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Walking down the beautiful marble steps with Lucy, Harry couldn't help but feel that everything in his life had changed. Whether he liked it or not, the vampires were a part of his life now... one way or another.

It was a weird feeling, knowing that all the people around you could break your spine like a toothpick, and the knowledge that not one of them wouldn't give there life for him was even weirder ( and honestly that frightened Harry much more than anything ). Being completely loyal to the people of your city was one of the requirements of being a vampire of the Verbero.

Validus and Harry had spoken for hours, dancing around all subjects of vampire lour. He would have been lying if he had said it wasn't all fascinating. Honestly, he had probably learned more in the hours he talked with The King than he had learned in five years of Binn's class. Harry smiled slightly as he though of how Hermione would react when he told her what he had learned.

IF he ever talked to her again. That thought wiped the smile right off his face. Would he ever get the chance to talk to her again? Ron, Hermione, Fred, George, Ginny, Hagrid, Remus... hell even Draco Malfoy! Would he ever see any of them again? There was a good chance, Harry knew, that he never would. And if he did... well, was there even a small chance he would be human? Didn't the wizarding world consider vampires as bloodsucking parasites? What would everyone think if the supposed " Boy- Who- Lived " became what most people feared?

" Stop thinking about it. " Lucy's musical voice broke through his morose thoughts. Her tone was admonishing, but the slight sadness behind the words took the sting from them.

" You don't know what I'm thinking about about. " Grumbled Harry.

" Oh please, your an open book Potter. " A small smirk twisted it's way onto her delicate features at his annoyed scowl. " Well you are! Your thinking about your humans, right? "

Her smirk broke into a full blown grin at his double take. " Honestly, your going to need to learn how to conceal and control those emotions of yours if your ever going to be a decent vampire! "

" What if I don't want to be a decent vampire? What if I don't want to be a vampire at all? " Harry asked mutinously.

Lucy's smile did not waver, however. If anything, it broadened.

" Oh, you will, trust me. In time, you will. "

Harry decided in that minute that these vampires, and Lucy inparticular, would be the death of him. He hated it, because deep down, Harry knew a part of him really did want to be like they were. Everything about the vampires amazed him. The way they walked, the way they talked, there history. Every movement they made was in confidence, every sentence uttered sounded like a stream of perfectly chosen words. Comparing Harry to any of the vampires on the street was like comparing a house elf to a pure-blood.

Weak. Thought Harry, disgusted with himself. One day here and your already thinking about giving up your life

But being in the Verbero was like learning about the magical world all over again. Harry felt like he was eleven, and all these possibilities were seducing him with the promise of power. He could be trained here, become a vampire. Learning from them could prepare him for Voldemort in ways Dumbledor would never even consider.

Harry jerked slightly, because he knew these sort of thoughts were dangerous. He had to trust in Dumbledor, didn't he? Dumbledor would teach him what he needed to know, protect him until he was ready to fight Voldemort and win right?

The answer to that question came to him immediately. Nope.

I'm tired. Harry thought slowly. I'm tired and I cant be making decisions write now. I have three weeks until I make my choice.

Three weeks really didn't seem like enough time.

The unlikely pair continued on there way in silence, only broken now and again by Lucy pointing landmarks out for Harry. The journey may even have passed uneventfully had it not been for the fact that they walked by the graveyard ( A/N And if Harry hadn't been Harry Potter, and therefor incapable of having a normal moment. )

It took a second for Harry to connect the sounds he was hearing to music, and not just the wind changing sound. It was light, airy, and at the same time powerful. It reminded him a bit of Phoenix song, but softer, less wild, more refined.

Turning with a speed to quick for human eyes, Lucy was facing the direction the music was coming from. A long fence, made of what looked like the shimmering white stone that seemed to make up the whole city, separated Harry and Lucy from the crowed of solemn vampires passing by.

There seemed to be twenty, men and women. Five marched in front, holding the City flag above them with ease. Within the middle, stood ten lean soldiers. Harry could tell they were soldiers by the blood red "V" that sparkled on their right breast. Each vampire carried a part of the enormous casket that lay between them. It was a work of art, and unlike anything Harry had seen before. White gold glittered in the setting sun, and a great black " V " Shone proudly against it. A worriers casket.

Five people walked behind them, Four of which were soldiers, but the last one, was a young girl.

She couldn't have been older than eight, yet she still had the fantasy like beauty that seemed to reside in all vampires. Her long blond hair fell across her shoulders, glowing like a golden ember. Though he could not see much of her face, Harry could tell that her eyes were locked on the casket in front of her.

That is, until she turned his way. Her skin was light, white as snow, but not unhealthy. She looked a bit like an angel with those wide, grey blue eyes. It took a moment for him to realize that she was staring right at him.

We have been waiting for you for a long time Harry Potter.

Shock shook through him, coursing like electricity down his spine, and fear tangled in his belly. Taking a step back, Harry stared at the young girl, who no longer looked quite so harmless and sweet now that he had just heard that ancient and cold voice whispering in his mind.

Though she was some distance away, he caught the way her eyes seemed to glow.

Yes, Master Potter, I do see you. See what you were, what you are, and what you will be. We will speak later young lord, for we have much to discuss.

The girl turned her head, and the voice disappeared from his mind like a wisp of smoke. Harry continued to stare, transfixed, as the vampires made their way out of sight.

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Harry turned, wide eyed, to look at Lucy, who was watching him with bright eyes and a cold smile.

" She... she talked to me. In my mind... I don't... she was like, eight! " Harry mumbled, completely nonplussed.

Lucy laughed a cold, slightly bitter laugh that brought goosebumps to Harry's flesh.

" Yes, I figured she might. She's most likely taken an interest in you. It's understandable, you'll be powerful, she'll want to see if she can make you hers. "

" What do you mean, make me hers? " Harry demanded.

" She's going to want to train you Potter, she's going to want to be the one to teach you everything you need to know. "

" How can she do that?" Asked Harry. " She cant be older than nine--- "

" She's one of the only vampires in history that never aged. She's older than the city, older than wizards. No ones sure when she was born, and she isn't telling, but she's the oldest vampire in The City, and that's saying something. " Lucy said, still in the same cold tone.

Harry decided there was no reason to ask Lucy why she disliked the girl so much, it wasn't like he and her were friends, but he did ask," What is her name? "

" Everyone just calls her Anne. " Said Lucy briskly. " I doubt she even remembers the name she was born to.

They continued in silence, each lost in their own thoughts. By the time they arrived at Harry's new sleeping arrangements, Harry still hadn't decided how he felt about the new player in this dangerous game he was playing with the vampires.

" You should be fine here until tomorrow. I'll wake you for breakfast, and then we shall continue onward from there. Sleep easy. " Lucy turned, ready to walk away.

" Wait!" Said Harry, quickly. There was something he had just realized.

Lucy stilled, and glanced at him with a faint raising of the eyebrow that invited him to ask his question.

" I want to know--- well, why is it that none of the vampires were wearing black? They were all in white, and... well, it was a funeral wasn't it? " Harry asked, slightly flustered.

" Black... why on earth would anyone wear black to a funeral? " Lucy asked with an upturning of her lips.

" It's what wizards and muggles wear to funerals... " Harry mumbled, feeling like an idiot.

" How strange." Said Lucy, still smiling. " No vampire wears black to a funeral. White is the color of death. "

And with that, Lucy turned on her heal, and made her way slowly back across the darkening street, Harry's eyes fallowing her all the way.

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