Chapter two Washed Away

The person standing behind Kirsten looked fairly normal. That wasn't what shocked her. It was what was next to him that amazed her. The boy was about as tall as Kirsten, he had black hair and eyes so brown they too were almost black. His skin seemed very pale in comparison to his hair and eyes. The animal that was sitting next to him looked almost like an overgrown komodo dragon. It was a lizard like creature almost as tall as the boy. It was a pale shade of green, and it had two rows of super-sharp teeth in its mouth.

"Excuse me, but did you hear what I said? I require assistance," said the odd boy.

"With what?" asked Carrie apparently unperturbed by the strange visitors.

"We are on a long journey and we would not have stopped here as it takes us far off course. However we were blown around in a huge storm and now need to acquire additional water."

"Stream's right there," said Carrie.

"Thank you, wasn't there supposed to be a town here?"

"No the town is 2 miles south of here," said Kirsten regaining her voice.

"I told you that Klepp's Almenack is often wrong but did you listen no," hissed the lizard thing.

The boy glared at it. The thing sighed and went for water.

"Um, where is your ship," asked Kirsten.

"Right over there," he answered.

Kirsten squinted. She saw a small red boat.

"No offence but isn't it a little tiny?" asked Carrie.

Kirsten glared at her.

"No it isn't," said the boy. "Oh look it's Scalet with the water, its time for us to leave."

The boy and Scalet got into the boat. The boy took out what looked like a slingshot. He took careful aim and fired at a structure that Kirsten had failed to notice before. It looked like a carved ball floating over top of a triangular cup.

He fired and the ball fell out of the cup and the tiny boat swept out with the tide.

Many years later Kirsten would wonder if the set of events that followed hadn't been an accident.

Carrie gave out a shout and slipped into the water that was quickly receding. Kirsten terrified jumped in after her. She wasn't a strong swimmer but terror and adrenaline gave her strength. Somehow she made it to Carrie. The sisters clung to each other in fright as the water swept them out to sea and away from their home.