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Personal Note: I like President Bush, this is just a 'what if' story. Nothing against him personally at all.

Two doves upon the selfsame branch,

Two lilies on a single stem,

Two butterflies upon one flower:-

Oh happy they who look on them

- Christina Rossetti

The late summer sun shone brightly upon the sand on the beach as Hunter and Colleen were finishing an afternoon jog, Hunter in bright red shorts and a white T-shirt, Colleen in blue shorts and a white tank top. Her long hair was in a ponytail in the back that flapped in the breeze. They stopped at the entrance to Headquarters and sat on the top steps, out of breath but laughing happily. They both took a drink from their water bottles and Colleen took her hair out of the ponytail, combing it out.

"Thanks for running with me today, Huntie!" she smiled at him.

"No problem," Hunter said smiling. "I almost beat ya today!"
"No ya didn't!"

"Did so!"

"Oh, stop it, we were neck and neck and you know it!"

"Ya, I know, but I'll beat ya tomorrow!" Colleen laughed.

"Not if I can help it," Colleen said with a happy smile. Hunter knew she was only teasing. They often ran together on the beach, joking about who could outrun who. Colleen always won and Hunter always teased her about beating her the next day. Colleen enjoyed these times together greatly. It was one of her favorite parts of the day, just some time to spend with her best friend…and the one she cared about more than anything. She smiled tenderly at Hunter…but he seemed to be staring out into the horizon with a faraway look on his face. Colleen touched his arm. "Huntie-Wuntie?"

"Hmm?" he asked, turning towards her.

"Something wrong?"
"No, not really, I was just thinking."

"What about?"

"Oh, you know, about the elections. I can't BELIEVE they still haven't made up their minds in Florida!"

"Oh, yeah, I know, It wasn't like that the last time was it, Huntie?"
"No…" he gave a bit of a laugh. "Guess I'm just wondering who's gonna win. Yeah, me and the rest of the USA, right?" he laughed a bit. He smelled the air. "Mmm…Shag's cooking supper. Smells great!"

"You got any plans for tonight, Huntie?"

"Nope, not really, why?"

"I was gonna watch a movie tonight. Care to join me?"

"Which movie?"

Colleen smiled. "Lady And The Tramp."

"Cool, one of my favorites!"

'Mine too!"

Hunter smiled tenderly at her and took her hand. "Guess that's one of the reasons you're one of my best friends."

"And you're mine," Colleen said. "So, see you there?"

"I'll make the popcorn after dinner and meet you there!"

After dinner Hunter had made a big bowl of popcorn and grabbed some Pepsis while Colleen loaded the DVD in. She and Hunter sat down upon the sofa to watch one of their favorite movie. Colleen made sure to sit as close as she could get to Hunter. Hunter would pick up the bowl of popcorn and offer it to her. She smiled at him and he smiled back. She reached up to the light on the table next to them. "Huntie, do you mind if I turn this down?"

"No, not at all." She turned it down to a dim, romantic light. When they got to the 'Bella Notte' scene, Hunter sighed as the plate of spagetti was being brought out. "Most romantic scene in a movie ever."

Colleen moved closer to Hunter. "I agree, Huntie," she moved closer to him as the beautiful melody of the song began to reach both of them. Slowly, slowly, so she didn't seem to forward or scared him, she began to lean her head against his shoulder. Hunter automatic ally put his arm around her, pressing her close to his side as the poetic words of the romantic scene unfolding in front of them filled the room. A small breeze flew in from the open window, causing some of Colleen's hair to fly a bit. Hunter gentily pushed her hair behind her ear. Slowly he bright his hand down and covered hers with it. Colleen lifted her feet and curled them under her legs. Hunter gentily began to massage her hand slowly, tenderly. Colleen looked up at him and smiled. Hunter smiled back at her. Colleen laid her head on his shoulder again, and Hunter slowly laid his head on hers, pulling her close, continuing to stroke her hand.

"I'd love to do that for you someday," Hunter confessed.

"Ya mean a spagetti date, Huntie?" Colleen whispered as her heart began to flutter in her body.

"Yeah.." he said. "The White House chef ca prepare a great spagetti dinner..next time he does it I can take you with me!"

Colleen grinned from ear to ear. "I'm love that, Huntie."

Hunter smiled. "Our own little Bella Notte..just you and me.." Hunter said to her. He moved his arm all the way across her back and pulled her even closer. Colleen tilted her head back slowly and began to close her eyes. Hunter moved closer and ever closer to her……

"Comerades, quick, turn on TV, now!!" Came a familiar loud voice as Exile quickly raced into the room and turned on the light, followed by Blitz and Shag. They surprised Hunter and Colleen. Into quickly pulling apart. Colleen gave Exile a filthy look behind his back.

"What's going on, Exile?" Hunter said, sounding a bit annoyed as well.

"The election, Comrade! It's on the news, Florida has finally decided! They're ready!"

"They are?!" Hunter asked eagerly. "Really? It's finally happening?!"

"You betski! It's on right now!" Hunter began to turn on the news and noticed Colleen.

"I'm sorry, Colleen. Tell you what, I'll make it up to you. Right after we see the news I'll send everyone out of the room and we'll rewind the whole scene. Promise!" Colleen nodded her head, but looked darkly at Exile when his back was turned.

