The celebration following Zelda's coronation ceremony lasted the rest of the day and would likely go on for most of the night. Banquet tables heaped high with delicacies were spread throughout the city, and noble and commoner alike ate on the Crown's bill, an incredible feast the likes of which the capital hadn't seen since Zelda was born.

Summoned by the Queen, the Hero's Company, Rusl, and Nabooru gathered on the wide balcony below the throne room, looking out over the city and the country they had protected, goblets of the finest wine in their hands, except for Colin, who stood with his father at one end of the balcony with Link.

Finally, Zelda arrived and joined her friends, raising her own goblet in toast. "To absent friends," she said.

The others raised their cups and drank, remembering Erik.

"So," said Midna, looking around at the group, "what are we all going to do now that the war's over?"

Raskys took another drink of his wine. "I'm going to go back to the desert and find the Zuna who helped me after I crashed. The woman who healed me was…" He chuckled shortly, looking over at the others. "Well, let's just say I'd like to see her again."

Arnak nodded, looking over at the Gerudo warrior standing next to him. "I am also going to the desert," he said. "There is… much I can do there."

Nabooru smiled, nodding herself as the two of them gazed out in the direction of the Gerudo Desert, awash with color in the sunset.

Majacen placed his hands on the balcony's railing, looking out at the city. "I will continue my travels. Much work has to be done to recover from the Dark Lord's conquest, and I will do what I can." The old wizard turned to look at Zelda. "Perhaps I will stay in Hyrule for a time, but there are many who will need my aid in the years to come."

Shad nodded. "I know I'll be busy for months getting the account of this war properly recorded, as well as revising the histories based on what I've learned."

Zelda smiled, looking down at the city. The rays of the setting sun caught the gems in her crown, sparkling in the fading light. "My reign will be a busy one," she said. "But, as Majacen said, there is much to be done. We must enjoy our peace while we have it."

Midna smiled as well, looking over at her fellow ruler. "I'll be busy in the Twilight Realm, too, though I don't have anything as grand as what you've said planned. I'm just going to make my home the peaceful place it used to be."

"I'm going to help rebuild my village," Colin said. "I'm not sure what I'll do after that. Maybe I'll join the army like my dad."

Rusl smiled at his son. "Whatever you want to do, Colin. We'll need you in Ordon, but if you want to get out and see the world more than you already have, I can understand that." He turned to Link. "What are you going to do now?"

Midna grinned, nudging his arm with her elbow. "Yeah, what's the mighty warrior going to do with his life now? Go back to herding goats?"

Link chuckled. "Maybe." He set his goblet down on the balcony's railing and stared off into the distance, letting the smile fade from his face. "I'm not sure what I'll do now," he said finally. "I'm sure there are a lot of things I could do. There are a lot of people out there that need help."

The Hero's Company stood in silence for a long time, thinking about the future.

Viserys sat alone in his office aboard Falcon's Pride, looking down at a map of the continent Hyrule occupied. Deserts and mountains surrounded it on all sides but to the south, where a vast forest spread through the mountain range there until it gave way to the temperate climates of the southern part of the continent.

This was the domain of the slavers, and many cities dotted the coast that had grown rich from the slave trade, full of vile men who gained from buying and selling their fellow intelligent beings.

Viserys had contacted Queen Zelda earlier, and the two of them agreed that this was to be where Hyrule first flexed its military might. After building up their forces for a few years, Hyrule and the nation-for-hire would launch a massive invasion of the slavers' domain and free those captive there. Once the slavers had been disposed of, Viserys' people would be given the cities, and the Balacruf would finally have a permanent home.

The Mercenary King began planning his last war.

Several days after the coronation, Link and Midna journeyed deep into Faron Woods alone, bound for the sacred resting place of the Master Sword. They opted to go by foot instead of flight or teleportation, and they talked about their journeys on the way there, enjoying traveling alone together again.

