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He was instantly on alert.

The woods, which had been brimming with nightlife and all the sounds they make, had been silenced. There was something waiting withen the darkness.

Removing the dagger he kept on him at all times, he placed his back against a tree, eyes scanning the area around him. He debated mentally on what it could be. An animal? No, nothing in these woods would dare to attack him. It could be human, but no, he would have heard their heartbeat. Another vampire? Yes, completely possible, probable even, with things the way they were. He touched The Book. Still there, thank Deus.

It was then that a sharp, pointed sheet of silver came whizzing at his head with such speed he had to slam himself towards the ground as to avoid getting his head stabbed through. And sure enough, there in the tree, exactly were his neck had been earlier, was a glimmering dagger.

Jumping quickly to his feet, he eyed the area were the offending instrument had come from. Baring his fangs in a way that had made grown men run, his eyes blazing with power and fury, he was quite a sight to behold.

" Show yourself. " He spat, the tone of his voice saying quite clearly that if the person in question did not obey, a pain in which said person had never felt before would be unleashed.

Slowly, mockingly, a figure stepped into the moonlight.

" Miles, Miles, Miles. My old friend, I'm very sorry about that. My hands, you see, so clumsy. That dagger simply escaped my grip. " The voice was cold, deep, and would have sent a lesser man then Miles running for cover.

" Caedo. " His tone remained deadly and obviously unalarmed, but inside, Miles's mind was reeling. How did he know were to find me? " Your a long way from home, what, may I inquire, is the reason?"

" Not that it really concerns you, but I am actually looking for something." Said Caedo, his tone growing cold. " Me and my, acquaintances."

Out of the dark came several other figures all tall, pale, and obviously vampiric in nature.

"Oh, really. " Said Miles. He didn't allow the shear panic he was feeling affect his voice. This was so not good. Against Caedo alone, he could probably win any fight, but against ten, eleven... TWELVE others? Somehow, he didn't think he was going to get out of this one.

" Yes, a certain Book, one that I believe is nestled safely in you pocket..." From his cloak he produced a rather wicked looking blade. " I'm going to be needing that, Miles."

Miles weighed his options. On one hand, he could give Caedo what he wanted, probably be killed for his trouble, and not to mention condemn his entire city to death. OR he could try to fight them off, be killed, and condemn his whole city to death... Plan C it was then.

" I'm afraid your mistaken Caedo, but I promise I wont tell anyone about any of this. Now, I'll be on my way..." Miles didn't take a step before every last one of Caedo's helpers drew swords.

" Your time is up Miles, no more surprises. " With an evil smile, Caedo advanced, sword drawn, red eyes dancing with sadistic glee.

" You'd like to think that, wouldn't you?" Miles smiled as there was a small flash of green light that lit a circle around his slim body.

" What did you do!? What have you DONE!? " Screamed Caedo, his voice rising along with his anger.

" Making sure you never get the book, you bastard. " Said Miles with a satisfied smirk.

" What have you done with it you fool!?!" Roared Caedo, his voice sounding more and more inhuman by the minute. The vampires around him shifted with unease.

" I've given it to the heir that will break you, Lord Caedo. It may not happen to day. It may not happen tomorrow, but mark my words, my heir will come, and when he does, he will succeed in killing you, even if I was unable."

Caedo screamed in anger at his lost treasure, hell bent on making Miles pay for ruining his chance of finally acquiring The Book.

" You fool. " He spat, but before he could even take a step foreword to gouge out Miles' eyes, Miles grinned.

" I win. " He said simply, and drove the dagger into his heart.

Caedo let out a shriek of anger, but it was to late. Miles body was turning to ash, his words reverberating around the wood as it went. I won. I won. I won.I won. I won.

Hundreds of miles away, a beautiful lady stopped with a scream of pain as she felt her love die. "Ego mos requiro vos , meus own , meus diligo."

Thousands of years away, Harry Potter woke with a start as a book fell on the end of his bed.

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