Guyver – Shadow of the Apocalypse

Part One – Takeo Tamemura - The Break Out

I listened in as Fudo Akiyama, head of Chronos Korea, was in the middle of an intense conversation with one of the lab technicians, Doctor Tetsu Tadao. Tadao was Akiyama's right hand man. He was personally hired by the zoalord to run private experiments and do secret research on the guyvers.

"Are you sure?" asked Akiyama in a swift but rasping voice.

"We've ran many tests on the devices Sir and it matches the data from the Japanese Branch." Assured the doctor.

"Then I will inform the other Zoalords of our discovery. Recover the guyver units and bring them to me."

"Sir!" He bowed to Akiyama as he said this and ran out of the room. I couldn't believe my ears. I had been part of Chronos for ten years and I was selected to research the guyver units. In my studies I found that if a Zoalord were to acquire a guyver… he would be unstoppable. No force on Earth nor the Universe would stand a chance to the guyver-zoalord. I had to stop this from ever happening or at least try to delay the unimaginable event. It was up to me to destroy the four guyvers or the world, the universe would be lost forever.

As I ran to the quarter where the units were being stored I was stopped by a familiar voice. "Doctor Takeo Tamemura," It was Joben Yomura. It had been five years since I had heard his voice. We entered the company together and were inseparable until he was moved to the Japanese Branch. In our five years together we finally created a hyper zoanoid which we called Satsuken. This zoanoid had the ability to teleport itself within a distance of 100 square meters. It could also emit a powerful beam from the discharging-organs located in its palms. This beam, we later discovered was almost as powerful as the mega smasher found on the guyver units. It was also ten times stronger than Gregole and could create fire, ice or electricity. We only created one and stopped there because it was too powerful to control. Teleportation was a power that no zoanoid should posses. We caught Satsuken and disposed of him forever. We locked up the data files and swore never to create another.

"How long has it been dear friend?"

"Joben… You've always had a knack for arriving at the most inopportune times," I said, walking at a fast pace.

"What do you mean Takeo?" I stopped and turned to him.

"We've discovered four guyver units,"

"What?! This is wonderful-"

"No Joben. I have to destroy them." His mouth dropped.

"How can you do such a thing? We've finally discovered the guyver, four of them, and you want them destroyed!.. You've changed a lot in five years Takeo.

"If a zoalord fuses with the guyver then it will bring the apocalypse!"

"I'm sorry my friend," he walked closer to me. "I can't allow this to happen…" He was barely a foot away from me now.

"I regret joining this organization," I began "I regret all of those heartless experiments on innocent people, and I regret creating Satsuken."

"Takeo, please reconsider. Don't turn your back on the organization. It needs you."

"I'm sorry Joben." I raised my fist and punched him in the face. He flew back and fell unconscious. When I reached the room where the guyvers were stored all I could was stare at the units. The control medals shimmered and I could taste the power of the guyver. I almost considered changing my mind, but I shook the feeling off and placed them in a bag that was laying on a table in the room. As I was zipping the bag Doctor Tetsu Tadao walked into the room.

"Tamemura? What are you doing?" He asked stunned.

"Get out of my way Tadao!" I demanded.

"You're stealing the guyver units!" He then pressed a button on his head set and said "All personnel to section Q, situation R-67! I repeat Situation R-67 in section Q!" He looked at me and threw his headset off transforming into a Gregole. I had not yet been optimized so I was defenseless against the creature. I had to think fast or I would be destroyed and all hope for saving the world would be lost. The only way I could continue the break out would be to merge myself with a guyver unit.

I reached into the bag and pulled out one of the units, but I had no idea on how to activate it. Gregole walked toward me and I stumbled back, tripping over myself and falling toward the ground. I watched as the guyver unit plummeted toward my face. The control medal hit my forehead and began to glow. The unit opened and thick tentacles reached out, tearing into my skin. The tentacles covered my whole body and all I could do was scream out in agony as they ripped into my flesh and caused a searing pain. Suddenly I couldn't breath, but still continued to scream. I could see nothing but blackness and could hear nothing but my cries of pain. It lasted for what seemed like hours and all of a sudden I blacked out. The guyver had taken control.

When I woke up I was standing over a pile of Zoanoids. They weren't even zoanoids now, just a pile of limbs and guts that were used to try to stop me… the guyver. I realized then that a guyver-zoalord would be more powerful than I had imagined. If a human infused with the guyver could cause this much damage then the damage that a guyver -zoalord could cause was unthinkable.

I grabbed the bag which contained only three units now and made my way through the mountain of zoanoid flesh but I was stopped by a familiar voice. "Takeo.." Joben called out in a frail voice. I turned around and saw him laying down. Blood was pouring out of his mouth and I realized that everything under his waist had been ripped off.

"Joben!" I screamed as I fell onto my knees overtop of him. The armor deactivated and disappeared into a wormhole behind me as I reached the ground. "Wh-What have I done?" I stammered as tears poured from my eyes and fell to the ground.

"Y-you're right, Takeo…" My fingertips touched his face. He coughed spitting blood onto mine. "The guyver is too powerful. It truly is out of control." His eyes became sinister. "Take them and run!" he let out a cry of pain. "Take the guyver units… De- destroy them…" Those were his last words. I shut his eye lids and rose to my feet. I let out one last tear and ran for the outside world. I ran for what seemed like forever and finally reached the front doors. I pushed them open and walked outside. I took five steps and was stopped by a dark rasping voice.

"Doctor Takeo Tamemura…" said Akiyama. I slowly turned around to face the man. "I'm ashamed of you." He then transformed into his battle form and let out a maniacal laugh.

I stared at him and let out the words "Guyver!" The armor arrived out of the wormhole and surrounded me, filling me with the power of the bioboosted armor. Akiyama didn't flinch as I charged after him. The bag was still in my hand as he raised his hand and emitted a beam which shot me back. As I flew through the air I let go of the bag and it flew out of my grasp. Akiyama glided toward me and stared down at me. His hand reached around my throat and cut off my ability to breath. He lifted me off of the ground as his free hand reached for the control medal and he dug his claws deep into my skull. In a matter of seconds he ripped it out and crushed the control medal effortlessly in his fist. I cried out in pain and began to dissolve. I had done all that I could to keep the guyvers out of the hands of Chronos… I just hoped that the units got far enough away from Akiyama and that my death wasn't in vain.