When they finally arrived at the Sacred Grove, they took their time making their way along the path leading to the ruined temple deep in the forest. Autumn had turned the leaves of the trees into an explosion of color, dozens of different hues of red, orange and yellow decorating the boughs above them as they strolled along the dirt path.

Midna laughed suddenly, and Link looked over at her. "What is it?" he asked.

She spread her arms, gesturing at the peaceful, beautiful forest around them. "I can't help thinking of the first two times we came here, chasing that ridiculous little creature that guarded the way to the temple. It was pretty fun trying to catch him, though, wasn't it?"

Link laughed. "Yeah, it was. That flute music about drove me crazy, though I did like the tune."

The two of them kept going until they arrived in the ruined temple, and they paused in the large Triforce marking still visible on the floor through the leaves and dirt covering the ground. Around them stretched the ruins of the ancient temple, pieces of the walls sticking up like the ribs of some enormous long-dead creature. Remembering the magnificent white temple this place had once been, Link wondered what else was hidden in the wilds of Hyrule, and if any other overgrown remnants of the Golden Kingdom's past grandeur still waited to be discovered in this ancient forest. Perhaps he would go looking for them someday.

As the Goddesses had said, he was now free to live his life in any way he chose. Maybe he'd ask Shad to come along. His scholarly friend would undoubtedly be excited to visit some of the places he'd uncovered in his journeys, as well as any new discoveries about Hyrule's past they might find. The possibilities were endless.

Slowly, Link and Midna walked through the short passage and ascended the steps up to where the Master Sword's pedestal waited. Link removed the Master Sword's scabbard from his baldric and replaced it with his Ordon sword, holding the sacred blade by the scabbard as he approached the pedestal.

With his left hand, he drew the Master Sword for the last time, setting the scabbard down next to the pedestal as he gripped the sacred weapon with both hands.

Link fitted the tip into the pedestal and thrust the blade into the channel made for it. The scabbard vanished, and he stepped back to look at the sword, now just the way he had first seen it.

"I hope it's never needed again," Link said. "Though I'm sure it will be."

Midna patted his shoulder. "Evil is one resource the world will never run out of, unfortunately." She smiled, playfully tugging at his cap. "That's what people like you are for."

Link smiled, nodding. "I suppose." He gestured to the Twilight Blade at her side. "Are you going to put that back where you found it?"

Midna looked down at her sword, a twin of the Hero's weapon, and rubbed a thumb over the large blue-green jewel set into the hint. "I don't know. Probably, though I'll have to get rid of that thing that was guarding it first." She grinned and playfully punched his shoulder. "Maybe you can help me with that."

Link laughed. "I think I'm done fighting monsters, thank you."

Midna smiled. "Yeah, you've probably had your fill of excitement for now." She nudged his arm with her hand. "So, 'Lord Fenris', you going to go reclaim your family's mansion? It does belong to you, you know."

Link shook his head. "No, I'm going to leave it alone. I may go back there every once in a while, but I'm going to let the Yetis keep it." He frowned. "I might try to talk to the mountain people, but I'm sure they'd never be willing to listen to a member of my family. It's a lot to forgive, but I hope they eventually learn to put what my ancestors did to theirs in the past."

He looked back down the passage out into the main temple. "What do you want to do now?" he asked his friend.

Midna sighed. "Well, I suppose I ought to go home. We're still trying to put the Twilight Realm back together, and my people need me."

He gestured back down the passage. "We'll go to the desert, then."

Midna spread her arms, and the two of them broke into black squares, leaving the Master Sword behind to begin the patient, silent wait for its next bearer.

Nabooru stood on the cliff over Lake Hylia next to Arnak and the Matriarch, looking down at the crystal blue water far below them. A boat was visible, its white sail billowing out as it lazily drifted with the wind. Nabooru could barely make out a fisherman asleep in the bottom, his line trailing behind him as the boat slowly drifted across the lake.

