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Summary: When she thought... When she hoped... He wasn't there... Someone else was. Kagome was thankful she had some other place to go. YusukeKagome Onesided inukag drabble

When She Thought

When she thought...

Kagome thought it didn' t matter that Inuyasha loved Kikyo. The dead miko wasn't the one who stayed by the hanyou's side day in and day out. She thought she could replace his love. Become the one Inuyasha thought about daily. Though with Kagome's common sense she never let these thoughts surface because Inuyasha indeed loved Kikyo. Kikyo. Not her.

When she hoped...

The school girl always hoped she'd never have to fully leave the feudal era. The place was full of friends, family, and love. Plus the occasional bad guy, but what world doesn't have those? She hoped Inuyasha knew that she loved him. Kagome hoped to stay with him. But by default Inuyasha didn't see her hopes and thoughts.

He wasn't there...

A time where Kagome had gotten angry with the hanyou, as she often did, she went back to her time. The school girl thought that everything would calm down after a couple of days... Unfortunately, it didn't.

Inuyasha didn't come back. Not even when Kagome needed him. She had been walking home from one of her friends' houses, after being forced on another date with Hojo. Three men had tried to hurt her. They could of really killed her.

Someone else was.

An arrogant kind of boy made his arrival. With slicked- back hair and a cocky grin he beat the thugs down and saved her. His name was Yusuke Urameshi. Kagome thought he was quite annoying, but when she refused to tell him where her house was she was forced to stay with Yusuke for a few weeks.

Kagome was thankful she had some other place to go.

Inuyasha had gotten worse in his behavior, either that or Kagome just didn't want to be around someone that didn't love her back anymore. She always found some new excuse, like the strange ones her grandfather came up with to get her out of school to do her duty as a miko.

She always ran to one person as soon as she came back home. Yusuke. He was always there with open arms. They had learned a lot about each other. Kagome found out his heart was broken by a smart sassy girl who just couldn't take him getting hurt a lot.

They had both found each other and wouldn't let one another go. Not even Inuyasha's rage or her friends' stubborness to date Hojo could get her away from Yusuke. And that was the way they both liked it. Together.

The End.