Author's note: I know you guys thought I had fallen off the face of the Earth. I know it has been a million years since I updated and I am so sorry. This story just completely abandoned me. I only have a few more things to say in this and I will not leave it off abruptly like I did "The New Squint". I fully intent to finish it, probably in th next few chapters. If anyone is still reading this, please review and let me know. Thanks for your patience:)

Three surprised doctors turned to face Lisa Cuddy as she stormed into the office. "Dr. Gray, why did you not tell anyone that you were House's daughter?"

Alex shrugged, trying to shove away a million emotions. "Have you ever had a conversation with the man?"

"Don't be a smart-aleck, Alex, this is serious! Having blood relatives in direct supervisory positions over each other is a serious violation of hospital policy! This should not have happened."

Alex stood at attention, ready to take whatever attack was about to come. "So, I assume I'm fired?"

Cuddy winced, looking from Wilson to Alex, then finally to House. "I don't want to fire you, Alex. But I have Cameron rushing into my office yelling about you blaming House for your mother's suicide or something in front of several members of the board. I finally had to find a very shell-shocked Chase in the clinic to find out what really happened. And you know very well how rumors spread around here. The entire hospital will know by the end of the day."

Wilson spoke up quickly. "She can work for me."

Cuddy rolled her eyes. "And just which part of you anatomy came up with that plan? What use does an oncologist have for a trauma specialist?"

"But I-"

She held up a hand. "Relax, all of you. Alex, you're not fired. I never said you were. I just said you couldn't continue to work for House. And as good a diagnostician as you may be, this isn't where you belong." Alex's eyes lit up as she realized what Cuddy was saying. "It just so happens we have a full-time spot opening up in the ER. You interested?"


Cuddy rolled her eyes. "It's a simple question, Alex. Transfer, or clean out your locker."

"Um, yeah, ok."

Cuddy softened. "I'm sorry to have to do this. And there is no reason why you can't… consult… when they need you."

Alex nodded, warming to the idea. "Yeah. I could work full time in the ER. But…" She turned to House questioningly.

He shrugged. "We'll survive without ya, kid. Go play trauma jockey. It's where you belong anyway." He stood, nodded to Wilson. "Lunch?"

Wilson looked at him like he had lost his mind, then glanced back to Alex. The kid was borderlining on a major league freak-out and House wanted him to abandon her? And… House's daughter? And… Ok, so maybe he was also borderlining on a freak-out. Maybe not major league, but at least at the top of the minors. But Alex managed a small smile at him and motioned for him to join House. "Um… Okay. But you're buying."

House turned to face him and put on his most hurt face. "I just lost my star employee. You should be consoling me!" Wilson didn't fall for it, still meeting his eyes with an expression that clearly said Oh, please…. Trying again, House said, "I just found out I have a kid! I think that at least deserves a congratulatory lunch!" Wilson smirked. "Oh, well. Worth a try."

Alex turned to Cuddy, unsure what the next move was. And how pissed she was. Answering both unspoken questions with a smile, she said "You start in the ER tomorrow at 8. Schedule is posted, you're taking over Dr. Adams' schedule." She nodded, mentally noting that she would have to get some more scrubs if she was working down there full-time, not noticing that Cuddy slipped past the men and out the door.

Her musings were interrupted by House. "Hey, Junior! You coming?"

Eyes widened. House still wanted her to join them? Nodding rapidly, she picked up her bag. As they started out the door, she heard House whisper loudly to Wilson. "Her father's a doctor… She's buying!"