Title: Easy

Pairing: ChasexCaleb, because there really isn't enough.

Warning(s) None

Disclaimer: Not mine… If it was mine, Sarah wouldn't even be in the movie. (Really, what use does she have except for providing an easy way to get Caleb to the barn? Chase could've just taken his mother, his friends, some random student… Caleb would've rescued any of them…. Sarah was just there to give the males in the theater something to ogle.)


Being with Chase was… difficult. He was stubborn, possessive, demanding, patronizing, arrogant, and temperamental. Sometimes it was all Caleb could do to keep from punching him. Sometimes he couldn't even keep himself from doing that.

The guys couldn't understand why he stayed with him. Reid and Tyler only put up with him for Caleb's sake and Pogue...Well, he tried. Caleb didn't blame him. Pogue truly loved Kate and seeing her hurt like that…

But they didn't see Chase the way he did. They didn't see him feeling remorseful for everything he'd done. They didn't see him feeling playful and smacking Caleb's ass. They didn't see the older boy feeling romantic and giving him flowers. They didn't see him feeling hot and pressing Caleb up against the wall. They only saw the outer Chase, the two-dimensional bad guy the warlock projected to protect his vulnerable core.

Caleb couldn't blame them for that. They saw what Chase wanted them to see.

He knew that they thought it was wrong. The golden boy of the group and the black sheep. They were supposed to be bitter enemies. They were supposed to fight, not fuck each other.

He much preferred it like this. Wasn't it better this way? Chase was no longer a bad guy… He just wasn't the best good guy.

No, it wasn't easy being with Chase. But Caleb wouldn't have it any other way.


A.N.- Okay, this makes six stories in two days…. I'm on a flippin roll!!! Hmmm, this ends very abruptly...

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