From the hereafter

Chapter 1 The sea on the prarie

Kirsten felt the sun warming her face. Once again she had managed to scrape through exam week and she felt it was time to relax a little. Outside on the farm her younger sister Carrie was looking for frogs. She sighed. It had been a year since her family had moved from Edmonton and still she missed the city. For certain she missed the ghost who had haunted her old school. She couldn't say the same about the other students.

Kirsten walked to the mirror. She looked at herself closely. Her waist length brown hair was a mess and she liked it that way. Her eyes were somewhere between green and brown and seemed to change colors occasionally. Grinning she quickly packed a sandwich, a book, a pair of binoculars and a flute.

"Hey Mom I'm going for a little walk," she yelled over her shoulder.

"Alright Kirsten just watch the doorframe."

Her mothers warning came too late because once again she had hit her head on the doorframe. It was tough to be 14 and nearly 6 feet tall. This didn't disturb Kirsten much tough because she was quickly out the door.

Carrie ran and grabbed her sister's hand, "Kirsten come quick! You'll never believe what I just found."

Kirsten rolled her eyes. It was typical of 11 year old Carrie to make a big deal about nothing.

"Come on sis, it's awesome."

Kirsten allowed herself to get dragged along. She had nothing better to do after all. They walked through a field of wheat which slowly swayed in the sun. Kirsten smiled, she loved the smell of wheat. Today however there was also another smell in the air. A smell that should have been impossible to detect on a farm 2 miles outside of Red Deer, Alberta.

"See Kirsten it's the ocean," Carrie said happily.

"This…this is impossible," Kirsten babbled. "I mean I've heard people say the prairie is as wide as the sea but this is overkill."

"so what do you think?"

"I think that we should tell Mom and Dad. I mean this wasn't here yesterday."

"Oh come on. This is the first time you've had a chance to go on an adventure and you're too scared to do it?"

"No. I'm being sensible," said Kirsten.

"Oh really, I think you're a chicken." Carrie taunted.

"Excuse me if you are done bickering may you assist me?" someone said behind them.

Kirsten turned around and saw something so amazing it took her breath away.