Becoming the Image


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7 years later

It had been five years since the, they dubbed it 'Kino Mishap'. A month later Kino and InuYasha broke off their 'engagement' and the Demons went back to the US. InuYasha and Kagome got married a year after that, then a year after Sango and Miroku got married, 5 months after that Koga and Ayame got married, Then Sesshomaru and Rin. A few months after that, Kilala and Shippo broke up…and got back together an hour later, they then got married a few months after.

They all lived on the same block, their houses right beside each other, they spent most of their time at InuYasha and Kagome's house. Miroku and Sango had a little girl, Sang same as Shippo and Kilala, Arisa. Sesshomaru and Rin had a girl, Kayko and two little boys, Tohru and Saoyran, Koga and Ayame were currently in a 5 month pregnancy. And how about our wonderful couple InuYasha and Kagome? They had a little girl named Sakura.

Kikyo and Naraku had finally had a little boy named Jaguromaru; He was 7 and very sweet. Everyone was happy and well, The Shikon's were still top rank.

"Hey Sango get down here!" Kilala yelled they were once again at Kagome and InuYasha's house; they were all talking and resting.

"I'm coming…you loser…" Sango said, the children were all outside playing, Kikyo and Naraku were watching them, Shikon was outside as well.

"What?!" She said as she got down.

"Kagome had an idea." Rin offered.

"Oh…What Kags?" Sango asked.

"Well, I was thinking, we could have an eating contest, just like the old days!" Kagome smiled.

"What are you talking about? We had one last week." Miroku snorted.

"Yeah well… still come on!" Kagome said, they all nodded and took out chips, brownies, candy, pop and hot dogs.

"Ok so who's up first?" Kilala asked.

"I'm out, I'm already fat." Ayame said, rubbing her stomach.

"You got that right." Koga mumbled.

"What was that?!" Ayame glared at her husband.

"Nothing dear…" Koga said.

"You are soooo Whipped!" Sesshomaru and InuYasha laughed.

"I vote Shippo and Koga up first!" Rin announced.

"I'm in." Shippo shrugged.

"Count me." Koga said.

As soon as they started stuffing their faces, Kagome felt an arm wrap around her, she turned around to see InuYasha, smiling at her; he tugged her over to their room, and onto the balcony.

"Why are we here?" Kagome asked, snuggling into her husband.

"Just look…" InuYasha said, Kagome looked down and saw her little girl, Sakura, playing with all of her friends, laughing and enjoying themselves. Kagome smiled and looked up at InuYasha who was also smiling.

"Just look at us, a few years ago, we hated each other." Kagome said, holding on to her husband.

"Yeah but now…now we love each other with everything we have…we…."

"We became the image." Kagome smiled.

"Yeah, we sure did, I love you Kagome." InuYasha kissed his wife on the lips.

"I love you too."

They sat like that for a while before Shippo came running upstairs.


"What's so incredible?" Asked Kagome in alarm.

"I…I lost….to SANGO!" Kilala yelled.

"What?" Asked InuYasha in, both shock and confusion.

"Sango won at an eating contest! The first time in…in well…ever!" Miroku said in shock.

"You can't be serious!" Kagome said in awe.

"I am!"

"Hey it's not that unbelievable!" Sango pouted.

They all laughed, all of them still best friends until the very end. They stuck together through everything that had happened, and they were surely to stick together through what ever will happen. Together they all conquered everything that stood in their way, together they lived happy lives, and together they were…Shikon.

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Title: Shikon Cruise

Summary: Kagome goes to an all girl's school with her best friends, Sango, Kilala, Ayame and Kikyo (Please note, Kikyo will never be evil in my chapter fanfics, maybe annoying…but never pure evil) Her class has won a trip on Shikon Cruise, the top cruise lines in all of Japan. Who will they meet there? Will it be a time to remember or will it be another titanic?