A/N: Just a little drabbly one-shot that I wrote whilst playing Pride Land in Kingdom Hearts II. Sora is adorable as lion-Sora, and they never show how he learns to walk on four legs, so this is my version of Sora's quest to walk on his new-found paws. It's really boring and not cute at all. But whatever, enjoy, enjoy…

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A Kingdom Hearts Drabble

Sora stumbled, tripping over his awkward legs and falling down onto the ground. He sneezed on the dust clouds and blew his bangs out from his furry face. "Everything's harder on four legs…" he whined, pushing up with his front legs and scrambling to a standing position with his hind legs. Donald and Goofy watched amusedly from the other side of the Gorge.

"Better start practicing!" Donald said, flapping his wings. Sora huffed and tried moving forward, only to trip over himself again and fall back down in a heap. When he picked himself up, he glowered at Donald.

"It's easy for you to say!" Sora accused. "You have wings!" He tried walking towards Donald, he tripped again and, catching himself, turned instead towards a chest he had spotted when the hyena had cornered them before. He proudly got about halfway before he tripped again, falling into a roll until he crashed into the cliff walls next to the gourd-shaped chest.

Goofy winced.

Donald sniggered.

Sora picked himself up again and glared daggers at the ground, as if it was he ground's fault he had fallen. Goofy walked over to Sora as swiftly as a turtle could go.

"I found a trick to it." He offered. "Here, let me show you." Sora nodded dazedly, steadying himself back on his four legs. Goofy walked around in circles, putting one leg in front of the other. He did a few slow laps around the small area of the gorge before he turned back to Sora.

"It's easy! I even like countin' when I'm walkin'!" Goofy explained, taking a spot a few feet from the frustrated lion. Donald just watched from his spot next to the wall. Sora nodded doubtfully, but started walking anyway. He put one paw down on the ground, then the other, and the other—

Before he tripped and crashed into Goofy.

This time, Donald winced.

Both of them detangled themselves from the mass of legs and bodies that were knotted together. Sora sat down, looking at his paws sadly.

"I won't ever get it…" he said, hanging his head and looking at his paws in defeat.

Donald looked over at Sora sympathetically. His eyes widened, and then narrowed as a certain thought creped into his feathery head.

"Hey Sora!" he taunted. "I bet if Riku was here, he could walk easily!" Sora looked up at Donald in shock before he narrowed his eyes.

"Oh yeah?" he challenged. "I'll show him!" He stood up before running around the gorge a couple of laps. "See! I'm just as good as Riku is—better, even!" he let out a rasping roar—that sounded more like a coughing croak to Donald and Goofy—in triumph.

"All right!" Sora cheered, bouncing up and down in happiness. "Let's go!"

They left, walking, flapping, and stumbling (as was Sora's case) out of the gorge and into the Elephant Graveyard.

Well, it really isn't much, but I hope you like it regardless. I'm going to try and get in more fanfictions this summer, especially Kingdom Hearts ones.

Ja ne!