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HarryPotter/BtVS/PitchBlack challenge by gizmopup; requested it be multi-chaptered and 30,000 words- and to be finished. I wanted to see if I could do it…-grins-

Challenge Rules:

1. Either Harry or Xander paired with Riddick or all three together.
2. You can also have one of them with Riddick and Vaako.
3. They take place during or after the Pitch Black or CoR movies.
4. They are either sent there by wish or spell at the same time or separately.
5. Having them as some form of magical creature or cat creature would be a bonus.


-Xander's POV-


"Erised'straeh ruo'su – Evig!"

It was supposed to be a spell to give us what we wanted most in the world- something about our hearts desire.

At least, that is how Willow explained it- I wasn't really listening. After everything that had happened in Sunnydale –also formally known as, Sunnyhell, she thought we deserved it. We agreed, obviously, so there I was, hoping for money…

It wasn't money I got though.

It was a trip out of my world – literally.

I stuck around to see Spike appear- looking as ghostly as ever. Being as it was night –he didn't seemed worried about the sun, he took one look at Buffy, and I knew she'd gotten her hearts desire.

How though, could a 'minor' spell bring a vampire back to life? I felt a tugging sensation- but ignored it.

Willow looked shocked and started looking over the spells abilities again. Her eyes widened- apparently there was something she'd missed- or that 'magic' had covered up.

Tara appeared next, very much alive, and Willow glanced up – I think she sensed her. They hugged, and it was sweet –if very confusing. The tugging feeling intensified- and it had started to hurt…it was coming from my chest.

Where my heart is….

I suddenly had a very bad feeling about what was going to happen. I made a low noise, a groan – and the pain intensified so much I whimpered, it was the only sound I could make- but Spike heard it.

He looked shocked- his mouth was gaping open and closed, like a fish, I wondered why. I groaned and brought my hand up to my face, I felt like I was going to throw up. My hand was see-through.

Was it my hearts desire to be invisible? No that couldn't be it.

"Xander, you're fading!" Willow had suddenly realized my state. I had noticed it too- I wondered if this was going to hurt- or if the spell was taking my life for their happiness. If that was the case I didn't mind it too much – Buffy and Willow being happy – that's all I could ask for.

Maybe the spell 'knew' that- and this was the payment. God…it hurt.


I felt the world slipping away, and blackness claimed me.

I felt cold. Was I dead?

'No, your not...' It was an assurance- a reply, and it wasn't mine. I wondered who it was.

'Call me Jack. I'm 15…' It did sound young- and female, and I felt the tug on my chest again. I remembered then, in this blackness, who I was…. Xander Harris. 22. The Zippo of 'The Trio'. Willow's spell, it still hurt.

'Makes sense, only a guy would be as dense as you are. Now listen Xander, that spell – Willow's, it granted both our 'hearts desires'. Yours was to find your soul mate. Mine was to be …cared for. The spell switched us, our bodies. I may be in your body, a boy's body, but I used your memories – Angel, he's my soul mate. I don't know whose yours is, but it must be someone near where my body is. You don't want to see my memories…' Jack talked a lot. I trusted her, and I tried to listen; she was going to use my body to seduce Angel. Icky….I wondered then, fiercely, where my new 'female' body was.

'He he, well, you see…. It's on a ship, a 'space ship' in cryogenic sleep – I snuck aboard it. I don't know where it's headed, but good luck!' Then…then, I was alone…it was so cold.


-Harry's POV-


"Now, Malfoy, you'll finally get what you deserve!" The shout from the mad person sent a chill down my spine. It was promptly accompanied by a brilliant blast of dark purple and cobalt sparks, I was told learned later, by a keen Hermione, that the memory of the spell was taken from the perpetrator - and those surrounding the attacker, and unfortunately its effects were, if ever they were known, erased as well.

I, however, firmly blamed what happened next on my hero complex.

Draco and I had been having tea at a shop in Muggle London. We'd been celebrating the defeat of the Dark Lord, of which Draco – even if the wizarding world believed it or not, had been a great assist.

Draco, after being married to a half blood, had become Minister of Magic, mostly because I had refused the position, in favor of working at Hogwarts. I have, much to Severus' disgust, become the next DADA Professor.

My first year was up, and I wasn't dead, so perhaps there was nothing to the so-called curse of the position. Then again, perhaps that why I, the 'savoir' was one of the only beings to survive a killing-curse, and was, by default of my mothers blood (who was not such a mud-blood after all..) was a half cat-demon, a Neko to be exact, and I was about to find myself on a planet with three suns…

A true hell…

I was indeed half cat-demon, on my mothers side, it hadn't surfaced for many decades, because the inheritance to becoming one demanded that the descendent have a high magical potential, and be killed, literally (and then revived by the demonic side) within the first five years of birth.

My mother had undoubtedly had the magical potential, but as the changes started at the age of twenty-five, she had not became a half-Neko -I wasn't certain if she had had a near-death experience within the allotted time period, but she had certainly had had Neko-eyes.

As a half-Neko, I did have certain advantages. Advanced hearing (due to the black two cat-like ears currently being covered by a hat), very advanced balance, grace, and agility –due to the furry black tail attached to his spine (you try catching a falling saucer of milk from a balcony four floors up and seeing how much that comes in handy, Malfoy's mother had certainly been glad for it then). I also gained retractable nail-claws, sharp teeth (which Ron thought were 'wicked awesome'), and to top it off my pupils were slitted like a cats.

