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The Pain Inside

By: Vaugn Apocalypse

A Cain and Riff story

Chapter one: Please say you love me!

Outside was cold and dark, the only light was the flashes of lightning in the

distance and the sounds of thunder could be heard all through the room. The lights

flickered ever so often, making him shudder in fear. He was alone that night his lover and

him had gotten into a small fight and his only love had gone out into the storm alone. He

stood at the window worried about his lover, where was he? Was he Okay or was there

something wrong? Cain stood there tears in his eyes, he knew what he said had hurt Riff.

Those harsh words he spoke in anger, he saw those tears in Riff's eyes and knew he had

hurt him so. What was he to do, should he have gone after him in the storm or wait for

him to return? Cain walked back and forth near the fireplace with nothing but the light of

the fire flickering at him. His arms folded thinking to himself about what he had said to

Riff hours ago. Those words running through his mind over and over again.


the words pierced through to his heart over and over again.

"What have I done? Oh god Riff!" Cain said grabbing his coat and running out

into the pouring rain. The rain was bitter cold and went right to your bones making Cain

shiver. "RIFF! RIFF WHERE ARE YOU RIFF!" he called out into the night hoping that

Riff would hear his voice and come running to hold him. But Riff did not answer nor did

he come running into Cain's arms. Was he gone forever, had he gone back to the

graveyard? Cain thought to himself as he ran faster to the old graveyard. It was so dark

the graveyard was so eerie it was almost like the sprits of the dead where telling Cain that

he should turn back and go home. But he was already here and he wanted to go in and see

if Riff was there. Cain ran in tears running down his face along with the cold rain,

tripping over a gravestone he fell hitting the cold damp ground with a thud, twisting his

ankle as he fell. "ACK!" he screamed holding his ankle in pain. He stood up gritting his

teeth as he walked the pain was very bad, almost unbearable. But Cain wanted to find

Riff; he wanted to say he was sorry that he loved him. More then anything he wanted Riff

to hold him in his arms and say he loved him.

Cain began to cry harder not only from the pain but he wanted to see Riff. He

walked the lonely twisting road of the cemetery in that bitter cold rain.

"RIFF! PLEASE COME! I need you!" he cried out falling to the ground crying

pounding his fists on the ground. "RIFF! Riff… please…. I love you!" he said under his

breath sobbing into the ground. Suddenly he felt a cold wet and boney hand on his ankle,

Cain's eyes widened and he let off a small scream. What had grabbed him from behind

and in a graveyard it was the last thing he needed at this time. Cain turned his head to see

a skeleton hand reaching out of an open grave that was ready for planting; he sat there

shivering in fear. The hand was white of course with small traces of blood not fresh blood

it had been there a while, like it had been stained from long ago. Cain's voice couldn't

scream out loud he was so afraid; all he could do is shiver in fear and hold his hands to

his chest holding his heart, it pounded so hard that he thought it would just pop out and

land in the grave.

"Cain!" a familiar voice came from the grave as another hand reached up this one

normal flesh and pale.

"RIFF!" Cain screamed out reaching his hands in to help Riff out from the grave

that he had fallen in since the graveyard was so dark he slipped and fell into it.

"Thanks Cain!" Riff said climbing out and sitting next to Cain, The rain was still

pouring making Cain's black hair shine in the light of his flashlight. "Are you alright?"

He asked reaching a hand to him.

"Yes Riff, My ankle hurts a little but I'm fine! Are you okay?" Cain sat up in

worry hugging Riff a little.

"Yes Cain I am fine. Let's get you home and out of those wet clothes." He said

picking Cain up into his arms like a married couple would after a wedding. Cain laid

there in Riff's arms and wrapped his arms around him holding his head on Riff's chest

and listened to his faint heart beat closing his eyes. Riff sat there with Cain in his arms

holding him close, he reached down and kissed Cain's lips softly massaging his tongue

with his own. They sat there in the pouring rain kissing one another. Cain ran his fingers

down Riff's shirt opening the buttons letting the cold rain fall upon his pale flesh. Riff

opened Cain's shirt making him shiver and blush, slowly they began to kiss and strip one

another groping at each others parts.

Cain soon laid himself on the icy cold grass his arms up by his head and his legs

apart as if he was inviting Riff to come in. Riff slowly inched his way onto Cain holding

his manhood close to Cain's entrance. Cain moaned when he felt the tip of Riff's

Manhood touch his outer rim, and he moaned louder when Riff slowly entered. Not

needing any kind of lube since the rain had made Cain wet, Riff slid in with ease. Riff

inched his way in until he was face to face with Cain and bent down to kiss him thrusting

in just a little making Cain moan out in pleasure. Hearing this made Riff even harder.

His manhood throbbed deep inside Cain, Riff moaned out as he trusted deep into

Cain. The rain poured down on their now naked bodies, it was cold icy rain but to Riff

and Cain it was nice. Their hot bodies steamed in the rain as Riff trusted in again

Making Cain moan out. He and Riff had never made love like this before, not in a

graveyard next to an open grave. Cain shivered as Riff trusted into him harder, he could

hear the squishing of his flesh against Riff's. his whole body shook in the pleasure of it

all, he had never felt this way before. Riff trusted in faster deeper with every thrust,

making Cain scream out for more. Soon Cain was screaming out Riff's name wraping his

legs around Riff's hips letting him thrust in deeper hitting his spot. Riff moaned out every

time that Cain screamed his name. They held each other close, holding one another as if

they where in a death grip as one another came together. Riff lay there staring at Cain

panting into his partners' face, as Cain did the same to Riff. Cain looked into Riff's eyes,

As Riff slowly petted his face with his bone hand.

As soon as they where dressed they walked home together holding hands.

"Master Cain let's get you out of those wet clothes shall we?" Riff said looking at Cain

who was striping his clothing off and setting them next to the fire to dry. Cain looked

over at Riff and smiled at him.

"Riff I am sorry for what I said earlier to you. Can you ever forgive me?" he

asked his lover with sad eyes. Riff walked over to Cain smiling to him as he pulled him

close to his chest and petted his hair.

"I forgive you Master Cain. I will always forgive you no matter what you say or

do, Because I love you!" he said holding Cain closer to him, Cain reached his arms up

and around Riff's neck hugging him close and kissing his lips softly thinking to himself.

"Say it again say you love me!" he thought kissing Riff deeper moaning into his mouth.

They heard the door creak as they broke the kiss and saw Miss Mary Weather Hargreaves

Cain's little half sister. She stood there her eyes wide open at to what she had just saw

Cain and Riff doing.

"Mary Weather?" Cain said walking to his sister his arms open to her.

"STAY BACK!" she screamed throwing her teddy bear at him. "YOU'RE A

PERVERT!" she yelled running away and down the hall into a room. Cain stood at the

door way, seeing as the room she ran into was his fathers. There was a loud crash of

thunder then the sound of a horrid scream from where Mary Weather was, Cain knew it

was her. He knew that scream anywhere, she was in danger and he knew. "CAIN HELP

M……" there was silence and the sound of a thud like a body hitting the floor. Cain ran

to the room and flung open the doors, the room was filled with the sent of Blood and

roses. He flipped on the light to see his father standing in the center of the room his hands

covered in blood as he dropped a knife onto the floor. He stood there as if hovering over

a body like a vulture.

END Chapter One!... to be continued in chapter two..