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"Go! Go! Go!" Mitchell sent a spray of automatic fire back toward the soldiers attempting to cut off the British team. The major in charge turned to add to the cover fire.

"Nutters," he declared, driving them back. "Don't they realize what's about to happen? When that generator blows, anyone within five klicks is gonna fry."

"They think their gods will protect 'em," Cam answered as the pair retreated through the gate, the last to do so. "They won't believe that the Ori are gone." He shook his head. "Fanatics."

"Howlin' are the Ori," the major agreed.


"This is a new approach," Sam scowled at the portable computer, frantically typing. "They're trying to download the Ancient database remotely."

"Can you counter it?" Cam asked, careful to keep a safe distance from the 'head-grabbing-thingee.'

"We wouldn't even know it was happening without the new Asgard technology. Give me a little time." She went back to work.

"Ferretti, this is Mitchell. How long can you hold?" He nodded at the response over his headset. "Do the best you can. We need a little time here. Hacking are the Ori."


"So they didn't get the Ancient database?" Landry asked.

"No, sir," Sam shook her head. "I was able to block the download, but the device was destroyed in the process. We didn't get it either." Landry sighed and nodded.

"Would have been nice," he commented, "now that we actually have a safe way to get the information, but keeping it out of enemy hands is more important. Good work, people."

"Maybe…" Daniel began thoughtfully "…we did get something useful out of it."

Sam shook her head. "I'm afraid not, Daniel. We were unable to retrieve any of the data."

"Do the Soldiers of Origin know that?" he asked with a growing smile.

"No," she admitted. "I don't see how they could. What are you suggesting, Daniel?"

"What if we did retrieve a little data, say the location of the infinite treasure? Or a list of gate addresses to planets with other archives? If that bit of information leaked to the enemy, they'd have no choice but to show up in force to try to claim it, even if they thought it was a trap."

Landry considered for a moment. "If the information comes to easily, they'll never believe it.

"Things have been going our way lately," Mitchell pointed out. "We've seen them do some pretty desperate and stupid things."

"A desperate enemy is a reckless enemy," Teal'c agreed. "Nevertheless, they will be wary."

"I'll need to see a solid plan soon if we're to take advantage of this," Landry said sitting back. "Start hammering it out." He brought an end to the meeting and SG1 began to brainstorm.


"How may ships?!" Cam asked.

"All of them, I think," Vala stared at the screen. "Looks like they suspected a trap and showed up with enough force to overwhelm whatever we had waiting for them. They're approaching the third planet."

"So, are we ready?" Cam glanced at Sam who smiled and nodded.

"Let's go then. Activate the decoys."

From the shadow of the uninhabited system's first planet, signals began to emerge. On long range sensors they were indistinguishable from Goa'uld ships, lots of ships. Two Ori vessels remained in orbit, scanning. The rest moved to engage the phantom fleet.

"Dial the gate," Mitchell said, smiling. "Release it into the sun when ready." He activated the comm. system. "General Landry? Hooked are the Ori."

"Very good, colonel," Landry answered from the bridge. "Reel them in."


"The decoys worked perfectly, sir. And the sun went nova right on schedule."

"Any survivors?"

"We think one or two Ori vessels might have gone to hyperspace in time. The Jaffa are tracking them now. They'll contact us when they find something."

"They've already started taking back worlds they lost," Daniel interjected. "There are a few strongholds, but without the support of their fleet…"

"History are the Ori," Cam finished enthusiastically.

"Don't jinx it, colonel."