Becoming the Image

Keeping Up Appearances

Summary: InuYasha and Kagome are singers, the best of the best; to the public eye they are the best of friends….too bad that's just an image. In reality they hate each other…how long before they both blow up and ruin their image? Or will they have to? Will this be a true love story or will it end up a total failure?

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The TV flickered on, as the soft light illuminated the room. The dark haired beauty sat on the couch and watched as the number one song in all of Japan finished.

"This is Hitomi Taki, with the new teen sensation…Shikon! I have an exclusive interview with lead singers…Kagome Higurashi and InuYasha Takahashi! Today we're going to ask InuYasha and Kagome the number one question that was on our website poll, now tell us InuYasha and Kagome, how long have you been best friends?" Asked Hitomi while turning all the viewers' attention to the pop stars.

"Well Hitomi, I and Kagome have been best friends since we were born, and we get along so well!" InuYasha Takahashi said while putting an arm around Kagome.

"Yeah, we're the best of friends!" Kagome giggled out, while snuggling deeper into InuYasha's arm

"Well, tune in next time when we get to interview Sesshomaru and Rin, I'm Hitomi Taki and I'll see you all next-"

The TV flickered off, as the ebony haired teen, snorted.

"What a load of freaking crap we've been best friends since we were born, a bunch of bull!"

"Hey, Kagome, stop talking to yourself it's scary, and it's kinda true, you guys have known each other since you were born." A tall dark haired girl said from the kitchen, she had her hair in a high pony tail and dark brown eyes, she was wearing a black baby t-shirt and black jeans, she played lead guitar and back up vocals.

"Shut it Sango, just because we've known each other all our lives does not mean I have ever liked him!" Kagome yelled.

"Don't tell me….InuYasha right?" A tall male teen walked into the Kitchen which was basically attached to the living room, which Kagome currently inhabited.

He was wearing a dark purple shirt and faded blue jeans; his hair was short and in a small pony tail at the nape of his neck, he played lead guitar with Sango.

"Yup…." Sango answered.

"Hey all…" a sleepy voice sounded from the top of the stairs.

"What's for Breakfast and why in the world were you all yelling at this ungodly hour?" Asked a male teen, Koga, he had his hair in a high pony tail, and he was only wearing plaid boxers, he had good build, much like all the guys living in the house, he played Bass guitar.

The house was owned by 10 people, they were all friends from school since they were in grade 4, minus InuYasha and Kagome, and they started a band in grade 9 and were currently top charts of Japan. They shared a house...or a mansion, depending on what you think. The house was 4 stories high, minus the basement and attic, it had 12 rooms and 4 bathrooms, all including showers. It had balconies from each room, and huge windows all over.

"Koga its 11, and we had breakfast 2 hours ago you dumbass." Answered Miroku.

"Ugh…Fuck you Miroku."

"I love you too man, I love you too." Answered Miroku.

Koga walked upstairs and went back to sleep, Rin, Sesshomaru, Shippo, Kilala and Ayame were still in the wash rooms, well at least Rin, Sesshomaru, Kilala and Ayame were Shippo was in his room on the computer.

Rin and Sesshomaru were the next to come out.

Rin was a spunky hyper girl, she had dark brown hair that went to mid back and had a side pony tail on, and she was just like a kid, innocent and clueless half the time, she was back up vocals and if needed, guitar.

Sesshomaru was the oldest of the group, he had long silver hair that any one would die for, he looked cold and distant, sharp and crisp, he played drums, and he was an older brother to that of InuYasha.

"Where is my stupid Brother?" Asked Sesshomaru.

"Probably trying to remember his name up stairs." Kilala answered coming out of the washroom.

"He got wasted last night, it was so funny."

Kilala had creamed color hair and cat like eyes, she was the spunkiest out of all of the girls, she was up for anything any where any time, she dyed her hair multiple of times, but stopped at the cream color, she thought it fit her fairly good, she played Keyboards.

