Gundam Seed Destiny: The Melancholy of Shinn Asuka

Writer: Asheron Karuma

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I've been having this idea for quite a while now; however I never took the time to think it out

Now I'm back and my test week has just started, which gives me a lot more time to update, this with the help of several songs

For starters this is a Shinn x Athrun fanfic, more of a romance fic that will turn into something quite different from what you thought it was in the beginning and if you kip chapters at the end of it all you'll probably thinking "what the heck is going on?!" however the starter chapters are still normal, confusing but normal, enjoy!

this authors note was made on the 14th of July 2007

John Milton:

"The mind is its own place, and in itself, can make heaven of Hell, and a hell of Heaven."

Have you ever felt like you've just woken up from a bad dream, or wished that when you go to sleep that everything will be better tomorrow?

Even though I didn't ask for it I had a feeling that this kind of wish was forced up on me, it's not easy to explain but the last thing I could remember was that I was floating in a white space, I was cold and faintly I was hearing a voice calling out to me...



A soft thud was hear able and Shinn felt something soft hit his face before feeling a tight grip around his shoulder, he opened his eyes and slowly sat up as he removed the pillow from his face, he starred at it confused and disorientated before looking up to the person standing at the edge of his bed, she was still calling out his name and his eyes widened...


"Oni-chan, I've been trying to get you up for 15 minutes now! We're going to be late for school!"


For a moment there was only silence, Shinn stared at his younger sister for a while until she waved her hand in front of his face, he blinked and stared at her again

"Are you feeling alright, Oni-chan?"

"Ah, gomen... I just had a bad dream I guess..."

Mayu leaned back again and looked at him strangely

"About what?"

Shinn blinked again and scratched the back of his head as he tried to stop making eye contact with Mayu

"I... I don't remember... but it was very sad..."

"You'll feel better when you've eaten something, but you have to hurry... you have 15 minutes before school starts... mom says that it looks very bad if you come late on your first day"

"First day?"

Mayu frowned, crossed her arms and pouted her lips

"You really have a hard time waking up don't you... today is your first day at Nishinomiya Kita High School, Aah gomen Oni-chan I have to run now, or I'll be late..."

Shinn frowned as he looked around, for some reason his memory was a little fuzzy, specially his short term memory, his room seemed simple and casual... single bed in the corner of the small squared room with a small nightstand next to it, desk against the opposite wall with a bookshelf above it... at the head of his bed was his window and in the wall opposite to the window were two build in closets with next to them his door, Shinn saw his sister run out of his room and sighed as he slowly got out of bed, he stretched his as he looked at the small alarm clock next to his bed and a nervous look made its way on his face


Shinn was running down the streets, piece of toast in his mouth, his bag still half open and his school uniform still looked sloppy from the little time he had to put it on, he cursed to himself as he sped up again and ran down the long streets toward his new school, he looked around as he ran as he didn't recognize much of his surroundings but some feeling was telling him that this was the way to his school, apparently the town they had moved to a week ago had a lot of hills and mountains in the surrounding area, it wasn't too far from the ocean and because of the levitations the road he was running on went up and down, long rocky walls surrounded the road and the blossom trees on top of it made it quite a beautiful scene as the wind passed through them, taking along every piece of pink flowered leaf with it, Shinn looked upwards as they passed him and continued running passed the corner but what he didn't see was that there was someone in his way and soon both of them crashed on the ground on top of each other, Shinn blinked he looked at the person below him and soon a word muttered out of his mouth without him even realising it...


This person looked at his confused and soon Shinn realised that he was still sitting on top of him, he quickly got of him and apologized before wondering to himself why he knew the youth's name... it was a question that remained unanswered...

"...Watch where you're going next time..."


Athrun looked at him strangely and noticed the uniform that Shinn was wearing... blue vest... white shirt... red tie and dark brown pants... it was the same uniform he was wearing... only sloppier... Athrun looked at the stranger with a bit of disgust as he wondered who he was...

"I haven't seen you before... What's your name... and how do you know mine?"

Shinn looked up at him strangely and answered

"I just wanted to ask you the same thing..."

Athrun quirked one of his brows up as a bell rang further in the distance

"Ah! I'm going to be late! Gomen!"

Shinn pushed him aside as he took off towards the school building that was very close by them probably less than 2 minutes of walking however with Shinn's running speed it took him less than one, Athrun sighed as he starred at the strange youth, still confused about his reaction

He wasn't sure if he was ever going to see him again but as he sighed again as he noticed something lying on the ground... he bent down and picked it up, it was a book...

Athrun turned it around and looked at the cover, an expression of disgust and dislike came over his face as he read the title...

'Gundam Seed...'

Athrun frowned as he flipped through the book and sighed again as he put it in his own backpack

'Nothing more but a kids book...'

Shinn had made it inside just in time, he quickly took off his shoes and looked around, everyone had already gone to their classrooms and there was no one around to tell him where he should go... he put his shoes in his still open bag and took the time to go to the rest room to fix his uniform...

