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Harry's POV-


Xander is cute when he's excited, I decide after watching him fidget in his chair since dawn; well perhaps cute is the wrong word. He has a fishnet black shirt on – he's cold, despite the fire – I know that mostly because his nipples are hard. I'm tempted to sit him in my lap, but he'd likely distract me too much.

For this to work, were going to need a miracle – or, rather, my power – a lot of my power. Riddick, well – Riddick is never easy to read at the best of times, and right now I can sense the tension the four of us are under. We've been plotting since sometime in the early hours of morning – all for a goal that would better this world, but in the end, the four of us can only do so much.

In the end – it has got to be the unified want of the people that tie this alliance together, if not – well, it'll fall apart – Luna knows that as well as I do. Though she hasn't exactly said it – she doesn't need to; even Xander knows this could go towards the bad very quickly.

As Riddick once muttered "the universe is going down the drain" – would this alliance be enough to plug the drain? We could start a chain reaction in the wrong direction – or the right one. It was the ultimate game of chance – and I couldn't help but worry about things I knew I could not control.

"The main problem as I see it is how to show the world we are here, without panicking them into thinking we are taking over." Riddick stated softly, glancing to Xander, who bit his lip and stilled.

"Put the ship far enough away from people that it isn't considered a threat – a desert somewhere, maybe." He suggested then, even I had to admit – it was a brilliant idea.

"But it would still be a threat." Riddick stated tone a bit dry; I shook my head drawing his attention.

"Maybe we know that, but no one else would." I insisted softly – soothing, I hoped, Riddick shrugged as if to say "whatever you say".

"So, where then? Over land – or water?" Xander wondered, glancing at each of the four of us.

"Either way we have the advantage." Riddick assured us, I knew he was taking things from the prospective of military, and if things got out of hand, we'd need that. For Earth's sake, I hoped things didn't get out of hand.

"How about the ocean – one of the big ships – sitting far enough from the edge of the Continent to be seen, but far enough away in open water that it doesn't produce a open threat or cross any ocean territory. The rest of the ships we have will have to behave similarly all over the world far enough away so everyone gets a good view – but no one feels too threatened. Then we'll send an invitation out – to meet with the United Nations, if they deny us – which I doubt they will do – we come anyway. In any case, we – that being Riddick, Xander – myself, your friends Xander – and the Necromonger Lord Vaako and Dame Vaako, a battalion of perhaps twelve of our ranks, that should be enough to tell them we are important and not going away." I said, knowing it would be a bit…overkill, but figuring we'd only get one chance at this, so I'd better go right the first time.

Riddick nodded his approval – Luna smiled, which was as good as saying "yes" in my book, and though Xander looked a bit unsure, he nodded none the less. We had a plan, now all that remained was to get Xander's friends into it – and perhaps, just maybe some witches and wizards.


Riddick's POV-


Breakfast had never been such an amusing event. It stared with "pass the marmalade" and "had a good night, Harry" with significant looks at either Xander, or me, sometimes both. No one said much to Xander or me, Xander because he had his mouth stuffed most of the time (something told me he did not want to be the one to start the ball rolling to "let's reveal all the secrets we've kept since the "Dark Ages" – whatever that was) and me, well – I don't think I'm a morning person.

In fact, I know I'm not. I'm especially not a morning person when I've stayed awake most of the night debating a turn in history, we either form an alliance, or the Nercomongers are left on his planet to waste it (and after I disable their space-going abilities beyond fixing) I have the lovely pleasure of escaping this sorry excuse for a back-water planet with two depressed lovers.

Do you see a reason I should be a morning person? I thought not.

I guess, if it came down to pointing fingers at who let the cat out of the bag, it was me. Xander's friends had pretty much surrounded up – Remus (who turned out to be the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor), Draco (who as the Ministor of Magic sat with the professors as a honored guest), Severus Snape and Minerva McGonagall, as well as Luna, Hermione, and Blaise all had to sit at the staff table. They'd set up a "Guest Table" in front of their own table – as if to put us on display.

Following that line of reasoning – Xander's friends "the Scooby's" had me and my mates surrounded. Another reason I'm not a morning person. Oz – the werewolf, sat out on the edge of the table – he'd look up at Luna every once in a while, smile a shy smile if caught – or awkwardly look away when ignored. Poor boy was in love.

Rupert Giles made a point to sit beside the boy, though that was likely to act as a barrier between him and Willow (who gripped Tara's hand possessively) and the shy little witch who sat tensed up beside her. I had a feeling there was a bad sort of history between Oz and Tara, but I don't think the boy even noticed their efforts to put distance between the two.

Angel and Jack (the Jack I would have met if Xander hadn't taken her place) sat side beside on "my side" – Spike, like a disobedient child, sat between Buffy and Angel. That meant Xander was sitting by Buffy, and Harry and myself by the shy witch and Willow. Yap, completely surrounded, I wondered if shy witch was going to faint if I even looked at her. It might have been safe to let Harry sit beside her, but I wasn't taking the chance – Harry might have been amused at that – everyone else, well, I didn't give a damn what they thought or felt.

