Chapter 17: The Fight May it Be Our Last.

Oscar and Cain stood back to back holding up their swords ready for the dolls of

Mary Weather to attack them, but all they seem to do was stand there and stare at them.

As if there was someone holding their strings waiting until each of them made their move

then the dolls would be released to kill. Cain stood and thought who could be their master

if Alexis wasn't then who? He knew it wasn't Oscar cause he was standing here helping

him. And Jezebel was upstairs with Riff hurt and knocked out. Mary Weather was dead

and gone so he could count her out. There weren't a whole lot of choices for him, and he

knew it wasn't Riff because he thought to him self that Riff would never betray him that

way. The dolls stood there doing nothing just holding out their hands like beggars in the

street begging for food. Cain raised his sword, ready to make him move and Oscar had

done the same thing.

"You ready Cain?" Oscar said looking over his shoulder to Cain.

"Yeah, and you?" he said looking back and to his surprise just as they looked

back at the dolls they began to fall like dominos. Each and every doll fell to the floor like

they where rag dolls with nothing to hold them up. Cain lowered his sword along with

Oscar. They had no idea what was going on but they knew it could not have been good.

Cain heard foot steps from the study room and the door flung open and out walked a

shadowed figure. The person wasn't very tall, and was very petite, like a child. Long

locks of blond hair and a red velvet dress that reached her ankles. Cain rubbed his eyes and

as soon as he did he was hugged by the small child as it yelled out. "BROTHER!" Cain

stood in shock, but how. How could this be the Mary Weather he knew of when he swore

that she lay in a grave filled with water her face missing and… he stopped suddenly and

pulled her away knelt down and looked at her carefully. He could see this was no fake it

was really a human and could have possibly be the real Mary Weather.

"What? Cain you look like you have seen a ghost!" she said smiling. Cain looked

at her with a stern brother look.

"Mary Weather? But I saw your body lie in that grave filled with water, you face

was missing…?" he thought about it. She looked at him and giggled. "Because Cain, I cut

off the face of one of the dolls and gave her my dress, put my bear in her arms and placed

her in the grave. So that Alexis would think he had killed the real Me! Then I hid myself

in the study behind the bookshelf. These doll where never going to hurt you." She smiled.

"They where here to lead you back home to me." Cain stood listening to the child he

knew it was a lie. Mary Weather had no power over so many dolls at once. This was not

his baby sister, this was an imposter. He slapped the small child knocking off a blond wig

revealing the true Red locks of the child. The child giggled and laughed evilly, and looked

at Cain with an evil glare. "And here I almost had you Cain Hargreaves, is a shame. I

almost had my way." She said and just before she could open her mouth again to speak

Oscar ran her through with his sword. "I couldn't stand hearing her speak anymore. Cain

you okay?" he said looking up at Cain. Cain shook his head and they both ran up the

stairs and into Library to their surprise was a horrid site of death and blood. Oscar Ran

towards the real master mind behind all of this death and despair. Jezebel. Stood above the

body of Riff, who laid on the floor surrounded by a puddle of blood. Cain stood in shook

and was snapped from it when he heard the scream of Oscar being ran through. Jezebel

stood there laughing. "Well Cain you want to die the same way as your beloved Riff, or

should I make your death pain full and slow?" he said laughing. Cain could not beleve his

Eyes what he was seeing was it all true had he really saved the murder of it all? Cain ran

At him sword in front screaming out many different names of curse. And as he ran

Jisbell through he was ran through himself. Jezebel fell to the floor Cain had got him in

the heart so his death was fast. But Cain stood there and fell knelt down beside his lover

Riff. He pulled the knife from his chest it had grazed his heart and punchier his lung.

He was dieing and he knew it. Cain panted holding Riff close to him, "Riff, I never told

you this before, and I know you can't hear me anymore. But I wanted to tell you. I love

you and always have. I am glad that I die here with you just the two of us alone. Good

bye my love." He coughed hard hacking blood on his arm. "I love you, may flights of

angels bring us to our rest." He said hacking once more and falling onto his lover

breathless and limp. And so this ends the story of Cain and Riff the lovers and the sister

Mary Weather.

"Brother? Wake up Brother!" a voice said. Cain opened his eyes to see himself

laying in his own bed a cold compress on his head.

"Mary Weather?" he said sitting up.

"Yes Cain?" she said smiling. "You must have had a bad dream with that fever of

yours, you where screaming a lot. Are you okay?" she said as Riff walked in with a tray

of hot tea for them all.

"Yes Mary Weather I am now." He said looking over at Riff. It had all been a

dream he thought, every little bit and detail had all been a dream. Mary Weather left the

room skipping off. Cain looked at Riff, "I had the most horrifing dream, yet the ending

was sad it still made me happy." He said smiling as Riff kissed him deeply.

The End.

I hope you all like the ending, I made it a little happer then what I imaginied in my head.

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