"Why was it funny?" Asked Ayame, Ayame had red hair, she always wore it in pig tails, she had bright green eyes and always smiled, she was the independent one o the girls, she liked to be alone, Ayame played bass with Koga.

"He went crazy and started singing twinkle little star until he finally passed out."

The group started laughing hard until Shippo came downstairs.

"Hey sup?" he asked, Shippo was the tech freak of the group, he loved technology, he had red/orange hair and brilliant green eyes, and he was the shortest of the group, he played Keyboards with Kilala.

The group greeted Shippo, and sat for a while chilling in the living room.

"So when's our next rehearsal?" Ask Koga.

"Um…Kikyou said tomorrow I think…." Kilala answered trying to remember.

Kikyou was their manager; she was stern and tough but cared for them all, she was only 3 years older then them.

"Good, what are you all thinking of doing today?" came Sesshomaru's voice.

"Um….." was the groups reply.

"Wow you guys really need lives." Came a voice from the front door. They all turned their heads to see who it was…InuYasha.

InuYasha was the lead singer, with Kagome, they had known each other since birth, and their mom's where best friends, InuYasha was only a year older then Kagome, he had on a black tight t-shirt and baggy blue jeans, he had long silver hair much like his brother's.

He and Sesshomaru looked a lot alike, except Sesshomaru was more sharp and stern while InuYasha was more rough, and wild. But they both had inherited their fathers beautiful gold eyes. Any girl would fall for them, and each of the girls in the band had at least once in their friendship, but that soon faded when they all became good friends and realized their relationship is more like a brother and sisters.

Kagome had always denied that she was even the slightest bit interested in InuYasha…but who was she kidding? InuYasha was a GOD!

"Fuck you Yash." came Miroku's voice, InuYasha laughed and came into the room, sat down beside Koga. Miroku was InuYasha's best friend since forever; they're always there for each other and tell each other everything, just like the fact that Miroku had a huge crush on Sango.

"So do you all wanna do something or sit on our asses all day?" Asked Kilala.

"I dunno, what do you guys wanna do?" Asked Ayame.

"Um…how about go and hang out at the mall?" Suggested Sango.

"Sure, we might get a few fans coming up and asking for things though."

"Yeah Shippo's right, but hey we're the only band that goes out and hangs out in public." Said Kagome.

"Yeah, so mall?" Asked Rin.

"Mall." was everyone's reply, they all went to there rooms to get ready.

In Sango's and Kagome's Room

"So…I saw you staring at InuYasha…and I was just …you know…thinking….You totally have the hotts for him!" Sango yelled to Kagome.

"Oh Please Sango, this coming from the girl who thinks any interaction between a male and a female is love?"

"I do not, but you totally do!"

"I do not!"

"Do too!"

"Do not!"

"Do to!"

"What are we two years old?"

Sango and Kagome fell on the floor laughing.

Shippo and Koga's Room

"My computer has 5 viruses!" Yelled Shippo and dismay.

"Shut up Shippo, I accidentally downloaded something and the thing must have gotten some viruses."

"You monster!"

"No, I'm Koga."

"Same difference!" Shippo mumbled

There was a small pause before Shippo yelled,

"YOU DOWNLOADED PORN?" accused Shippo.

"I did what?!" Koga said in shock.

"You downloaded porn!" Shippo repeated in a loud voice.

"I did not; the only one who looks at porn here is…."

"Miroku!" they yelled in unison.

"You rang?" Miroku asked as he slowly strolled in.

"Miroku!" they both yelled and pounced on him, Koga slapping him senseless and Shippo banging his head against the floor repeatedly.

"Poor stupid bastard." Came a voice from the door, Kilala was shaking her head solemnly while Rin laughed and went back to her, Ayame's and Kilala's room.

In 30mins everyone was ready and in the limo.

"I love limos, it beats Miroku's car at least" Sango said with a dreamy look.

"Hey! My car is the best!"

"Hah! The only thing holding that thing together is Duck tape and prayers!" Kagome retorted.