Then, it arrived – a horde of winged owls flew into the hall all at once. I didn't think it could be called "sanitary" after that. Harry whispered that this was "normal" – that this was called an "owl post" and apparently happened everyday. My hand gripped my "butcher knife" a little tightly as one of the messy feathered creatures hovered over us, gripped in its talons was a red envelope, it decided to land in Willow's soup – I don't think she was too pleased, then again – neither was I.

"Know how to use that?" Piped up Spike, I was beginning to become annoyed with the not-dead boy. He wasn't exactly natural, and he had the nerve to question me, not exactly a smart combination.

So I told him how I'd use it on him – cut clean through the neck, wouldn't be much about him to bother me after that. I think I might have scared him, or perhaps not.

"Damn, you're creepy." A vampire was telling me this? Heh, guess it must be true.

"What does the owl want?" Tara finally asked on Willow's behalf.

"To open the letter," Harry answered finally looking over at her, then he saw the letter and got kind of pale, " on second thought – don't – it's a Howler –" Whatever a Howler was wasn't important as in that moment the red letter seemed to take on a life of its own, opened itself – and yelled in deep, booming tones.


I glanced to Harry, who looked to be avoiding everyone's eye.

"Guess we'd better pay them a visit…" Xander sounded just the tiniest bit intimidated.

"Before or after the Necromonger ships are in place?" I asked more then a little amused, for we both knew the ships were in place.

"Ships? What ships?" Buffy asked a little too loudly, well, Harry had wanted to wait for the best time to tell them, there was no better time then the present.


Xander's POV-


It happened exactly the way we planned it to, in the end, everything slid into place almost perfectly, as if the universe as a whole was making up for all the crap we'd ever gone through. Although, first, we had to convince the Scooby gang first, this was, not exactly easy – harder, in fact then convincing the world to form an alliance with the Necromongers. A lot of things were tossed, some digging into old scars, some forming new ones.

("What were you thinking Xander? We can't reveal everything!" Buffy yelled, gesturing so wildly that if everyone wasn't paying attention before, they were now.

"Don't you get tired of the secrets, Buffy? If the world is in on it – they can help us – we won't have to fight the good fight against the bad guys without help." I asked franticly, hating that just after being reunited we were fighting again.

"Yeah, well what about magic – people will want to use it, will use us to have the least bit of it!" Willow exclaimed, eyes fanatic to meet mine and tell her this was all some joke.

"Then market the charms and spells – sell them, make a business of it to help people!" I urged her, hoping I was right to suggest it – it was like with Giles' old store, the Magic Box there were stores that sold magic artifacts with trinkets – but they were rare, and there was no way to tell what was real and what wasn't.

"What about the Necromongers – how will you control them? They might be a worse threat then vampires or demons!" Giles asked me, narrowing his eyes on me like I was still back in school.

"Leave the Necromongers to us." Riddick told him in a voice that commanded it be done.

"I just don't think you've thought this all the way through – some secrets are best left in the dark." Oz had added his two cents, carefully keeping his voice calm.

"Like yours?" I asked sharply, he seemed to flinch, it was almost enough to make me regret what I had said – almost.

"What if they try to wipe us out?" Spike insisted to know, waving a hand to include everyone and everything. Angel only shook his head, pensive.

"The Necromongers won't let that happen." Harry promised solemnly from beside me.

"Neither will I, Wolfram & Hart, I think, could be a help in this." Angel stated, fingers tapping on the wood of the table as he thought.)

In the end it had been decided to try – if it didn't work out (which it did) the magical folk would weave a spell to make it impossible for the "muggles" to remember what they didn't already know before the "Great Revelation" as it's being called. Of the three of us, Riddick had the easiest task of ordering the Nercomongers to do as planned. Harry – I don't know how he did it – somehow managed to get Draco to agree to at least try, and it likely had a whole lot to do with that forget-spell they had up their sleeves. As for how it went with the Weasley's well thats a story for another time.

Somehow, one month later – I find myself content to train other "normal" people like myself to be the first lot into space. Harry works with Angel as a between for the "dark" and "light" sides of magical communities and supernatural critters. It's been a rough year – but so far everyone is holding together – the Necromongers have Mars, and are at least by Riddick's own words "damned pleased with themselves" about it. According him, they are under the illusion they had the brilliant idea to make this work, in a way they can't be blamed for thinking such – this couldn't work without them.

To say the magical communities and supernatural critters are looking foreword to having "their" part of the world back would be a understatement – I don't think us "normal" people care very much – we've got technology to reach the stars, we've got friends who know the way – and we've got the drive to see those other worlds and meet those other peoples once trained.

I guess in the end, to have our happy ending, everything else had to get a little switched around.


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