Summary: AU. Sakura and Sasuke are best friends. To save him from a horrid fate, Sakura tried to do the impossible: find Uchiha Sasuke a girlfriend. But the perfect girl is closer than she thinks… Besides, two things are certain – never mess with an angry Uchiha, and never, ever fall in love with your best friend… SasuSaku

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Flower and Ice

x. Prologue


The maid looked up at the ceiling as the crystal chandelier above her head wobbled, sending diamonds of light spinning around the room. Faint, angry screams could be heard even though the ceiling was at least ten feet above her and the walls were plenty thick.

Shaking her head, she turned back to scrubbing the wooden bar table at the corner of the huge mansion's ballroom.

Another ceiling quake.

Peering at the walls, the maid observed how all the paintings and wall hangings had readjusted themselves crooked, and she swore she saw a couple spiders duck for cover behind a rather dusty tapestry.

Crazy, rich, Japanese business men, she concluded with a slight eye roll, as she paused for a moment to switch from the rag to a toothbrush to clean away at a particularly tough stain (that she suspected was whiskey).


Her head snapped up to attention as she sneakily tossed the toothbrush back into the plastic bucket behind her (he may notice that the toothbrush had, in fact, been his) and straightened her uniform hurriedly.

Her employer rubbed his temple, brushing away a few gray-black hairs in the process, taking deep breaths. "Can you hand me that small bottle behind you?" Fugaku asked the maid, his voice as monotonous and collected as ever.

She nodded, passing him the foggy glass bottle, decorated with a simple lotus blossom and several kanji.

"Thank you." He popped the cork out.

Heather watched in disbelief as she saw her boss calmly down the entire contents of a (very full) bottle of (very strong smelling) sake.

Shaking her head once more, she moved to start dusting the vodka bottles.

She should've listened to her mother and gone to college.


Flower and Ice

x. Chapter One


Haruno Sakura loved summer.

The whole concept of no school was ingenious to her. It meant freedom – all day, everyday. She could do anything she wanted: sleep in, stay out late, shop, spend as much money as she could, go to the spa, eat gourmet every meal…maybe even start on that summer reading for AP English 11. Either way, freedom was freedom, which was why she planned on milking her last week of break for everything it was worth.

Stretching out on her pool chair, she yawned lazily as she basked in the afternoon sun, examining the new French manicure she had treated herself to just after lunch. The latest manicurist/pedicurist was the best yet (which is how she earned herself a hearty tip).

Snuggling deeper into the warm plastic of her chair, Sakura sprayed on some more sunscreen before closing her eyes, giving into the thick, drowsy, 3 o'clock summer heat.

Life was good.


At the Haruno Estate, dinner had always been a formal affair.

Ever since Sakura could remember, her "family dinners" had always consisted of frilly dresses, gourmet food, and business talk – perfect for molding their daughter to take over the wonderful niche in the business world the Haruno family had carved themselves.

This meant that eating in your dirty lacrosse uniform fresh after a game (like Tenten) or gossiping about neighbors at the table (such as the Yamanaka family) was simply out of the question.

Family dinner wasn't for bonding; it was for etiquette training.

Sakura straightened out the gauzy black overskirt over the muted jade green silk dress. It was quite a lovely dress – the black chiffon (the gauzy stuff) covered the entire dress, tiny holes allowing the green to peek through, and the designer had covered the chest with the same chiffon, except she had twisted it into inset roses connected through the chiffon. Across the waist was a solid black band of thinly layered chiffon, and then the skirt flowed out, ending a couple inches above her knees.

She drummed her fingers against the long table, her lips pursed. She supposed constant formality was a business tycoon thing. The Uchiha Family and the Hyuuga Family were exactly the same way.

But either way, Sakura couldn't help but feel slightly ridiculous sitting in a fancy banquet hall all by herself, eating garlic smashed potatoes all in her lonesome.

After all, business tycoon parents weren't exactly home for dinner everyday.


Sakura was just starting on a delicious slice of chocolate mousse pie in a chocolate crust with chocolate sprinkles and a heaping scoop of chocolate ice cream on top paired with chocolate milk and Oreos when he had barged right in on her Choco-fest.

Dripping in rain and steaming with anger, Uchiha Sasuke stormed silently across the hall to his pink-haired friend, sitting down with an angry squelch from his rain-soaked pants. Scowling (as usual), he leaned his cheek on his fisted hand, propped up on his elbow. He paid no attention to the pool of water that was slowly forming around his feet.

Sakura blinked, taking in a moment to stare at the irked Uchiha, dressed in an ebony collared button up shirt, black khakis, and a mint green tie – all looking like they had gone through a car wash, a typhoon, been dragged through the Pacific Ocean, to Hell, and all the way back. "Er…."

So Sakura did the best thing a girl like her would do in her strange position. "Pie?" she offered, holding up the expensive china plate, exquisite silver fork, and enticing pie.

"I'm getting married."

The triple-e platter dropped to the floor with an obnoxious clatter.


