"Blah" – talking

Blah- Text

Blah – thoughts

BLAH – place/back ground

(Blah!) Inner self talking inside their bodies and in the middle of a sentence

BlahInner Self

"Blah" – Inner Self takes over body

"BLAH!" – Loud, clear, firm, shout in words emphasize

"BLAH!" – Anger and firm clearness and also very loud words

"Blah!" – emphasize in word/song lyrics

(A/N:) – Authoress Note

Title: Uta No Kokoro

Title Translation: Song of Heart

Summary: When you were born without any parents, you can be selfish right? When you were born without any love, you aren't expected to cry right? And when you've never met someone to love, you can forget about others right? Wrong. Nobody ever believed in it, all except two. And when these two meet their complete opposites, will their point of views on life change?

Full and BETTER Summary: Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke were the two most popular singers of Japan. They've been performing on bunches of the largest stages in Japan and holding some of the most successful and wonderful concerts in Japan. They were selfish, never cried before, and they never met anybody to call their soulmate. All their life they've suffered, they never knew a thing called love. And their fans' obsess with them isn't worth to call love. Sasuke grew up knowing the fact that his parents and family were murdered because of his brother. Naruto grew up with everyone in his hometown despising him, hating him, because he was blamed for the death of the nicest family in their hometown, his own family. Hyuuga Hinata and Haruno Sakura were the two most popular singers in their small village. They've been performing on the streets and in small orphanages and hospitals all their life. They were kind at heart, cried bunches of times before, and they met people that have broken their hearts. All their life they've suffered, they never knew a thing called family. And the villagers weren't a real family, and neither were fanboys and some girl admirers. Sakura grew up alone, being abandoned by her family at a young age because they didn't have enough money to support themselves and having her didn't help at all. Hinata grew up alone, being disowned by her family when she was 5 because her family were honorable people but to them, she was just trash and wasn't good enough to be a 'Hyuuga.' When you compare these two boys to these two girls, you might ask: 'How do they walk the same yet slightly different path, and be so different?' The answer? Simple. "Sometimes, a little can mean a lot." And when these boys cross paths with these girls, everything changed for them. Love. Warmth. Family. It was all there. Yet we all know happiness cannot last for a lifetime.

Pairings: SakuSasu HinaNaru Slight NejiTen InoShika

Updated Time and Date: Tuesday, June 26, 2007, 1:15 A.M.

Uta No Kokoro

The First Stage

Opposites Attract

"OK EVERYONE! NOW'S GONNA BE MINE AND TEME'S LAST SONG OK?! HOPE YOU ENJOY IT!" a spiky blond haired boy screamed into the microphone, his cerulean blue eyes had a glint of excitement in them. Said 'teme' twitched unbelievably before slightly punching the blond on the head. Completely opposite of the bright colors that designed the boy's hair and eyes, this boy had dark black hair with hints of dark midnight blue in them and his eyes were a dark shade of coal, onyx-like.

He spoke into the microphone, "Don't listen to the baka. Our next song is Seishun Amigo. It's our newest song this year." the audience cheered and screamed like never before. Most of them were chanting ShaRaGan(1) like crazy. The said group parted their lips slightly and this caused an eruption of squeals from the female population of the audience. They smirked.

"Narihibiita keitai denwa iya na yokan ga mune wo yogiru

Reisei ni nare yo mi amigo

Nasakenai ze tasukete kure rei no yatsura ni owareterun da

Mou dame ka mo shirenai mi amigo

Futari wo saku you ni denwa ga kireta

Si! oretachi wa itsu demo futari de hitotsu datta jimoto ja makeshirazu sou daro

Si! oretachi wa mukashi kara kono machi ni akogarete shinjite ikite kita

Naze darou omoidashita keshiki wa tabidatsu hi no kirei na sora dakishimete

Tadoritsuita kurai rojiura shagamikonda aitsu ga ita

Ma ni awanakatta gomen na

Yararechimatta ano hi kawashita rei no yakusoku mamorenai kedo

Omae ga kite kurete ureshii yo

Furueru te no hira wo tsuyoku nigitta

Si! oretachi wa ano koro tadoritsuita kono machi subete ga te ni hairu ki ga shita

Si! kokyou wo sutesari dekai yume wo oikake waratte ikite kita

Kore kara mo kawaru koto nai mirai wo futari de oikakerareru to yume miteta


Si! oretachi wa itsu demo futari de hitotsu datta jimoto ja makeshirazu sou daro

Si! oretachi wa mukashi kara kono machi ni akogarete shinjite ikite kita

Naze darou omoidashita keshiki wa tabidatsu hi no kirei na sora dakishimete"

The two breathed heavily as they looked at the audience. They had already begun applauding as soon as the song finished. The two smirked at each other. "Oi, Sasuke, I have to admit, this was one of our best concerts huh?" the blond head whispered to so called Sasuke. Sasuke smirked wider at him.

