his eyes that he never realized he had closed, Naruto saw two obsidian colored eyes staring into his own. " Sasu-" Naruto was abruptly cut off by a mouth on his.

Naruto stiffened in shock before panic took over. He used all his strength and threw the Uchiha off of him. Panting Naruto just stared at Sasuke, and tried to figure out what just happened. Said Uchiha got up and walked back over to Naruto, while Naruto just stared. " Why?" whispered Naruto, as he tried to think of a way out of this. Sasuke stopped walking forward when he was barely a foot away from the fox. " Because… Your mine." With that He Grabbed Naruto and threw him to the ground, and straddled his stomach. " Your mine. To use as I see fit. Whether it be your body or your life." He gave Naruto a cold and Almost insane smirk. " To bad about Iruka… Huh, Naruto?" Naruto's eyes widened. ' There's no way he could know about that, I just found out!' Naruto glared at Sasuke with all the hatred he could muster. " YOU BASTARD!!!!!!! YOU DID THAT TO IRUKA DIDN'T YOU!!! I'LL KILL YOU, YOU MOTHE-"

Naruto Stopped mid rant as pain engulfed his entire body. He was to distracted form the pain that he didn't notice the blood red chakra flowing from him, or that fact the Uchiha had flown off of him. The last thing he remembered before passing out was Sasuke's screams, and slitted crimson eyes.


Naruto groaned as he slowly opened his eyes, but what he saw made him sit straight up. " T-Takeshi?! How?" Takeshi smiled lightly at naruto and pushed him gently back down. " I'm not quite sure myself, but Here I am." Naruto shifted and looked around, and found that he was back in his room. " Smell" Was all the Kyuubi said, and Naruto nodded. Noticing that Naruto's eye's were drifting shut again, he kissed his for-head and told him to get more sleep. Naruto just nodded and fell instantly back asleep. The fox smiled fondly at the blond that he had fallen in love with. " Sleep well Naruto." Hearing foot steps outside of the apartment, Takeshi Prepared himself for a lot of fighting, shouting, and explaining. He sighed. " I'm getting to old for this."

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