As such, Ron, Draco, 'Mione, and even Snape (rare, but true) called him 'Kitten'. You can imagine how annoying that was for me, the so-called "Boy-Who-Lived"; I had a very real fear the media would catch on, and then I would never out live it. I can see it now, thousands of years after my death, they'd call me Harry "Kitten" Potter, Boy Who Lived, Our Savoir, The Kitten, likely put it on my tombstone, spiteful. They know my 'fears' of it - which, I know, is probably why they did it.

According to Hermione, and leave it to her to put icing on the cake, I an also going to go into 'heat' sometime within five years of getting these fancy new attributes.

Apparently, fate just loved screwing with my life, because as a half-Neko, I not only gained one-to-four life-mates, I also had to suffer with going into heat, like a female cat, because, as demons, Neko's were more 'its' them any one gender - as for a half-Neko, it depended on the dominate gender, but thank the gods 'Mione had said I couldn't get pregnant..

When the shout had alerted them, I had been reaching for my saucer, I had time to meet Draco's eyes, see his sorrow at not meeting his new wife for their dinner plans – and dying in front of me. Abruptly, I shoved the table toward Draco, making the blond fall backwards - and putting myself in the line of fire. Brilliant plan, that.

I screamed as my body convulsed, bloody black and dark purple wings sprouted from my back - an obvious effect of the spell and before Draco's eyes had time to widen in surprise, he watched as my body dissolved into cobalt sparks – or so he later claimed, it felt more like burning up in a fire pit in hell.

I awoke to the light of a blue sun. My first clue something was wrong, my bloodied black-and-purple wings shaded my body from the suns surprisingly hot rays. The scent of my own blood was strong - as was my pain. Yes, pain, does in fact have a smell.

I foolishly attempted to lift myself onto my hands and knees, the weight of the wings, while not heavy, was something I had yet to get used to, and my tail thrashed, trying to keep me on my knees – instead of falling to the sand.

My wand was gone - and while I could, occasionally, use wand-less magic, I didn't see the point, I was too tired already – doing magic would drain me more then I could stand. I dug my claws into hardened earth, and hissed, my fangs glinting, the earth under my claws told me it was a dry planet- its life forms hardened by lack of water, and darkness.

I, weakened as I was, I knew I was helpless here.

I summoned my strength, and asked his magic to summon water up out of the ground to him. A pool of water appeared where is claws had dug. I knelt, lapping at it, cat-like, weakened from the use of my magic; I sighed softly, and lay down against the hard, now waterless, earth, for I was so very tired.

When I awoke next, a man sat straddling my waist - a knife to my throat.


AN: Title is Switched, backwards. –Snickers- The 'spell' is 'Give us our hearts desire!'- come now, you don't actually expect me to give you ancient spells to send you to other worlds- do you? Sorry, if I knew that, I wouldn't be giving sitting here writing about adventure, I'd live it. In any case, if you can't handle 1st person, don't read this, it's my experiment into 1st person…

Now, if you'd rather read something more, shall we say, original, (or in 3ed person) I've been working with Serpent in the Shadows to create a new kind of Harry Potter/Riddick crossover, and it starts in TCoR, on Crematoria, the prison planet. You can find it on her author page. Or the link to it on mine….enjoy either fic? – tell me so!


Category: Harry Potter

Title: Worth the Wait
Authors: Serpent in the Shadows & AbeoUmbra
Rating: M/R
Pairing: Riddick/Harry
Warnings: Slash, blood, Were/Vamp Hybrid Harry
Disclaimer: We do not own Harry Potter or the Chronicles of Riddick
Summary: Centuries old Harry Potter is has made some sort of life for himself in the Pit of Crematoria with his makeshift Pack. That is, until a man named Riddick looks him in the eyes. COWRITTEN with AbeoUmbra, does not completely follow the movie.


Sneak Peek:

"I'm sorry, Cub. This is all my fault."

"Wha?" Harry asked as he tried to turn his head to look at the man behind him only to hiss again as his body protested the movement. He heard a swallow and vaguely, somewhere in the back of his mind, he wondered why he could hear such a thing, but put it in the back of his mind when Remus started speaking.

"This wasn't supposed to happen. It was only supposed to ensure the bond all four of us had with you when you were born. No where did it say that you would or could become like us. I wouldn't wish my curse on even the foulest of people."

Harry knew Remus was rambling, the words he spoke didn't make much sense and there was a tightness in his voice that Harry had never heard before. So against his body's better judgment, he forced himself to turn around in the embrace and hold up a hand to stop whatever words were getting ready to come out of his once professor.

"Remus, you're rambling and I haven't a clue as to what you are talking about." There was a deep breath and a tightening of the arms around his body and even though it hurt, Harry couldn't find it in his heart to ask the man to stop.

"After you were born," Remus began with a far off look in his eyes, "Lily and James asked us - Sirius and me - to perform a bonding with you that would ensure that one of us would be uncontested if they were ever killed. They knew it was a possibility and so we agree. Lily ensured us that nothing harmful would come of it and so we both donated a bit of our blood." He stopped and Harry held back a gasp at the utter sadness that the man before him radiated. "But it seems, that when you came into your inheritance a few nights ago, our blood was triggered by your powerful magic and a now..."

"Now, what?" Harry asked, fear starting to well up inside him also.

"It seems that the Blacks had a bit of vampire blood in them, but Sirius, I don't think he knew that. But that's not the worse of it," Remus closed his eyes and Harry held his breath, "You, according to Poppy, have my curse as well."