He sighed as he closed the crane and dried his hands off on the towel machine, he carefully took his time to neaten up his shirt, button up his jacket and eventually walked out of the restroom, he took his time to look around a bit in hope of finding the principal's office or at least the teacher room... however the more he walked the more he found out that he was in fact lost...

He found himself leaning against the window frame and looked outside at other classes doing their PE exercises, he remained silent and thought for a little while and as he regained his composure to start walking again he suddenly heard someone behind him

"Ah! Are you trying to skip class!?"

Shinn froze for a second and didn't even dared to turn around, he then frightfully looked over his shoulder when he saw some weird guy pointing at him from the other side of the hallway, his expression was basically that of fury and if Shinn didn't know better then it would seem that the guy was indeed on fire... he wasn't alone though, while the white haired student was acting furiously as in a not to mess with kind of attitude there was another standing next to him, his expression? Well it was shame... he leaned his head against his hand and sighed loudly... unlike the white haired guy this person was blonde and had a brown tan... a very strange combination...

"Calm down, Yzak..."

"Ah! How am I able to calm down when students like him waste away their school life and with that plunge our reputation!?"

The two started to bicker against each other... or should I say that one of them started to bicker as the other remained calm... bad thing was, they forgot about Shinn for the moment and poor Shinn was heavily confused about their behaviour... not only that, their loud bickering didn't only attract Shinn's attention... within seconds the classrooms at his side opened up and students started to look around to corner to see what was going on, Shinn freaked out when a door next to him slid open and backed away against the window, holding his backpack against his chest to protect himself from this new foe... the students however enjoyed the scenery... they didn't dare leave the classroom however and because of this many heads peeped from the sides... people crawling on the ground to have a sneak peek, several other merely sighed and commented on how Yzak was at it again... Shinn merely looked at them strangely and switched from the doors to the bickering duo, that was until the people at the class turned their attention to him...

"Ooy, you! Yes you!"

"Ah... nani?"

"Busted weren't you... hardly anyone can get past Yzak..."


Shinn switched from the student lying on the ground in front of him to the white haired loud mouth and then back to the student

"I would get away if I were you... I heard that the last guy who got caught by the student council for skipping class got kicked from school..."

"Kicked from school... no way... I heard that Yzak personally made sure that they never got into another school again... and with personally I mean very personally..."

"Never mess with Yzak... heck he would wait you up after school with his baseball bat"

"After school... the guy can figure out where you live... remember that he's in the student council!"


"I heard that he went to someone's house and trashed his dad's car..."

"Is it even safe to be out here?"

With that Shinn's kind of neutral scared expression went to utter terror and as the students kept on talking to each other they didn't notice that he was slowly taking side steps away from Yzak, Dreaka and the students at the door and eventually he sped away in a puff of smoke...

"I'm going back inside, move aside please..."

"I hope he doesn't show up at my house..."

"Move please!"

"I was caught by Yzak once..."


"I still have the scars to prove it..."

"Ooy what are you guys doing peeping outside, get back in class you fools!"

"Hai sensei!"

with that everyone slowly made their way back inside, however having students pile up on top of each other takes a little while to get rid of and during this process Yzak noticed that Shinn was sneaking away and when he went of in a puff of smoke he quickly yelled at him before taking off at high speed, a gust of wind pushing away the pilled up students who yelled out and fell inside the class room, the door then closed again...

"Ooy! I wasn't finished with you get back here!"

Shinn was now running through the hallways, his bag never leaving clinked in his hands as a kind of shield as he tried to reason with Yzak who was still after him, however all he got in return were yells about him being a criminal and not deserving his position as student at North High... Shinn tried to shake him off and eventually lost Yzak, however he was too much in his panic mode to notice to he kept running, tears made their way down his face as he didn't notice someone in his way, further on in the hallway a door opened and someone walked out, Shinn only caught a glance of brown and then rammed into the person, Shinn made a 180 and landed flat on his face, the brown haired youth landed on his back and a valuable object soared through the sky before landing on the ground within minutes Athrun was kneeling next to his friend...

"Kira! Are you alright?!"

Kira slowly sat up and rubbed his head as he nodded and then looked at the object lying on the ground

"Ah! My camcorder!"

Kira picked the item up and looked at it... there was a crack going from the bottom to the side and the lens was broken...

"It's broken..."

Athrun looked at the crack in the lens and saw Kira's sad expression, his attention then turned back to Shinn, who was still lying on the ground...

"Do you know what you just did?!"

Athrun looked at the youth on for a while and then recognised the hair colour and backpack, it was then that he noticed where he had seen him before

"You're that guy from this morning, ooy are you alright!"

