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Mugen leaned against the doorway of the house and tapped his foot impatiently on the ground.

'Where the hell is she?' He glanced at the sun and noted that it had to be at least an hour since she left. He huffed angrily and threw open the door to the house and stormed inside. He scowled at the room, hoping to find something to help pass the time. He caught sight of his sword and sighed. He would be reduced to sharpening his sword, a task he usually ignored because he didn't have the attention span for it. It was too boring.

He grimaced and grabbed his sword and the sharpening stone and went back outside to sit in the sun. He found a grassy spot where he could clearly see the road and started to sharpen his much-loved blade.

Mugen couldn't understand why Fuu hadn't let him go with her to the town doctor. Just because the last time he went he gave the guy a black eye for touching Fuu's chest. He had claimed to just be checking her heartbeat, but Mugen knew him for the pervert he was. 'Doctors. Who needs em?' Mugen himself had never been to the doctor. Of course, he was built from strong Ryukyu stock. Fuu was much more delicate.

He sighed again, this time forlornly. He missed Fuu. He really was turning into a pansy when he couldn't deal with being alone for more than 10 minutes. He ceased his chore, and let his sword drop to the ground. He put his hands behind his head, relaxed against the building and let his thoughts wander.

It had been about two months since he and Fuu had traveled to this town. It was small but didn't lack any luxuries. They had decided to stay there for good when they had found this two-room hut abandoned and in disarray. With Fuu's cleaning power and his skillful hands, they were able to fix it up and call it their own.

It was about a ten minute walk from town and few minutes to their nearest neighbor's house. Just close enough to make Fuu happy, and far away enough for him to feel comfortable.

Fuu had already made friends with the elderly couple down the road, but Mugen still couldn't bring himself to make nice with strangers. Fuu and Jin were his only friends and he didn't see why he had to make more. Wasn't it enough that he had settled down, built a house, and stopped visiting whorehouses?

Apparently not. She always nagged at him to make an effort to be nice. He only wanted to be nice to her.

Speaking of which, she'd been nagging him a lot recently. And yelling. And crying. 'Damn women.' He shook his head. 'I'll never understand em.'

He shifted restlessly. Fuu hadn't even let him make love to her this morning. He was so used to waking up and climbing between her thighs and letting her soft body rock him to completion. Or sometimes, if she was feeling frisky, she'd climb on top of him...


He shouldn't think of these things while alone. He was in danger of getting a hard-on and having no release except his hand, he'd be forced to walk around at half-mast. He closed his eyes and idly thought of things to distract him.

Then he heard crying. A woman crying. No, a woman sobbing hysterically.

He knew it was Fuu.

He jumped to his feet and looked down the road in the direction of town. He couldn't see her yet, but he could faintly hear her. He snatched his sword off the ground, and started to run towards the noise. His heart was thudding painfully in his chest and he felt like screaming. If something happened to her because he hadn't gone with her...

He's made that mistake before and it had taken her away from him once. He wouldn't let it happen again.

He rounded a corner of the winding trail and there she was, walking slowly and weeping uncontrollably. He screamed her name and she stopped, glancing up at him in question.

He finally reached her and he wrapped his arms around her, squeezing the air out of her. He had to feel her warm body against him to know she was okay. He was shivering with fear.

"FUU! WHAT HAPPENED!" He couldn't seem to lower his voice and she flinched as he shouted in her ear. Taking a deep breath, he calmed himself and asked her again in his normal voice.

"Mugen...I..." She broke in tears again. "I...I'm..."

"Dammit Fuu! What's wrong!?"

She sniffled loudly and turned her face up to hers. Her eyes were bright and she had an odd expression in her eyes.

"Mugen...I'm...I'm pregnant."

He didn't fully comprehend what she said for a moment, then his eyes darkened. "You don't want to have my kid? Too good for it?"

She raised her eyebrows and stared at him in shock. "Mugen! Oh gods, of course not! I'm ecstatic to have your child inside me...but don't you remember...?"

