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It has been a month since the Chosen Ones got back from the Digital World. Life proceeded as normal, and everyone slipped back into their lives almost as if nothing had happened. Indeed, for their families, only a few minutes had passed while they were in the Digital World. But for the Chosen Ones', their experiences have changed their lives forever, hopefully for the better.

In the Minamoto residence, a boy was rushing towards the entrance, slipping on his shoes as he went. "I'm going out for a while! I'll be back for dinner!" yelled Kouji.

"Have a nice time, dear," his step-mother Satomi called back, looking up from the book she was reading. She smiled. Kouji was going out more often recently. It looks like he has made some new friends.

His father was at work. He had been really busy this past month, working hard at his company. He was hardly seen at home anymore and returned only at late hours.

'I haven't even gotten a chance to tell him about Kaa-san and Kouichi!' thought Kouji with a sigh as he left the house.

Kouji had been meeting up with Kouichi whenever he could, and their brotherly bond was strengthening even more as time passed.

He straightened my bandana and started jogging to the train station. They had decided to meet at Shibuya Station, just for old time's sake. What to do from there was to be planned later. He jumped onto the train that would get him to his destination.

But he hadn't seen the rest since they came back. Everyone had maintained contact through their phones, sometimes even indulging in long phone calls or messaging marathons. Nevertheless, between school and other activities, they hadn't had time to meet. To tell the truth, he was quite excited about meeting up with them again.

Getting down from the train, he looked around for them. The customary crowd in Shibuya made it difficult, but he looked left and right near their appointed meeting place to see if anyone had arrived already.

Reaching the spot, he met up with Izumi. Well, it was more like she pounced on him. "Kouji! It's great to see you!"

"Can you let go of me…" he gasped, half-strangled. Izumi had him in a tight hug, her excitement getting the better of her.

She laughed nervously and blushed. "Sorry!"

'She's cute when she blushes… Wait! Did I just think that she's cute?! That was just weird! Why am I thinking of something like this?! Bad thoughts, Kouji, bad thoughts!'

"Kouji! Izumi! Over here!" They turned to see Tomoki waving at them while jumping up and down. The vigorous motion dislodged his hat, causing it to flutter to the ground.

Junpei ruffled Tomoki's hair playfully before placing the hat back where it belonged. "Down, boy," he teased. Then he turned to the two who had just arrived. "Hey! Good to see you again."

"Hi, guys!" It was Takuya, running over to where they were. He squeezed through the crowd, mumbling apologies as he went.

"The latest as always," said Kouji, rolling his eyes.

Takuya stuck his tongue out at him. "I'm still on time. Anyway, Kouichi's not here yet!"

The others grinned at their banter. It was just like the good old times in the Digital World. "So where is Kouichi?" asked Izumi.

"He's helping out at a store nearby. He wanted to help our mother to make some money, so he's doing odd jobs in his free time." Kouji supplied.

"So, our first activity is set! Find Kouichi!" yelled Takuya, hyper as always.

"Yeah!" Izumi, Junpei and Tomoki cheered. The corner of Kouji's mouth twitched slightly, and he followed them at a more sedate pace. Yeah, just like the good old times.

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