Athrun grapped Shinn's shoulders and pulled him up, he got scared when he saw Shinn's expression though, a bloody nose... half open eyes that had tears in their corners, a huge red mark on his nose and he was muttering something about someone trying to kill him, Athrun couldn't make much sense of it and tried to keep the youth conscious, that was until a familiar dark and eerie voice was heard from behind Shinn and within seconds his eyes widened and his grip around his backpack tightened once more, you could say that the situation was that bad that even his hair started to float up several inches

"Finally found you..."

what happened next was still kind of a haze to Shinn, next thing he knew he was (probably) dragged into the student council room, a white plaster covered his nose... a rolled up piece of toilet paper was put in one of his nostrils to stop his nose from bleeding and he was sitting on a chair...

the student council room wasn't anything special, it was about half the size of the normal classrooms, the desks inside the room were rounded around the walls in a U kind of shape with an opening to the board and right now Shinn was sitting on a chair in front of 'them' tied up with a rope around his waist, arms and the back of the 'them' he meant the student council... he didn't know these people though... one was a pink haired girl with a golden clip in her hair who looked at him kindly... he however had a feeling that she could be quite evil if she wanted to... another was a blonde haired girl who was now bickering with Yzak... another was a guy with blonde hair and orange glasses who was busy behind a laptop... and a brown short haired girl who was kind of supporting the blonde against Yzak... also sitting in the room were Athrun and a brown haired student who was holding his broken camcorder, Shinn gulped as he looked at the thing... it looked damn expensive and his budget wasn't very high either... he looked forward again when he heard someone talking to him...

"You're in for some real trouble... skipping class... running away from the student council... breaking school property..."

"Demo... this is all just a misunderstanding!"

"Misunderstanding huh... then tell me... what about that broken camera is misunderstood... you were caught red handed... and we have witnesses who saw you lying on the ground... and who saw you running away form me!"

"They probably just said yes so you wouldn't bash their heads in..."

Yzak quickly turned to the short brunette




Yzak turned his attention back at the pink haired girl who was looking at him seriously...

"One of the jobs of the student council is to listen t what students have to say..."

"Lacus... this guy was caught red handed, there is nothing for him to say!"

"Shinn Asuka isn't it..."

Everyone turned their attention towards the blonde with the orange glasses, everyone except for Lacus... The blonde looked over his laptop and starred at Shinn for a moment

"Birthday... September 1... Blood type O, just moved Nishinomiya and started attending Nishinomiya Kita High School from April 14th..."

"How do you know that kind of information?!"

"...Miriallia, what date is it today?"

"Eeh? You have a computer, why don't you check it yourself!"

The blonde kept on starring at the brunette who carried the name of Miriallia, who pouted her lips as she looked at her watch...

"It's the 14th of April... Ah that means you're the new guy!"

Shinn looked at her annoyed

"That's what I've been trying to tell you for... the last 30 minutes!"

"Then what were you doing wandering about!"

Shinn pouted his lips as he answered, he looked away as he did

"I was lost..."

"Say again?"

Shinn's expression went from ashamed to annoyed and quickly he yelled out


"Sheesh, you didn't have to yell..."

Shinn turned his face away from Yzak as he whispered to himself

"I'm gonna kill that guy..."


Once again the attention in the room turned to the other side, Kira tried to get their attention and still held the feeble camera in his hands and his eyes were watery... as if someone just killed his puppy dog...

"Aah! Is that the Samsung we just gave you a month ago?!"

Kira slightly nodded and Miriallia turned her angered gaze up on Shinn with an added death glare...


Shinn twitched as he tried to move, the ropes made it hard to get away, they were tied pretty well...

"Ah! It was an accident! If Yzak wasn't chasing me this sort of thing would never have happened!"

"Urusai, you were being suspicious!"

As they kept on bickering, Lacus silent got up from her seat and walked over to Kira, she carefully took the camera from his hands and looked at it, Kira still had his hands up and was looking at her sad and desperate as if she was still capable of fixing it...

"Kira, I'll get you another camera..."


The rest of the room went silent as only a few gasped out at Lacus's reaction

"Lacus, we can't afford another one... those things are damn expensive..."

"We're not the one who will pay for it..."

Lacus glanced at Shinn who looked at her confused and then knew what she was planning, he immediately started shook on his chair and shouted out

"If you think that I can afford such a thing you're very wrong!"

"Shinn, I don't expect you to pay for it right away... Sai?"

"Yes, Lacus?"

"Could you tell Shinn how this school works with after school clubs?"

"Yes certainly, everyone in this school has to be in an after school club... it is stated in the school rules..."

"Now Shinn, I'm sure you haven't picked out anything just yet... but I think it would be best if you joined Athrun and Kira and the Film Club..."

"Ha? But I know nothing about those sorts of things!"

"Isn't needed, I'm sure they have tons of other things to do for you as repayment for the camera..."

It was then that Athrun protested

"Demo, Lacus! The film club isn't looking for new members!"

And it was then that he received the Lacus-Death-Glare... and he went silent in no time...

"Athrun I understand your concern... would you rather have me not replace the camera?"


Athrun turned his gaze down to Kira who was now clinging to his pants with puppy eyes, he sighed and turned his attention back to Lacus

"Very well then..."

"Shinn? For everything you do for the Video Club you'll receive a small amount of payment... with that money you'll be able to pay back the camera..."

Shinn pouted his lips again as he didn't even dared to ask this question... however before he even noticed it just slipped his mouth...

"How much do I have to pay them?"

"Ooh not much, just 153750 Yen..."

With that there was a short silence and then a scream erupted that was hear able all over the school grounds...