As the Rovers were watching the news, waiting for Florida to announce their decision, Colleen noticed out of the corner of her eye that Hunter was leaning forward eagerly, more curious than anyone else in the room as to what the outcome of this election was going to be. "OK, we have the results," the announcer on the TV said. "And, according to Florida.." Hunter gripped Colleen's hand tightly and leaned forward eagerly. "It looks like our new President of the United States will be.." Hunter held his breath and leaned closer. "George W. Bush!" Hunter's face fell and his mouth hung open. Exile, Blitz, and Shag mumbled among themselves, but Hunter, almost in a daze let go of Colleen's hand and went into his bedroom. Out of curiosity, Colleen got up and followed him.

When she came to Hunter's bedroom, she knocked on her closed door and waited for the 'Come in." Peaking in, she saw Hunter huddled sadly upon his bed, with his chin between his hands, staring up at the celing. She couldn't help but notice that his eyes were teary. Colleen climbed up and sat down next to him. "Huntie?" she asked. Hunter looked at her sadly.

"Hi, Colleen," he said.

"Huntie? What's the matter? What's wrong?"

Hunter looked at his clasped hands in front of him. "It's happened, Colleen." he sighed. "It's over.."

"The election? I know, Huntie. What is it?"

Hunter looked up into Colleen's eyes. "I was hoping it was gonna be Gore that won the election, Colleen. Mr Gore and his family always liked me, I know they would try to fight to keep me. But I know Mr Clinton would never give me to Mr. Bush! Colleen," he choked up. "I don't think I can be a Road Rover anymore!"

Colleen gasped loudly. "What?! But, Huntie, why?!"

'I don't even know where the Clintons are going to take me! THEY don't even know, I heard them arguing about it at the White House this morning. Anyway, it's already October! The Clintons are leaving in January! That's not enough time for Master to build a tube leading to Headquarters! In a few months..I have to leave!"

Colleen hugged him close to her. "Oh, Huntie, this can't be true! There HAS to be a way!" Hunter hugged Colleen close to him and stroked her hair gentily, trying to hide the tears that were building inside of him.

"I don';t think there's any other." Hunter whispered. "I have to go with them! I'm a Road Rover, and Road Rovers are good, good dogs. It's not like I can run away…and it's not like I can leave hium!"

Colleen started to cry. "Huntie.." she said softly,

"Please don't cry, Colleen," Hunter said, holding her in his arms again. He pressed her close to him, burying his hand in her hair. He stroked it carefully, putting some of it in the back of her ear. "Colleen…" he whispered, pulling away to gaze into her eyes. Slowly he raised her face up to his….and slowly bright his lips down on hers. The kiss deepened as he slid his arms down and slipped them underneath her arms, wrapping them around her back as he pulled her closer.

Colleen felt as if her heart was gonna burst it was beating to fast and so hard. She wrapped her arms around his neck as the kiss grew and grew. She stroked the side of his face tenderly as they slowly pulled away. "Colleen," Hunter whispered. "Do you know how long I've wanted to kiss you like that?"

"I do know how long, Huntie," she said. "It's how long I've wanted you to kiss me like that." Hunter wrapped his arms around her again.
'Please forgive me, Colleen. Please.."

"For what?"

He pulled away and looked into her eyes. "That I didn't tell you this sooner. It's just…I've never had..I've never…I've never been in love before. Not with anyone, ever. " he pulled away and looked at the ground. "I've spent a lot of my adult years on the streets or in an animal shelter where we just had out own cages and couldn't talk to anyone else. I've never had a girlfriend, ever…and in a way I didn't know what being in love meant. "he took Colleen's hand and held it in his lap. "I know I felt something different with you, Colleen. At first I thought it was just because we became best friends…but now I realise..oh God, I found this out too late, how I really feel. This..must be love..it has to be. "He looked at her seriously. "I love you, Colleen."

'I love you, too, Huntie," she whispered tightly. "Maybe part of this was my fault,. I should have been more understanding. Should have told you straight out how I felt."

'I don't know if that would have made much of a difference," Hunter admitted. "Cause I was so unsure until now…yeah, now. I'm leaving the Rovers…and I just realised I'm leaving the dog I love!" He held his head in his hands.

"Oh Huntie, don't cry." Colleen said. Holding him. Hunter gazed at her and pulled hr into his arms in a passionate kiss.

A little while later Colleen emerged from Hunter's room looking like her entire world was ending. Her arms were folded in front of her and her eyes were glued to the ground. Exile turned around surprised at what he saw before him. Colleen looked sad, depressed, truly miserable. He wondered what was going on.

Blitz stood up then and came towards her. "Hi, Pretty Girl, why do you look so sad?"

"Mind your own business, Puffy Lips," Colleen said angrily, marching into her room.

"Oh, somebody needs some fresh air! Say, why don't we go for a nice walk on the beach...just you and me.." That did it. Colleen whirled around to face Blitz angrily. She opened her mouth to say something, but tears choked her.

"Just leave me alone!!" Colleen said. "Shut up and leave me alone!" she raced into her room and slammed the door. Sobs were heard from it. Exile and Blitz looked at each other curiously. Not only was Colleen not a crier…what was she crying about? Exile walked over to Colleen's room and knocked on her door.