Miroku turned away mumbling about unappreciative teens.

"Remember you two, you have to keep the image that you two are the best of friends." Shippo said turning to Kagome and InuYasha.

"Yeah, yeah." the two teens mumbled.

At the Mall

"Ok, so wanna head over to the food court or what?" asked Rin.

"Um… how about we just head off?" Was Kilala's retort.

"Sure, whatever, so everyone's on their own?" Asked Koga.

"Yeah." they all went off, Sesshomaru, Koga and Miroku went to the music store to get some new Cd's and to check how many of theirs were sold out, turns out…all of them were sold out.

Kilala and Sango went to the food court to see how many hot dogs they could stuff into their faces before they had to go to the bathroom and bring it all back up.

Rin went with Shippo and walked around the computer store, to check out new games and stuff.

InuYasha and Kagome were stuck together, to keep their image of "Best friends" they had to stick together every moment when they were outside…and mind you it wasn't by choice.





"Fruitcake? Wow Kagome you're getting slower."

"Hah this coming from the idiot who took an hour to realize that it 12 times 12 was 144, and only because Miroku and Koga told you!" Kagome smirked, it was true…but he was drunk at the time, but that was beside the point…

"OH MY GOSH IT'S INUYASHA AND KAGOME!" a fan girl yelled and ran over to them she asked them for an autograph and took a picture of them both.

"Wow you guys seem to have a great friendship, I wish I did!" The girl, who they found out, was named Shiori, said.

"Yeah, it's great; InuYasha and I have one of the greatest bonds!" Kagome faked a smile.

"Yeah, Kagome is the best, I'm so lucky she's stuck with me this long." InuYasha joked, as he threw his arm around Kagome and pulled her in close, Kagome pretended to smile and wrapped an arm around his waist.

"Well I got to go, thanks for the picture, bye!" Shiori waved; as soon as she was gone a voice from behind them spoke,

"Well, well, well, it seems that they get along so well don't you think Hun?"

"Of course, babe, look at them!" The man said waving his arm around for affect.

InuYasha and Kagome new right away who it was, they let go of each other and spun to see Kikyo, their manager and her husband, Naraku.

Kikyo was the best manager around, she was the top dog, and no one messed with her, ever. Her husband was Naraku, Naraku was alright, he was a bit creepy, but all around a swell guy.

"Yeah right like I'd hang around this bitch by my own free will!"

"Damn straight dog boy!"

"Dog? Who are you calling dog?"

"I'm just callin 'em like I see 'em!" Kagome whispered back harshly, after all they were still in public.

"Now cut that out you two, and hurry up and hug or something before someone see's that you two aren't close!" Kikyo harshly said.

They went back together, his arm around her shoulder and her arm around his waist, they both faked a smile.

"There we go!" Naraku said brilliantly.

"He's pinching me!"

"Yeah well she's stepping on my foot!"

"Was not!"

"Was too!"

"Was not!"

"Was too infinity times what!"

"Damn." Kagome cursed.

"So much for piece and quiet, their acting like two year olds." Naraku whispered to his wife.

"Yeah well anyways, you two tell every one that we have rehearsal at 9 tomorrow!" with that Kikyo and Naraku left.

"Yeah whatever!" They yelled in unison.

As soon as the two left they went back to their earlier events.





By the time they were done Shippo had two new video games, Rin had a new Microsoft for her computer, Kilala and Sango had thrown up at least twice, but of course in the end, Kilala came out the victor, Sesshomaru, Koga had 3 new Cd's, and Miroku had one, and a big bag of DVD's, not to mention a few slaps from the workers that he groped there, InuYasha and Kagome had managed to call each other every name known to man, and a few new ones.

"Oh by the way we have rehearsal at 9:00am tomorrow." InuYasha said getting away from Kagome, it was bad enough to have to spend the whole day with her.

"Damn!" everyone cursed.

They walked around down town for a while, InuYasha and Kagome had to get close again…poor fate had it in for them.

