-The Seduction of Naruto

By: Vree

Pairing: Sasu/Naru, Naru/Sasu

Summary: Sit down and enjoy the story of how Sasuke and Naruto got together.

Warnings: Festival-cliché, Sasu/Naru Yaoi, and OOC

Also, the Rookie Nine are all around 17, 18 during the main part of the story.

Disclaimer: Psssh. I don't own them. I wouldn't be writing fanfiction if I did. I would be making the dream of Naruto and Sasuke getting together reality.

Rated: M because it will eventually get there… I think. Can't hurt to cover my bases.

'italics' Indicate Sasuke telling the story.

"Normal" From the author's pov.

------Line break--------

'A splash of brilliant color against a dark, star filled sky is what started it all. I blame that bright, oddly enough, orange color for everything. Maybe I should start at the beginning, though really why you're hearing about this from me and not your mother I don't know. It all started years ago, after the war between Oto and Konoha ended. Of course, you all know who won, and I'd found a home and peace once again in Konoha. Convincing arguments from Sakura and Naruto managed to get the Godaime to allow me to return to my home. It was something about the villagers feeding my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after my clan was massacred, I think… I'm not really sure. I still think Naruto just whined at her until she finally gave in under the promise that he wouldn't scream in her ear for a week. Which I don't really think he kept now that I actually think about it…

'I've diverted from topic. It all really started on a warm, summer afternoon. There was a festival to celebrate the second anniversary of the end of the war starting that night, and I had had every intention on staying locked in my house and waiting out the festivities…'

-------Line break------

"Sasuke! Get your teme-jerk faced ass out here right now!!"

Yawning, Sasuke scratched the back of his head absentmindedly and looked out the window at the screaming blond male below. Sighing, he opened his window and leaned out, crossing his arms across the sill and looking at the man below with an icy, yet inquisitive look. "How can my ass be jerk faced? It doesn't have a face as far as I know. Though you would know better. You're always staring at it."

Naruto stammered and turned a bright, cherry-red color, making Inner Sasuke snicker with glee. After his return from Sound he'd been a lot more open about what he was thinking about and his emotions. Scarily with this emerged a formerly unknown impish side, which took great joy in saying things to make people blush and back away from him slowly. Sadly, on some people this didn't have the desired affect, but he was still working out the kinks.

"I wouldn't know anything about that.." Naruto blushed and stammered adorably, then straightened and sent out a cocky smirk. "Well, other than at times I can't tell which is your face. Sometimes I mistakenly talk to your ass."

"Yes, I wondered if basic anatomy screwed you up at times. You have a telling habit of talking to people's… Shall we just say body parts." He raised a sardonic eye brow and smirked at the blond. "Do you still have that bruise from Sakura. I thought she was a bit brutal that time, but I sort of understand why she did it. I don't think her breasts were going to talk back to you."

"I'll have you know I was drunk darn it! I can't be blamed for that! I she hadn't worn that shirt then…" Naruto trailed off, a faint grin on his face, then he blinked and shook his sunny head. "Wait. This isn't what I'm here for. I'm here to save you from your boring mentality of hermitness!" Letting out a cheer, Naruto pointed up at him, blue eyes sparkling wildly, which held Sasuke oddly captivated for a moment. "You're going with me to the festival tonight."

Shaking his head, Sasuke shook off the after effects of shiny-pretty eyes, and arched an eyebrow at the other male. "No. I'm not. I'm not going to allow myself to be put upon display for people to ogle at." He took on a simpering persona, widening his eyes and putting a hand to his chest, mockingly acting as one of the village girls normally did around him anymore, "'Oh, my! It's that boy that ran away to Sound! He's so gorgeous, but he's evil! We should follow him around and make sure he doesn't turn missing nin on us again.'" He stopped and went back to his leaning position. "Pssh. Yeah right. They just wanna follow me around like every other girl between the ages of 12 and 50." He rolled his eyes. "Not happening."

Naruto glared up at him, "And you're just going to let gawkers stop you from enjoying a festival! That's not like the Sasuke I know. The Sasuke that got up every morning and put up with evil fan girls everyday to become a ninja! The Sasuke that went to a perverted sannin to get stronger! The Sasuke that.."

Said Sasuke cut in, "One, being a ninja is more important than going to a festival. Two, Orochimaru never actually molested me, and only stared at Kabuto with anything resembling lust…." Sasuke fazed off and thought for a second, with a disturbed look on him face. "Which is frightening enough, so I'm going to forget about that and repress that now. Just go away Naruto."

"I'm not leaving until you say you'll go with me!"

The eyebrow went up again and Sasuke decided to go with a different line of getting the blond to leave him alone. "If you just wanted to go on a date with me, you should have just said it Naru-chan. This whole thing with the festival is just a ploy isn't it." Sasuke let a seductive smirk overtake his normally placid features, leaning a bit more sexily out the window and watching as Naruto started to stammer idiotically. He'd found that this method worked on the other boy normally, but only pulled it out when he had to.

To his surprise Naruto pulled himself together rather quickly and sent a rather sexy smirk back at him, "Hey, if a date will get you to come with me, then a date it is. I'll pick you up tonight at seven. You better be ready, or I'll drag you there in whatever you have on." Naruto turned to leave, but looked back at the stunned male in the window frame. "And don't try to run away or take a mission. Tsunade knows I was going to ask you and you do still have Anbu watching you. I can find you." With a slow, slightly evil smile, Naruto turned and ran off into town.

Sasuke stared for a moment and then slumped to the floor, now facing his room. Slowly, his eyes closed and his lips parted as his tipped his head back to lean it against the wall. "But… You don't like me like that." A confused frown overtook his features, creasing his pale brow, "And I don't have anything to wear… Crap!" Slowly, an evil smirk overtook his features, "Well, if he wants a date, then he'll get a date. I wonder what we have in storage." With that, he stood up and left the room, plots dancing through his imaginative mind as he let out a quiet cackle.