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Phase 1: The Note

Dash Baxter watched the teen's reaction closely, savoring the moment.

It was the perfect plan. He had gotten the idea from part of a conversation he had interrupted before shoving two nerds inside their lockers. He had slipped the note into the loser's binder only a few moments before while his classmate had made another of his endless "bathroom runs."

Actually, it was those "runs," along with the loser's frequent disappearances, that caused the jock to do this in the first place. Whatever Fenton was doing, it had nothing to do with the need to pee. And besides, it was fun to pick on the lesser people of the school.

Fenton had come back quickly for once, before even ten minutes into the class period. Mr. Morrow had given the boy a disapproving sigh and had asked Fenton to see him after class.

But it was when Fenton was opening his binder that Dash paid the most attention.

Danny's eyes scanned the scribbled writing and widened in shock and, to Dash's glee, fear, before looking around at each person in the room, as if he were trying to calculate the most likely culprit. Pretending to be staring at the clock when Fenton gaze turned to him, Dash was very pleased with himself for disguising the handwriting well enough to not merit much suspicion.

Fenton turned his gaze back to the note clutched in his white knuckled hands, mouthing the first four words over and over: "I no ur secret." Dash noted that with each rereading the teens shock was less and less evident while his fear became more and more obvious.

The Dash had hit gold.

The jock smirked. It then occurred to him that Fenton might have simply counted him out because the loser didn't think he was smart enough to figure out whatever secret it was. Of course, Dash hadn't found out anything about Fenton so far except that he obviously was hiding something, and by the look of the Fentoad's face, something big.

When the bell rang to dismiss them to lunch Dash had to hold back a laugh as Danny practically flew from his chair before Mr. Morrow had even begun assigning the homework.

Outside, the jock scanned the tables for Fenton. There were the drama nerds, the geeks, the nerds, the curve killers, the Asians and honorary Asians, the skater heads, his table, the senior popular table, the chess geeks, the future ghost hunters of America, the wannabes, the future art majors… and there they were, the loser table: Manson, Foley, and Fenton.

The three were whispering urgently to each other, all looking extremely worried, occasionally glancing around to check how private their conversation was. Dash let out a laugh and made his way over to his normal table.

This was turning out more fun than he thought it would be.

Kwan nudged him in the arm as Dash sat down.

"You coming to my party tonight, right man?"

Dash turned to his classmate, "Well duh! Without me, there is no party!"

"Oh I bought this totally cute new outfit!" Paulina squealed, "What about you Star?"

"Oh yea," Star replied, giving a small glance at Kwan that only Kwan appeared to have missed, "My new top is absolutely to die for!"

"Oh! Let me tell you about mine! It's-"

And that was Dash's cue to begin his zoning out. Those two girls could talk for hoursabout their clothes, makeup, or who knows what other girly things they obsessively cared about. He hoped the conversation would change to something he was actually interested in. Perhaps football or Danny Phantom! Paulina was always up for talk about Danny Phantom, and Dash didn't blame her, the dude was probably the greatest hero of them all. Dash was president of Amity Park's, and the world's, very first, best,and most exclusive Danny Phantom fan club, Phantom Phorse.

Just then a piercing scream brought Dash out of his thoughts. Looking around, the jock wasn't to thrilled about the reason.

The ghost wasn't one Dash had seen before. It appeared have been a panther at one point, but it had a wolf-like tail, rabbit-like ears, and a forked tongue.

Dash didn't stick around long to examine it, wanting to get his ass out of there real fast-like. Someone screamed and the jock laughed at Fenton's high-pitched voice.

…Fine, it was his own scream, and he couldn't have laughed at anyone, even Fendork, if he had tried.

The jock paused after rushing through the doors of the school. Where was the looser anyway?

He glanced around the hall at those crowded there and managed to fide everyone it seemed but Fenton.

"Musta been eaten or something," he mumbled, giving a short laugh. But he didn't really find that funny at all. It would absolutely suck being eaten by some mutant panther ghost. He wouldn't wish that on anyone, even Fenton.

He scanned the hall again and managed to find the Foley nerd's stupid hat and Manson's black hair close by, but still no Fenton. Why? Didn't those three dweebs go everywhere together? Where would Fenton go that they wouldn't?

In a spark of what was surely pure genius he realized something.

"Or… couldn't."

He basked in his own superiority for a moment before following his train of thought. If there was something that Danny could do, that the other two of the loser trio wouldn't… or couldn't… what would that thing be…?

"Danny Phantom!"

Dash looked up at the shout, his thoughts completely shoved to the back of his mind.

"Where?" he asked, spinning on the spot and shoving his way through to the still open double doors. But he didn't need an answer. Standing on the threshold the jock could clearly see the town hero locked in combat with the ghost creature.

"Go Phantom!" Kwan shouted from Dash's shoulder. The was a upsurge of cheering in agreement.

One last thought drifted through Dash's mind before his full attention was sucked into the fight.

Wherever Fenton was, he was sure missing out.

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