Title: Easy

Pairing: ChasexCaleb

Warning(s): Some allusions to sex

Disclaimer: The Covenant does not belong to me. The story does.


Even after everything he's done, it's hard for Caleb to hate Chase. He should, he knows he should, but… It's so fucking hard. He wants to hate him, but he can't.

Which might explain why he doesn't immediately kill the warlock when he appears in front if him. It's so much easier to say his name (Chase…) and stand there, staring.

And when Chase moves toward him, with that look in his eyes and his pants unzipped, it's impossible to move away.

After that, it's sighs and moans and (God, yes) and (harder, plea- fuck!) until Caleb really isn't sure which way is up. He's just going with the flow and it's good and it's easy. At the back of him mind is a little voice reminding him that this is bad, this is wrong, that he should've been fighting Chase, not fucking him, but it's so easy to ignore that voice and just give in to the caresses and strokes of the other boy.

And then it's over and the guilt is kicking in, harsh in the aftermath of climax and Caleb is on his knees, heaving, fighting tears of shame. Chase is laughing in the background and it's easy to blame Chase for everything that's happened. Easy to stand up and lash out at the laughing (Bastard!) teen. Easy to stand still and let the blast hit him. Easy to fall to the ground. Easier to give in to the darkness at the edges of his vision.

When he wakes up surrounded by his friends, it's easy to lie to them, telling them only (He's back) what they need to hear, that Chase is back. It's easy to tell them that the other boy had surprised him. Easy to tell himself that it would never happen again, that he'd fight next time.

But it's still hard to hate Chase.

And all too easy to lie to himself, as well.


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