"Aa… Naruto." Sasuke whispered back, Naruto grinned. He knew Sasuke was proud of their concert because Sasuke only called him by his first name when he was satisfied with the blond. Sasuke yanked Naruto down as he bowed, making sure the blond was also bowing. The audience clapped even louder and whistles and squeals were heard throughout the audience.

Naruto grinned at the audience, "Oi!! Oi! OI!! WE HOPED YOU ENJOYED THE CONCERT KONOHA!" Naruto shouted into the mic. Sasuke and Naruto heard cheers of 'We enjoyed it!' The two smirked.

Sasuke panted and caught his breath as he let out his smooth low voice that was so goddamn seductive, "We'd love it if you guys could attend our next concert on Christmas. We'll be holding it here again." the girls squealed at the sound of his voice. He smirked.




Anko slammed her hands onto the table, creating a slight creaking noise from it. Sasuke and Naruto winced. "Did you know your concert only held half the number of people that usually attends your concert over in Oto? Do you think just because you're in a slightly smaller city, you can slack off? Well guess what?! You're wrong! Konoha may be a smaller city than Oto, but only by 1/8 in fraction! Most of the best music producers and companies are IN Konoha! And when you only have half the number of people attending your concert, those producers and companies won't even give you a second glance, heck even ONE glance! I did not apply to be the manager of two slackers you hear me?" the two boys groaned inwardly but nodded, knowing their manager's temper. Anko smirked.

"Good. Then we should get started on explaining your little trip," Anko smirked wider when she caught their attention, "Now, after asking most of the people that attended where they came from to go to your concert, we found out that ¾ of the audience came from OTO! The remaining ¼ was from Konoha! Obviously, you don't have a lot of fans here. From what Kakashi told me, about 75 percent of the people here have relatives from a sister city of Konoha, a village to be more exact, Kohana. And when Kakashi took a little a visit to Kohana, he reported to me and the company that the percent of people here in Konoha that have relatives all go to Kohana regularly every single week or weekend. And do you know why?" Sasuke and Naruto shook their heads no, Anko at this point, was glaring.

"They all went there to see street singers perform!" Sasuke and Naruto widened their eyes. Anko smirked at them, but more of an angry smirk. "That's right, street singers. Kakashi told me he didn't get a chance to hear them because he found out about it on the last day of his visit when he getting ready to leave. But from what we know, some villagers over there say that they are producer material. They even said they saw 2 or 3 producers from Konoha asking them to sign a contract. And what not, the three producers were from Konoha Sounds Company, Lyrical Konoha Corps., and Konoha Voice De Max Inc.!" Anko glared as she saw the two look in surprise, "Yah, that's right, street singers asked to sign a contract by three of Japan's largest entertainment medias companies! And do you know the best part of it? Street singers were asked to sign a contract by those three companies while you two, you two, who have been in the music business for years, weren't even asked by a single one of those companies, heck not even a single one in Konoha! So right now, I want you two to go to Kohana, stay there for 3 months and find out just what's so great about those street singers! Do you understand? If you report back to me saying they're nothing but trash, then this studio is officially ending your contract. Understood?" Sasuke and Naruto gulped and nodded. "Good. Pack your bags. Kakashi will accompany you there."

Anko finished her lecture and walked off, slamming the door shut rather loudly. Everything was quiet until Naruto spoke something that Sasuke was glad Anko didn't hear.

"She needs to get laid."

Sasuke and Naruto groaned in annoyance as they arrived finally. Kakashi grinned behind his mask. "Ok boys, you guys go into the house first and I'll park the car." he instructed. Sasuke and Naruto gladly got off the car and carried in their luggage. Kakashi smirked. "I bet these singers are gonna give these two a run for their money…"

Oh and just what do you mean by that oh wise Kakashi…?

Naruto sighed as he jumped onto the bed. Sasuke glared at him, "Oi, why can't you go to your own room?" Sasuke was obviously annoyed by him. Naruto sweat dropped, not wanting to get whacked on the head.

"Err, well Kakashi told me to tell you that we should leave for the streets right away since he said the two starts performing in the evening!" Naruto half-said half-shouted. Sasuke sweat dropped before grabbing him by the ear.

"Hurry up you dobe." Naruto twitched. Damn him and his arrogance to always have the last word.

Naruto and Sasuke arrived at the village streets and saw a larger amount of people there than when they arrived. They noticed some were Konoha citizens too, since they had the necklace that Konoha citizens are required to have. The two looked for the source of what caught the three most famous companies' attention.

They walked towards the place where people were gathered at. They raised their eyebrows when they saw the place was indeed, on the street. But there was equipment set up and everything. They looked around for the singers but couldn't seem to find anyone that looked capable of singing. Naruto finally asked someone standing next to them, "Ano sir, do you where the singers are?" he nodded and pointed to two shadows.