He had relaxed somewhat when she had told him she wanted his baby, but he still couldn't understand what the problem was. "Remember what?"

"I can't have children. The knife-wound made me barren."

He snorted. "Well, obviously not, cause you got my seed in ya." It was that simple. Why was she arguing with him?

"But...When I was in the whorehouse...For the 2 months that I worked there...I never used any sort of contraceptive." She smiled through her tears at him, beaming. "Don't you see?"

He shook his head stupidly.

"None of those men could get me pregnant, but there's something about you that's different. It's like...It's like we were meant to be together. You healed me somehow."

He groaned. "You know I hate that mushy stuff." He pulled her back into a hug. "But I gotta admit, that is pretty weird. Maybe I just have like, super sperm or somethin?" He grinned. "I am a stud."

She had stopped crying and laughed at him, making small circles on his back with her fingers. He purred at the sensation.

"So...Do I gotta marry ya now or something?"

She pinched his ass and laughed again. "You don't have to say it like that!But no, I don't need to be married to you. I'm perfectly content as we are."

He frowned. Weren't women like, programmed to want marriage? 'Specially if they're knocked up.' He was slightly suspicious that for some reason she didn't want to marry him. He'd make her marry him. It wasn't her choice.

"Well, maybe I think we should get hitched."

"Seriously Mugen, we don't have to..."

"Hey! Hell yes we have to! I say we're getting married and that's final!"


He blinked. 'Had that been another trap? Oh well.' He didn't mind marrying Fuu. It would mean she was completely his. His.


She raised her head and peered at him. "What's yours?"

"You. You're mine."

She smiled at him and took his hand in her own. She placed it over her stomach. "This is also yours."

For a minute he felt his knees about to give out. Then he recovered and grinned at her, unable to acknowledge the baby right now. He focused instead on Fuu. He grabbed her hand and started to walk towards the house. "So...we can still screw, right?"

She smiled playfully at him, accustomed to his crude language. "Yeah, up until it's born. But then we have to take a break after for a few weeks."

He whipped his head back to her and scowled. He didn't like the thought of not being able to touch her when he wanted. "Why?! That's stupid!"

"Mugen shut up! You try pushing a small human out of your body and then tell me if you wanna make love!"

He just grinned. "Alright then. But now's okay, right?"

She grinned back. "Yes, now's perfect."

Mugan howled and picked her up, carrying her bridal style and sprinting to the house. His shorts were off before he even got them in the door.


Hours after, in the darkness of the night, Mugen lay awake. Fuu was nestled against his side and he could feel her steady heartbeat as she slept. It soothed him. But he still felt restless. Carefully turning her onto her back, he stared at her.

His gaze dropped to her stomach and he reached out a tentative hand to lightly touch it. She didn't stir and he placed his palm against her flat belly. Soon it would swell and grow with the child. His child.

His child. His wife. His family.

Never in his entire life, did Mugen ever think he would have a family. Truthfully, he never even wanted one. But here he was, about to be a father and husband. He was going to have two lives relying on him for protection, support, and love. It was a little overwhelming. But for the first time in his miserable life, he actually felt blessed.

He was blessed.

He felt his eyes burn, but he didn't wipe the tears away. He let them fall. He closed his eyes and a small cry escaped his lips.

A warm hand cupped his chin and he opened his eyes to see Fuu in front of him, tears in her eyes as well.

"I know. I feel blessed too." She kissed him, and he didn't question how she had read his thoughts. They knew all of each other and she often knew what he was thinking.

He groaned at her, with a voice full of need and she knew what he was thinking then too.

She lay back, opening herself to him and he thrust into her. Mugen made love to her for hours, and he made her climax many times before he let himself finish. It was the only way he knew how to show her how much he treasured her.

When they finally fell asleep in each other's arms, they knew that after all the trials and tribulations that they had each gone through, this was their reward.

They had each other and the promise of a happy life. It was perfect.



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