In Case You Don't Recall
A drabble by sunny tuesday

Alice Longbottom rested on her bed warily, her tired, prematurely white hair frizzing out of its ponytail. Pushing it out of her face, she picked up the small square of parchment the nurse had left her. As she unfolded the letter, two purple tinted flower petals fell into her lap, and Alice left them there, already forgotten.

Dear Mum-

I know you probably don't remember me very well; half the time when Gram and I visit you, you don't even recall who I am. But I'm Neville- your son. And I just wanted to let you know that I'm fine. I'm doing really well in Herbology. Professor Sprout is my favorite teacher. Those pressed flower petals I included are from a rare plant called the Arubus mossotivia. The plant only blossoms every fifteen years. I hope you like them.

Anyway, Mum, Gram says I have to make you and Dad proud and I will help my friend Harry Potter as well as I can. I've already helped him before- during last year mostly. But I will make you all proud. At least, I will do my best.

Oh, and Mum? Tell Dad I'm sorry for breaking his wand.

Love you,


Alice stared around blankly, her tortured eyes taking in nothing. She turned to her husband, who was busily tearing at the hem of his gown. "Frank," she whispered hoarsely. "I think we have a son."

sunny tuesday