Sakura's room had always been way too perky, Sasuke thought as he sat at the foot of her bed, opposite Sakura, who was perched on her pillow.

Both teenagers had changed out of their awkwardly nice clothing and into pajamas. Sakura's PJs consisted of a soft pink tank top with white pajama pants with matching pink and brown stars printed onto them.

Sasuke had taken the liberty to scrounge through Mr. Haruno's closet, option for a wonderful set of black silk 'jammies. He wouldn't miss them anyway, Sasuke figured, since he was never home to appreciate them.

Sakura slammed a fist down onto her bubblegum pink duvet, bringing him back to reality. "Uchiha Sasuke-kun!"

He spared her a flat stare.

She smiled wickedly, her green eyes taking on a glint of evil. "So who's the unlucky bride?"

She giggled a good natured smile growing on her face before she remarked again, "It must be so unfortunate to find out you're engaged right before the start of your junior year of high school. Finally an upperclassman and already taken."

Sasuke sunk a little further down into the mattress, a black rain cloud practically forming over his head.

"Well who is it?" Sakura asked, genuinely curious.

"Some girl from Sound," Sasuke quipped dully. "Supposedly her family is rich and my dick-faced father wants to merge our companies and seal it with marriage."

Sakura crinkled her nose. "That's so old fashioned! Why not just use a contract like most normal business men?"

"I already answered that. Because my father is a dick-face," Sasuke responded dryly, leaning back as he lay down, straight into the feathery duvet and Tempurpedic mattress.

Sakura sighed, lying flat on her stomach so her head was near his, propped up onto her elbows. "Hey Sasuke…?"


"Why doesn't Fucka – er, I mean – Fugaku-san marry off Itachi instead. He's the older one, so wouldn't that make more sense (and he's the legal age to marry)?"

"The girl's only fifteen. It'd be considered pedophile."

"Mm, good point."

They laid there in thought for a while, pondering about life.

Sasuke thought about his terrible future of being married at seventeen, taking over the Uchiha empire at eighteen, and then becoming insanely rich and unhappy. (Goddamn I'll end up like my father! He thought bitterly.)

Sakura on the other hand racked her brain as hard as she could to find a winning solution to Sasuke's quandary. After all, she was an amazing advice giver.

Actually, that was a lie. As wonderful as Sakura was at giving advice, during those five minutes, dear old Sakura-chan was actually thinking about what to wear on the first day of school, but eventually, she asked,

"What did your dad actually say to you?"

Sasuke rolled his eyes before he buried his face into a squishy, fluffy, and somewhat degrading lavender pillow. "Mrphmmadjmphhhffff."

"Can't hear ya."

Sasuke cracked open one obsidian eye, looking up to meet Sakura's bright spring coored eyes. "He told me, and I quote, "Sasuke, you have not been attracting any female worthy enough to be the wife of the heir to the Uchiha clan. So, I have taken the liberty of choosing for you. You will be marrying Tsuchi Kin,"," he reiterated monotonously.

Sakura let out a perfectly polite and ladylike snort. "You're marrying Kin?" she asked, on the verge of another giggle fit.

He nodded.

The flower laughed. "Ino's going to hate you!"

The Uchiha shrugged. "So? That'll be a good thing."

"Not for you," Sakura shook her head, sending waves of cherry colored hair flying about. "Kin is Sound's cheerleading captain. She and Ino have a rivalry thing going on. It's quite funny, really, since they have nothing to compete about. Y'know why?"

He shook his head no slowly.

"Because the two of them are completely the same!"

Sasuke paled considerably, his skin tone rivaling the shade of a brand new white iPod. "Completely…the…same?"

Sakura nodded brightly.


Being a big manly man, Sasuke did what any strong, proud boy of sixteen years old would do – he dove right underneath the fluffy cotton candy colored duvet into the manly powder pink sheets to hide from his fate.

"Toughen up, I have a plan, dumbass," Sakura told him, a triumphant smirk upon her face as she prodded the link lump that was known as Uchiha Sasuke's head.

He poked his head out from under the covers just a smidgen, showing her that he was listening.

"Your daddy said that you hadn't attracted the attention of anyone (a.k.a. a girl), right?" Sakura asked him, a look of glee gradually appearing onto her angelic face.

Sasuke nodded, sticking his head out a bit further.

"So, all we have to do is find you a girlfriend!" Sakura exclaimed, smiling at Sasuke's head. "Aren't I a genius, Sasuke-kun?!" she leaned her head next to his, grinning like she had just won a million trillion dollars.

After approximately 3.1233 seconds to let the words sink in, Sasuke immediately withdrew his head, groaning into Sakura's pillow, "Nooooo…"

Sakura rolled her eyes and hit him on the head gently. "Cheer up Sasuke-kun, we'll make this happen!"

Sasuke peeked one eye out, taking in Sakura's determined face, bright hair, doe eyes, and fair skin. The face of an angel, but the mind capacity of a scarecrow.


New story! Don't think I'm bashing Sakura my saying she has the mind of a scarecrow, because I absolutely love Sakura to bits (she's my second favorite character).

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