"Awwww look at it!" Kagome and Rin screeched as they ran to a pet shop window.

There were puppies for sale at the shop and everyone knew Kagome loved puppies, while Rin just loved cute things.

"It's so cute look at it guys, isn't it adorable!" Kagome said in Awe, she was tugging InuYasha's hand the whole time and he couldn't help but notice how innocent she really was, she was like a kid wanting to buy a puppy, and trying to convince her parent it was a good idea.

"Do you want one?" InuYasha blurted out, he hadn't meant to, really he didn't, but it just came out.

"Yeah, but I don't have enough money at the moment I spent it all on clothes last Friday." Just because they were singers didn't always mean Kikyo would let them spend all their money.

"I'll get you one." InuYasha said, he was looking at her the whole time, she looked so sad when she couldn't get the puppy and it bugged him, and it bugged him even more that he didn't know why.

"Really?! Oh InuYasha you're the best thank you so much!" Kagome said as she tugged him into the shop.

InuYasha was blushing the whole time, and the others saw the whole scene.

"Well…that was interesting."

"Yup." everyone nodded, they all waited for InuYasha and Kagome to come out.

When InuYasha and Kagome came out, Kagome was holding a small golden retriever, bright eyes and a good shine to it.

Kagome was so happy; she was linking onto InuYasha's arm…willingly. InuYasha was blushing a bit but it was so faint barely anyone could tell…that is except for Miroku and Sesshomaru, they looked at each other and smirked they had the same thought and they knew it, Their in denial.

"Aw that's cute, what are you going to name her?" all the girls were surrounding InuYasha and Kagome.

"Um…Shikon!" Kagome answered brightly.

"Yeah! That's awesome!" Kilala laughed.

"Heh, we're way cuter then that mutt!" Koga said in a cocky tone.

"Well it is pretty cute though," Shippo and Miroku reasoned.

"I wasn't talking about the pup, I was talking about the over grown attention hog!" Koga said in a sly voice.

"I heard that Stupid!"

"I know!" Koga argued back.


And that was the end of that argument, thought Kilala and Shippo with a roll of the eyes.

The group went home and went into their own rooms, getting ready for their rehearsal tomorrow.

Sango and Kagome's room

"So, how's the new love of your life doing?" Sango asked, trying to sound casual.

"Oh she's so cute!" Kagome said, lying on her stomach on the bed, playing with the new puppy.

"I wasn't talking about the dog." Sango smirked when she heard Kagome fall off the bed with a thud.

"I do not like InuYasha!" Kagome yelled, she got into bed and had her new pup, named Shikon, after the band, sleep at the end of the bed.

Sango just smiled, turned off the lights and climbed into bed, knowing she was right Kagome's gonna take a long fall, weather she wants to or not.

Koga and Shippo's room

"Hey you know InuYasha and Kagome seem to be getting pretty cozy." Koga brought up.

"Yeah you jealous?" Asked Shippo?

"Nah, I got my eye on Ayame, how about you?"

"I kinda like Kilala, she's great, I dunno if we'd go anywhere though you know?"

"Yeah, don't worry, it'll either pass or go right through!" Koga said getting into bed.

They said good night and went to bed.

Ayame, Kilala and Rin's room

"Hah, did you see that cute pup Kagome got?" Rin asked.

"Yeah it was pretty cute; I can't believe InuYasha actually bought it for Kagome!" Kilala said astonished.

"Eh, who knows what goes through that man's head, let's get some sleep." Sango said.

They turned off the lights and called it a night.

Sesshomaru was already in bed,

Miroku and InuYasha's room

"So man, you got the hots for Kag?" Miroku asked being blunt.

"What?! Never!"

"Then why'd you buy her the pup?" Miroku questioned back.

"Because I have to keep up the image that we're friends, it's good publicity!" InuYasha yelled back, he got into bed and said goodnight.

Whatever he totally likes her, what an idiot! Was Miroku's last thought before he let sleep take him over.

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