Hi. I am Narutoast. And Uchiha Itachi and I would happily (Itachi: Liar. I'm being forced by black mail to be here, you --) Ok Itachi, that's enough out of you. Send your questions to Itachi through the review button. Remember, NO profanity and NOTHING sexual, please.

Me: Say hi Itachi.

Itachi: Hello you weak little fools! -Maniacal laughter-

Me: 0.0 Okayy then...

Q1) Hi, Itachi, I would like to know your deepest darkest secret... tell me...

Signed, Saucekay (Me:That's their pen name, and not your brother, Itachi)

A1) Itachi: Is this a Fan Girl?Well, even if it's not, I don't really fell like answering this.

Me: -inhales sharply- I think you couldn't get a girl even if you tried, Itachi. Maybe that's your secret! By the way, it's a guy.

Itachi: -looks around nervously- I have no secrets.

Me: Itachi, answer the question or else.

Itachi: Wha-What do you mean..? You've already taken my dignity, my hatred, and my teddy...

Me: Your... Teddy..? - face turns really, really red then starts laughing hysterically -

Itachi: -face turns red with embarrassment- Um.. can i have my robe back now? I hate regular clothes... they make me feel like i can't hate people.

Me: FINE, YOU CAN HAVE IT AND YOUR PRCIOUS TEDDY BEAR, TOO. I just have one question... - gets a very evil look on his face and laughs maniacally -

Itachi: What are you planning Narutoast?

Me: Oh nothing, nothing at all...NEXT!

Q2) What is your teddy's name, Itachi?

Signed, me, Narutoast

Itachi: I hate you very much.

Me: Just answer my question or I bring out...THE PICTURES!!!

Itachi: -quietly- Mr. Moopies...

Me: -smirks- Heh heh heh... works every time.

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