Title: Emergency number
Author: Ree
Theme: Haruka/Uranus (transportation : day 17)
Genre: General
Version: Anime/Manga post Stars
Rating: G

This complex lady and her friends belong to Takeuchi Naoko. I just asked if they could play for a while.

Emergency number

Haruka had no idea what Naoki was like when Setsuna first mentioned him. She had a very vague impression of an older man, who was soft spoken and wore glasses. That changed the day she answered the phone.

Haruka had no idea how long the phone had been ringing before she heard it. Grabbing the receiver, she answered. "Hello?"

A rich, deep male voice came through the ear piece. "Hello? Is this Haruka Ten'oh or Michiru Kaioh?"

Haruka hesitated before answering. "Yes, I am Haruka Ten'oh."

When the man spoke again, he sounded relieved. "Thank goodness. I am Naoki Kasumi. I work with Setsuna Meioh. Can you please come pick up Setsuna? She is not feeling well."

Haruka felt frozen for a moment. 'What is wrong with Setsuna? Why can't she get home by herself?' But instead off asking unnecessary questions, she asked the important ones. "Do I need to bring any thing for her? Any type of medicine? Should I call her doctor for an appointment?"

There was a slight pause on the other end of the line, then his answer told Haruka most of her answers. "She said not to call the doctor earlier, maybe she will have changed her mind by time you get here. She might want a change of cloths, and you might want to bring a bowl or a bucket to protect your car."

"Okay, I'm on my way." Haruka hung up the phone, and tried to think if there was anything in the house Setsuna could wear. She headed to the kitchen to grab a large plastic bowl as her mind raced. Finally she remembered that Setsuna had left a pair of jeans and a t-shirt when she had helped with the spring cleaning. 'And of course Michiru has washed them. So the should be in the spare room.'

After finding the cloths, she put them and the bowl into a bag and headed out the door. As she drove to the research facility Haruka tried to remember everything she knew about Naoki Kasumi. 'Setsuna says he is a research scientist, but she never says what he is studying. She has never mentioned his age. She did say that he has dark hair and eyes. But no mention of height, build, or any good distinguishing characteristics. How am I supposed to recognize him?'

Pulling into the parking lot for Setsuna's building, Haruka looked for the parking space closest to the door. Finding one, she parked and grabbed the bag of cloths, but left the bowl on the floor board. Haruka rushed up the stairs after deciding that the elevator would take too long, and stopped short when she spotted the man sitting in Setsuna's doorway. 'Setsuna ... If this is Naoki.. you could have described him very easily.' Even sitting in the chair, Haruka could tell that he was tall, but that was not what drew her attention. It was the air around him. Even though all he was doing was sitting and waiting, there was an aura of authority, and controlled power about him.

Haruka followed his line of sight and smiled. When the elevator opened, he quickly scanned the crowd. She could see him neatly sort the people into categories that existed in his mind. 'I wonder if he would pick me out?' Carefully removing all traces of worry off her face, and tucking the bag behind her back, Haruka casually walked towards Setsuna's office.

Naoki stood up and walked over to her. "Are you Haruka Ten'oh?" Doing her best to keep the surprise from showing on her face, Haruka nodded. A look of relief flashed across his face. "If you would this way Miss, Setsuna is in my laboratory."

Haruka followed him down the hall. 'She had to of told him... Or had a picture of me in her office. How else would he pick me out of a crowd? And he didn't even question my gender... Everybody mistakes my gender.' All of her thoughts blew away when Naoki opened his lab's door. Setsuna was lying on some sort of prep table, wrapped in a blanket, with a small stainless steel bowl near her head. Rushing forward, she placed a soothing hand on Setsuna's shoulder.

Setsuna opened her eyes, and attempted to focus on the person touching her shoulder. "Naoki?" She blinked a couple of times, and looked again. In a weak voice she spoke again."Haruka? ... It is you. Did you find me something to wear?" Haruka showed her the bag that had been behind her back. "Good. Then if you can ask Naoki to leave, you can help me change, and I can go back to work."

"You're going home, or to Miss Ten'oh house. You are not staying here." Haruka watched Setsuna's face to see how she reacted to the quiet authority that resonated through Naoki's voice. A resigned looked was all she saw.

Haruka heard the door shut behind Naoki. Lifting the blanket, Haruka understood why Setsuna needed another set of cloths, hers were covered in vomit. Setsuna sat up, and started shaking all over. Haruka narrowed her eyes for a moment. She was in complete agreeance the Naoki. Setsuna was leaving work. "Here let me help you change. All that I could find was a pair of jeans and a t-shirt."

A frown crossed Setsuna's face as she struggled out of her suit jacket and shirt. "I guess it can't be helped. I'll wear them."

After she was changed, Setsuna leaned on Haruka as they left the laboratory. Naoki was waiting outside the door with a long lab coat. "I thought you might feel cold." He carefully helped Setsuna put it on. Once she was wrapped up, Naoki showed them the way out. He stopped by Setsuna's office and grabbed her briefcase and her keys, and then locked her office door. "I'll carry these for you."

Setsuna tried to stand on her own, but failed. She settled for glaring defiantly at Naoki. "I'm staying."

Haruka spoke for Naoki could. "You're coming to my house. You can't drive like this, and I've already here. I'm sure Naoki has packed what ever you can do at home." She looked up at him for confirmation. He nodded his head. "So, lets go on. You can work on the computer. Hotaru is done with her project."

Setsuna looked at both of them, and then gave in. "Since you did come all this way already, I'll go with you. But I will be working there."

'Yeah, sure you will. You are going to rest, or I'm going to sic Usagi and Minako on you.'

When they finally made it out, Naoki stopped and stared at the yellow Ferrari, but all he said was "Nice car."

Haruka fought the smile that tried to make an appearance. Of all the responses she had ever got about her car, that one pack the more into two words than some tried to say in fifty.

Naoki put the briefcase into the back seat, and then supported Setsuna while Haruka opened the door, and moved the bowl. With the minimal amount of effort they had Setsuna in the seat, buckled, and the bowl sitting in her lap. Haruka stared for a moment. 'This looks familiar. I've seen something similar before.' Then it dawned on her. Hotaru looked just the same last week. Thanking Naoki for his help, Haruka sped off to home. She knew exactly what medicines to give Setsuna. Hotaru had been taking them all last week.