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There were too many bubbles…

"Dame! Stop putting in so much bubble soap! That's way too much!!" Mitsuo screamed, puffing up his face, and snorting out bubbles from inside his nose.

The young boy looked over at the grimacing priest. Oh, how he savored the young boys girlie pleas. His devilish teeth poked out as he grinned, along side the bathtub. "You can never have enough bubbles! That's just the way of bath time!" He smiled towards the awkward boy's frown. "Mr. Squeaky says so."

Mikuni, the Shinto Temples priest, pulled out a rubber ducky, squeezing it at Mitsuo.

It would only be a matter of time before Hasunuma walked in, home from work, that gaze he'd give Mikuni for being all wrapped up in the young boys naked, wet arms. That's about the time Mitsuo would plug his ears with his fingers to keep from hearing the lousy comebacks and curses thrown around the room. What a life.

He enjoyed it though… Having Hasunuma look after him. It felt so right, now knowing that they had deep feelings and flustered thoughts about one another. It just so happened that Mikuni was in the picture.

That reminded him.

"What the hell are you doing!?" Mitsuo screamed as Mikuni peered over his shoulder, wiping his arm down with a wet cloth.

"Just enjoying the wonderful meal laid before my very eyes." Mitsuo thought a bit about that statement, it threw him off. "I mean that I'm enjoying your company."

"I guess so." Mitsuo innocently scratched his nose. "Me too..."

That was another good reason why Hasunuma was so good for Mitsuo. Mitsuo had the tendency to wonder off into la-la land. He couldn't tell right from wrong, and was such a space cadet. Then again Hasunuma would take advantage of it also, every chance he got.

"What the hell?!"

"Uh-oh, bath times over." Mikuni hummed.

Hasunuma stumbled over the pile of clothes, towards the tub. Quickly he gained balance, gapping at the sight he wish he didn't have to see. First of all, Mikuni's little greedy hands all over Mitsuo, second, Mitsuo all naked. Flustered and avoiding Mitsuo's gaze, Hasunuma grabbed Mikuni's arm and dragged the perverted priest by the tip of his toes out of the room.

"What just happened?" Mitsuo breathed, laying back into the warm water.

Usually, Hasunuma would stand around, beating Mikuni to an inch of his life, well, before Mikuni would begin flirting with him. That usually made Hasunuma flee with a leaving curse, and Mikuni would simmer down, pleased. Why'd he drag Mikuni out of the room? Maybe the beating would be serious this time…

Mitsuo began pondering for a while, before evacuating the intense bubble bath that over spilled with ever move he made.

Without even touching the handle for the door, he heard a rising voice.


"You're sick!" Hasunuma yelled.

"Me? I'm not the one with a tent in his pants… who are you camping with, bears?" Mikuni mused.

"What are you talking about?! You've really lost it this time, you weirdo!" Mitsuo heard something slam down on the table outside. It frightened him a bit, but he still leaned in closer, listening carefully. "I have no time for you… I'm going to bed." Hasunuma stomped off.

"My, my… that's a first. He didn't even scratch me."

Mitsuo pulled open the bathroom door, looking around for Hasunuma, who had apparently left. Mikuni lit up a cigarette and leaned back, pulling his thumbs through his robe band.

"What happened?" Mitsuo asked, sitting opposite of the priest.

Mikuni huffed, and raised his eyebrow. "I don't know… usually I'd be rubbing up against that handsome man by now. I'm a bit disappointed." Mikuni didn't seem disappointed to Mitsuo, he was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"What do you think is wrong with Hasunuma, he looked at me all weird."

"He looked at you, Mitsuo?"

"Yeah he just stared and-"

"He's jealous, of course." Mitsuo's skin crawled back as the ghost leaned in next to him. Mitsuo calmed down once he recognized the maid's outfit.

"Kanau… Go clean something." Mikuni demanded, appearing also startled by the ghost. "You're not telling us anything new."

"I was just observing, and from what I can tell… his feelings are just becoming more intense for Mitsuo." Kanau, pulled out a hidden tea pot, pouring tea for Mikuni.

"More… intense?" Mitsuo breathed. How could Hasunuma feel more intense, they were already together? What more could he possibly want? It started bugging Mitsuo, he cringed, just searching for an answer. Mikuni seemed to get a kick out of it.

"What?" Mitsuo eyed Mikuni, who laughed uncontrollably.

"I know what I'll do then!" Mikuni pulled Kanau's cat leash and took him outside the room to bed. Mitsuo sat there, still curious about, well, just about everything.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > "Tweet Tweet"

In the morning, Mitsuo went about his usual Saturday chores around the shrine. Sweep the rooms, clean the tub, cleanse the ritual room, run away from the ghosts after cleansing the ritual room, and then last but not least, wash the morning dishes.

Today, Mitsuo got stuck in the worst-case scenario. Kayla, a woman ghost found her way past the shrine, and followed him relentlessly. She continuously pressured Mitsuo to find her lost love somewhere in Japan, and allow her to possess (which is common.) his body so she can make love with her lover one last time. Mitsuo covered his ears and sang western lullabies.

He couldn't allow the same thing to happen all over again. It's the whole reason he's with Hasunuma in the first place. Kiyomi made sure she'd left her mark on him. Thus he was ridiculed for being a queer, and almost made a fool of himself in front of the class, by hitting on Hasunuma. At first he swore this was just an accident, and in time, after Kiyomi had passed on, he'd be back to normal. Yet, he realized his feelings were still strong, and he really loved Hasunuma.

"Camp town lady sing this song, doo-daa-doo-daa…"

"Awe… Come on! I only want to have sex one last time!!" She pleaded, hovering around him.

"Hey!" Hasunuma positioned himself, stopping Mitsuo in his tracks. Without a word, he pulled out a talisman and the ghost reared backwards.

"Oh, Hasunuma! That was close!" Mitsuo was somewhat full of glee seeing his friend help him, once again.

"I told you, you have to be careful. Me and Ichi won't be here every second of every day to help you avoid them!" Hasunuma felt like drilling it in Mitsuo's head again. "What did she want?"

"Hmm… Something about… having sex with her lover." Mitsuo boldly spit out. "I don't know, but I'm not falling for that one again…. I'm saving myself for-" Mitsuo turned to see the white faced Hasunuma slipping away into the shrine.

"H-hey! Where are you going?" Mitsuo reached out.

"Um, places? Uh… the shrine… still needs…" Hasunuma shut the shrine doors quickly behind him.

"What the heck's up with him?"

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > Creak…

"Any more of this… and I-I… I'm not sure…" Hasunuma gulped, pulling his black turtle neck away from his neck and collarbone. "Jeez, why are you doing this to me?"

Mikuni was right; he was getting flustered. Every time he saw Mitsuo now a days, he'd get all… raveled up and hot. Why'd he have to walk in on him while he was taking a bath?

Well that was no excuse. He'd taken baths with Mitsuo plenty of times. So why'd he get so… hot and bothered? Just thinking about him and sex in the same sentence made Hasunuma want to rub up against even Mikuni! He'd do anything to get this heat out of his body. Any more of this then Mitsuo would find himself wrapped up in a sushi roll and swallowed all the way down by Hasunuma.

Damn, even that got him gulping.

Hasunuma would have to keep clear of him today, if anything happened between them, there would probably be a huge uproar.

There's no telling what he could do.

End, Chapter 1: "That which lies deep within the shirt."

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