Author Note: AAAAaaannnd I'm back with a new update to this ancient Fanfic. I'm also back with... Better spelling, better grammar, and probably a bit more humorous.

Me: Well... I feel... Old. I mean, I just finished reading the wholes series and... Wow... That was a great series. Well, today we have a whole bunch of questions from our lovely reviewers. Though said reviewers have probably forgotten about this fanfic... Ok then, question uno.

Yay! And update! lol...homicidal...question for Soren: Which would you rather do, make out with Gylfie or bang your sister?

[Ugh. Rather sick, if you ask me...]

nya...It's just a question, gosh.

[Forgive Connie. She has a perverted mind.]

From ezyl

Soren: **Eyes twitch** I'm not sure how to react to that... Errr... I guess Make out with Gylfie... But darn. We're not in Alabama here. We can't bang our sisters and still be considered civilized.

Me: Dontchu go insultin' da states! ** Slaps Soren**

Soren: Ow! Jerkface.

Gylfie: Wait, what? I totally blanked out that. What did Soren say?

Me: Oh, he sai- Mmmffrrrggg

Soren: ** Is covering my mouth with his wing** I said Bang my sister.

Gylfie: We aren't in Alabama! That's just gross!

Me: **Manages to pull the wing from my mouth and shouts quickly** Soren, watcha talkin' about? You said kiss Gylfie! Silly Soren.

Gylfie: **Stares at Soren, eyes twitching**

Twilight: Woah woah woah, Soren, dontchu go hittin' on my girl.

Me: Weren't you just trying to hide your love for Gylfie?

Twilight: I know, but it's finally out! I can express my love for Gylfie! **Does a flying tackle and glomps Gylfie.

Me: Ok then, Question 2 through 4.

Wow... Gylfie, how does ear taste.

Twilight, I read that your mom was this great poet and than your given name was Cassius. I'm starting to fangirl you! *squeals* What are your thoughts on this?

Kludd, there's this old show I used to watch called Liberty's Kids. If I compared you and Nyra to John and Abigail Adams (don't ask), how'd you feel? If you don't know what I'm talking about, answer the best you can.

From, Peridot Tears

Gylfie: It tastes like chicken with a hint of chocolate chip... **Stares at Me hungrily**

Me: ** Puts on a Riot Helmet**

Gylfie: **Lowers her gaze**

Twilight: Ooh! Ooh! My turn!

Kludd: Why do you get to go next?

Nyra: Wait, you're comparing me to 2 people, Peridot Tears? How the heck is that even possible?

Me: Ok, shut it, Kludd. you too, Nyra. Nobody likes you.

Twilight: Ok then, anyway... Well the poet part I can understand why I'm such an amazing poet. And the fangirl part is awesome! I 3 my fangirls. But why would my mom name me Cassius! It's a racdrop of a name!

Me: Hey! No owl swears! **Hits Twilight with the oar of a canoe**

Kludd: MY TURN!111!11!111!11!1!111!1!1!ONE!1!

Me: Yes.

Kludd: Well then, considering I have no idea what the heck you are talking about, I'll just say... Awkward.

Me: Wait! Halfway through writing this I totally had a revelation! ** Fanboy/girl moment, as my gender should remain unknown to reviewers so I don't get asked a question, hint hint** I LOVE THAT SHOW! OMGOMGOMGOMG! 'Cept I dun remember the names.

Kludd: Ok, well. That was weird. Anyway, Owlstar, aren't you a b- ** A rock flies out of nowhere and nails Kludd in the face.

Me: Anybody who attempts to say my gender is hit with a stone.

All owls: ** Back away slowly**

Me: Next question! Ohhh... This is great...

Twilight: Do you really love Gylfie?

Soren: Who do you have a crush on? (I have a lie detector)

Gylfie: Do you love Twilight back?

From, Kimbley-A-Splode

Twilight: Oooh! Ooh! They said my name twice!

Me: Not for good reason...

Twilight: Oh... Yeah.. I'll go last!

Me: No, you'll go first and you. Will. LOVE IT!

Twilight: Fine! Just don't hurt me! Ok, the answer is... YES! I LOVE HER! I TRULY DO! Every time I sleep I dream of her and I can't get her out of my head and it torments me everytime I can't admit my love but now **Pauses for a breath** I can and it feels absolutely wonderfully stunningly amazing!

Me: Wow. That's just... Wow. Soren! Your turn!

Soren: Wait, don't I have a mate? And three kids? I guess I have a crush on... Pelli!

Pelli: Awww, you're so swee-

**Lie detector flashes, meaning a lie was said**

Pelli: WHAAAAAATTTT!/!1/1/1/?~/!

Soren: T-the lie mac-chine is bust-ted!

Me: No it's not. Watch. **Sets the helmet on** I love men. **Helmet remains still, showing that only truth was said**

Pelli: I never want to see you again, Soren. And I'm taking the kids with me! And the new battle claws! And all the money out of our JOINT bank account!

Me: Ohhh shiz! Break-up on set! Well then, seeing as I don't really care cuz I thought Pelli was the dumb blonde of the owl world, Soren must answer the question correctly. **Places the helmet back on Soren**

Soren: Errr... I like Nyra? **Lie!**

Soren: Kludd? **Lie!**

Soren: Gylfie! **Lie!**


Digger: O. M. F. G. I hate to admit this, but... I LOVE YOU TOO, SOREN! ALL THAT YOU SAID, IT'S TRUE FOR ME, TOO!

** A massive glomp battle breaks out between Soren and Digger**

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Gylfie: Well then, shall we end with my question?

Me: Yes. We shall. Note to all reviewers who asked questions but did not have it answered: It was either because it was inappropriate IMO, or because I'll be doing it next chapter.

Ottulissa: I believe these questions are simply appalling!

Me: Ottulissa, go glomp yourself in the back room or something. Nobody loves you, you're going to grow old and be alone cuz nobody ever mates with a prick like you. Go die.

Ottulissa: That is a simply appalling thing to sa-

**Ottulissa is punted off the stage by an angered reviewer**

Me: Ok, Gylfie, answer the question.

Gylfie: Well, my answer is no. I don't.

Me: That was blatant... You could have at least lied that you like him...

Twilight: I'll be in that corner over there, if you need me... **A tear drips from his eye**

Me: Well, that's it for today. Hope you all enjoyed it. I'll finish up with the Chapter 3 questions and... request? Next time.

Gylfie: Wait, a request? What do you mean a req-

** Audio recorder stops recording**