The Matriarch indicated the old road into the desert, long fallen into disrepair. "The Queen tells me she will have the roads into the desert repaired, so that passage between our domain and hers will be easier. We are to have full access to this lake whenever we wish."

Arnak nodded. "Good. We will need it."

Nabooru hid her smile. He had taken to referring to the Gerudo as 'we', confirming his intent to remain in the desert. She knew he would need time to get over all the tragedies he had endured, but she also knew he would be staying here. She was more than willing to give him the time he needed.

"We should get back to the encampment," the Matriarch said. "The sun will be hot soon."

The three of them turned and left the lake behind, returning to their home.

Link and Midna stood on the stone platform behind the Mirror of Twilight, saying their farewells.

The Twilight Princess tapped the remade Mirror with one hand. "I guess we do have to thank Ganondorf for this." She smiled slightly, turning to Link with a twinkle in her eye. "I won't break this one, I promise."

He smiled back. "See that you don't."

Midna's smile faded. "My reason for shattering the first one still stands, though. Even if we can come and go between the worlds as we please, that doesn't mean they should mix. We don't want a repeat of what happened to make us meet the first time. I'll be keeping careful guard over the portals on my end."

Link nodded. "I'll do the same. I'll work something out with the Gerudo for protection of the building. Zelda says she wants to give the Arbiter's Grounds back to them."

"All right," Midna said. "But make sure they seal it up or something. It's still capable of terrible things."

Link nodded again. "I'll see to it personally."

Midna moved in front of the Mirror, stepping on the place that would activate the glowing white stairs. The Mirror of Twilight flared into activity, projecting a vortex onto the black plinth behind it.

Link stayed where he was as Midna moved to climb the glowing white stairs up to the platform at the top. She stopped and turned to face him.

She smiled. "Well, see you later, Link."

He smiled back. "Goodbye, Midna."

Midna paused, an unreadable expression on her face, and as Link watched, she slowly descended the steps of the platform and walked over to him with a hint of trepidation. Link was puzzled; he met her eyes questioningly as she approached.

"What is it?" he asked. She seemed almost... nervous, and he wondered what was troubling her.

"Link, I..." She paused, and his mind flashed back to the last time they'd parted, when she'd spoken the same words. In his mind, the Mirror of Twilight shattered again, and he feared momentarily that she was going to break it even after she'd said she wouldn't.

Link brought his hands up to gently grasp Midna's shoulders. "What's wrong, Midna? You can tell me."

The Twilight Princess smiled almost sadly, emotions flashing across her face. Link thought he saw a tear glimmering in the corner of her eye. "There's..." She paused again. "There's something I have to tell you, though I'm afraid of what it might mean if I do. I've... I've felt this way for a long time now, but I'm not sure if you..." Midna looked up at Link, and he thought he saw something in her eyes that he'd never noticed before.

He raised his brows questioningly, and Midna suddenly smiled broadly and laughed. "Oh, why not?" she said. "You only live once."

Link furrowed his brow in confusion, not sure what she was talking about. "Midna, what are you-"

And then she showed him.

Gently placing one hand on Link's shoulder and the other on his other arm, Midna leaned in and gently pressed her lips to his. Link was briefly surprised, and did not react for a moment, but as he realized in his mind that he suddenly knew exactly what she meant and felt the same way himself, he wrapped his arms around her and returned the kiss. They stayed that way for a long moment, sharing a love both of them had just realized but at the same time had known all along.

Finally, Midna pulled away slightly, smiling. Link blinked once, looking into her beautiful ruby eyes. "Wow," he said, unable to think of anything else.

She chuckled lightly. "Took you long enough, Mr. Hero."

"Much too long," Link agreed, pulling her close again.

As the Hero and the Twilight Princess embraced again, Link felt a deep sense of peace and completeness. This was what he had been missing, he realized. Now he was truly happy, ready to face the future, whatever it may bring.

Everything was going to be all right.

* * *


The End

The Legend of Zelda


* * *

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