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Set two or three years after Dirge.

Vincent, Yuffie and a confused Cloud –

Cloud didn't have to get too close to the hedge to over hear the conversation on the other side, he'd come out to tell the two that Tifa's home made special was ready, when he'd been stopped in his tracks by what he'd herd.

"Jeez Vince that's Huge! Its gotta be at least 8 inches!?

Cloud's eye twitched

"Actually it's nine"

Nine……what the?

"Really? How the hell do you use that thing!?

Oh dear God no……

"Without much difficulty"

Move feet MOVE!

"Can I…?

He held his breath and prayed to leviathan

sigh "if you must"

The Images! The Images!

"I'll be gentle with it I promise!"

Cid would never believe him…Cid was 500Gil richer

"You call that gentle?"

Why did he make that stupid bet when he was drunk?

"Hey! I've never held one before!"

Small drops of blood formed on the end of his nose

"I can tell"


"I can tell" she almost whacked him over the head with it, "That's mean Vinny! So what if I can't handle a Gun! It's not my fault yours are so huge!"

He chuckled and pulled her down to him "it's not the size Yuffie that counts, its how you

use it"

She smiled at him and placed a gentle kiss to his Lips "well good job your going to teacher me how to use it then nei?"

A smirk flittered across his features as he pulled her two inches within his face,

"I suppose" he breathed before closing the gap between them.

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