Naruto couldn't make out who it was. He glared at Sasuke when the said teen pulled him to look at the street's direction. "Nani Sasuke-!" he was cut off when he saw the sight that greeted him on the sidewalk. He looked next to him to see even Sasuke was surprised. On the sidewalk, where the center of everybody's attention, were two small dainty looking girls.

One had silky straight and magnificently lush-looking well combed pink hair that reached inches below her shoulders and part of her hair was tied in two small short, fluffy high ponytails by two white waist length ribbons, the rest of her hair was left down. She looked pretty cute. She had jade eyes that showed the smallest bit of happiness. She was holding a guitar while sitting on a stool.

The second girl had straight even waist length dark indigo hair tied in a high ponytail by a short black bow and full even bangs, there were also thin strips of shoulder length hair on each side of her face. She looked very kind yet shy at the same time. Her silver eyes sailed across the crowds of people there. She was sitting on a stool with a keyboard set up in front of her.

She whispered something in the pink haired girl's ear and the pink haired girl nodded. Sasuke and Naruto tried to make way into the crowd and slightly succeeded but were still in the 3rd row of people there. Sasuke gazed at the pink haired girl. She sure was an ease to the eye. Naruto stared at the dark haired girl, she seemed so cute!

The two stopped staring when they heard a loud booming voice talk WITHOUT a mic. The pinky was talking, "Yo minna-san! As you call us, the Pinku to Pa-Puru Hana(1). Um well… I don't really know, um, enjoy? I mean we're not a real music group or anything so I shouldn't really talk big now should I?" she smiled at them.

Sasuke and Naruto heard screams of 'Marry me' throughout the crowd. They smirked, remembering a familiar scene. Most people piped down when they heard a much more shy voice speak. "A-Ano… w-we hope you enjoy our performance… i-it's nothing special…" the dark haired girl said in a soft voice. The two once again, heard wolf whistles.

The pink haired girl grinned, "This, is called Mangekyou Kirakira." the crowds quieted down as they waited for them to begin singing. Naruto and Sasuke made sure to listen carefully. And then, as soon as the first lyrics escaped the girls' mouth, they couldn't help but stare in awe.

"Itsumo tsuyoku negau

'Kokoro ga nozokereba ii' to

Kotoba kuchitemo ii

Demo kimi wo aisu kimochi wa kuchi nai

Akatsuki no yoake

Kono machi wo terasu

Atemonaku kazasu te ni wa

Yuragu natsu

'Sora wa aoi'

'Sora wa akai'

Demo motometeru nukumori wa issho

Mangekyou KIRAKIRA mawaru sekai wa

Kimi ni dou mieru no?

Tsunai da TENOHIRA

Kotoba yori atataka

Kimi ni deatte shitta


Hito no te wa

Kanashii hito wo tsutsumu tame ni aru

Hito no te wa

Ai wo tsutsumu tame ni aru

Kurayami ga akarusa wo ubau

Akarusa ga kurayami wo tomosu

Mangekyou KIRAKIRA mawaru sekai wa

Kimi ni dou mieta no?

Sugata nakutemo ii

'Mienu kara shinjitsu'

Kimi to ai no hana wo sakase mashou

Chi wo hatte me wo musubi hirogaru mori

Miagereba manmaru no sora hitotsu

Ten kara no kimi kara no hi no hikari wo

Matte iru hito ga iru darou

Mangekyou KIRAKIRA tojikometa kokoro wa

Kimi ni shika mie nai


Maichitte yukou to mo

Kimi wo ai shite imasu


Itsumo tsuyoku negau

'Kokoro ga nozokereba ii' to"

When Sasuke and Naruto opened their eyes, they saw everyone surrounding the two girls closing their eyes in content. Many kids were hugging their parents with a smile plastered on their faces. Sasuke was surprised to see how these girls can just comfort and soothe so many people with just their voice.

Naruto was also amazed. He had never heard anybody sing with such a clear, soft, rich honey-filled voice. Sasuke looked at him. "Naruto." Naruto knew that meant that he knew why the girls had so much more attention than they did.

"They're good." Naruto said quietly. Sasuke nodded. The two looked as they bowed and everybody applauded. The two girls turned around to smile at the instrument players which were all male. The male players blushed. They kept watching as the pink haired girl get off the stool and placed the guitar into its case. The dark haired girl did the same with her keyboard. She undid the keyboard stand and slid it into her case.

The two boys watched everything as they turned to leave. They even watched the villagers smile in content. These girls were way better than them.



"We heard them."


"We'd like to meet them."


(1) – ShaRaGan is a combination of Sharingan and Rasengan, you take Sha from Sharingan, Ra from Rasengan, and then you take the Gan from both of them and you get ShaRaGan!

(2) – Pinku to Pa-Puru Hana translates to Pink and Purple Blossom referring to Sakura as pink blossom and Hinata as purple blossom. The villagers named these two girls Pinku to Pa-Puru Hana.

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