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The old chains groaned as they made their way around the rusted pulley and his scream echoed loudly through the abandoned building. He saw white speckled dots in front of his eyes and forced them shut against the blinding pain. A hot line of blood traced a crooked path down his arm as he willed his breathing to return to normal.

The beeping of the numbers counting down was all he could hear. He squeezed his eyes shut tighter until his entire focus was on the reddish tinge that coloured the inside of his eyelids. He could no longer allow the boxes that lined the table to his right be the sole focus of his attention. If he did, than neither of them would get out of this alive. Ensuring this, was his sole mission. With his Ranger senses kicking in, he opened his eyes and set them on his captor with what he hoped was still an intimidating and unbreakable gaze.

The man wiped his hands with a dirty towel and took a sip of water from a tall glass. This was done with a lightness that suggested he was merely taking a brief rest with an old friend after a long day's work.

Booth knew perfectly well however, that the man was definitely not done for the day. Without noticeably breaking his gaze, he quickly checked the red digits displayed on a tiny screen in front of one of the boxes on the table. He did his best to push away the fear pounding through his veins and made himself search for the information that he and Bones has learned about the bombs. He quickly calculated the damage one would do to the surrounding area should it detonate. His partner would have been better at estimating the dispersal radius, but he guessed that the explosion could have the potential to completely destroy at least three or four of the surrounding blocks.

A man who usually had situations under control within a second of walking into them - for once, Booth was clueless to how this one would end. With the feeling of desperation slowly making its way into the pit of his stomach, he decided that one thing was for certain. He would not let the bastard run. If he, Booth, would be here when the timer signalled 'Show Time', than so would he.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw his partner. Her blue eyes were wide and fearful and her face was wet with tears. She was struggling so hard against her restraints - which had her hugging a wide pole - that she too had blood trickling down her arms. Wisely, she choose to remain quiet. Booth prayed that she had a plan.

The man chose this moment to redirect his attention to Booth. Booth quickly brought his gaze back to him giving the impression that he had never let it waver.

"Have you had enough, Agent?"

Booth didn't answer.

"Because, if you have, I can always move on to your lady friend over there," he gestured over his shoulder. "You know," he sneered, "that pole may just be the subject of some very interesting entertainment before I get out of here." A wicked smile appeared on his lips as he watched Booth closely, waiting for a reaction.

Booth clenched his jaw, but said nothing. He refused to look over at Brennan, who he knew had heard. His fiery gaze never wavered from the man before him.

He chuckled. "Now, now…" He tisked in a sing-song voice. "We wouldn't want that, would we?"

Booth again, did not reply.

"Mhmm…" The man hummed and moved to tighten the strap which was currently holding the agent's arm out at an odd angle. The shoulder was almost definitely dislocated.

Booth hoped against hope that the man had not seen right through him. He hoped that he hadn't seen the weakness. Mentioning Brennan had struck a cord. She was his weakness.

Booth fought against the urge to react to the leather straps digging into his shoulder and to the pain brought on by his other arm being secured tightly behind his back. He took the opportunity to look at his partner.

Brennan had that look on her face. The one she wore when nothing else mattered but the task set before her. She was still working hard on getting herself out of the cuffs. He noticed that one of the chain links that held the wrist pieces together was significantly wider than normal. It had been stretched. His heart swelled with the possibly of safe escape. That's my girl! He watched as she took a deep breath, allowing herself a brief moment. She blew her auburn locks out of her eyes and angled her face upwards as if in prayer…which he knew she wasn't. She looked over at him and seemed surprised to meet his eyes.

The sight of his partner's swollen eyes displaying the fear of absolute helplessness was something that he did not see very often. If ever. He sent her a look that he hope conveyed a reassurance that she could do it. That they would get out of this.

A pop from his shoulder and a new source of pain made him break his gaze with Brennan. He let out a yelp and fought against the tears his burning eyes were beginning to produce. He fought even harder so, against the blackness that threatened to engulf him.

He had been wrong. Now it was dislocated.

A pool of blood was gathering around his knees which were digging sharply into the cement floor and contributing to the sea of red. Multiple wounds graced the rest of his body - but the pain they caused was forgotten.

Noise outside alerted his captor that he had company. Booth sent up a quick thanks that backup somehow knew that it was time to arrive at a location where it hadn't even been requested.

The man obviously had not anticipated still being around when this happened. He picked up a large shot gun and glanced furtively around for an escape route.

Booth found himself laughing. Not caring about the way he surely looked - sweat, snot and blood all over. He was pretty sure that he had peed his pants a while back, as well. Nope. None of it mattered anymore. "What's the matter Danny Boy? This not a part of your master plan?"

With a grunt of frustration and look of menace in his eyes, the man lunged at Booth and pressed the barrel of the gun painfully into his temple. A soft clanking of metal on metal broke the tension and the man's body froze.

Booth heart felt as if it had stopped when he noticed his partner's awe-struck face at the fact that the loose link in the cuffs had finally gave. The man's gaze followed his to Brennan and his eyes flashed in anger.

"BONES! RUN!" Booth screamed as he threw his entire weight into the man in front of him, effectively knocking him to the ground. Doing so made him pull his injured arm far further than it should have been pulled and he grunted in pain as he forced a leg out to kick the gun well out of the man's reach.

Dangling slightly from the straps holding him back, Booth once again found his eyes searching for his partner.

She stood there, in the centre of the room, staring fearfully at the man who was just losing his slightly dazed expression. He returned his attention to Booth and lunged at him once again.

"BONES!" He screamed again as he received more unpreventable blows to his body. "GET THE HELL OUT!"

The windows around shattered in succession and the doors crashed to the floor. Nothing entered but three tiny fruit-shaped objects emitting soft-whistling sounds. Small grenades which set off tiny explosions, used to stun the bad guys and allow the Calvary an interval which they could use to enter and initiate takedown.

The three froze and each stared in a different direction at a different grenade. The man was up in an instant and run towards one of the newly available exits. As a second thought, it seemed, he picked up one of the threatening objects and flung it in Booth's direction.

Booth stared as it rolled towards him and stopped just short of two feet away. He held his breath.

In quick succession gun shots rang through the air. The explosions came from near and far. The near freeing him from his restraint and sending him flying across the room. As he landed he heard sickening cracks from his body and Bones' blood curling scream from across the room.

Then everything went black.


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