Chapter Seven

The next morning, the sun shone through the windows into the living room of Amy Rose's apartment, as did it, it shone on two sleeping hedgehogs that were sprawled out on the red crushed velvet sofas.

The blue hedgehog opened his eyes slowly as he felt the sun's warmth on his face, he groaned as he held his head in pain, "ohh" he said slowly "my head" the black one rolled over and almost fell of the sofa, he lifted his head and squinted against the light. "I can't feel my head" he whispered.

The blue hedgehog looked up and towards Shadow "what happened to us Shadow?" he asked, he then looked down to see a brown bucket by his head, Shadow also had one near his head. He looked up at his blue companion "I think we did something stupid!" he said.

"Too right you did!" said a voice coming from the other end of the room; Sonic and Shadow looked up to see three smirking females at the door. Sonic and Shadow's eyes widened as they saw a pink hedgehog along with a lavender cat and a white bat walk over with their arms folded, the smirks never leaving their faces.

"The remorse of the alcohol junkies!" said Amy, Sonic groaned "Uhh" he rubbed his head, "I don't remember anything!" "Really?" smirked Rouge pulling something from under her short nightgown, "not even THIS?!?" she held up a photograph of Sonic and Shadow kissing passionately.

As soon as she held it up the two hedgehogs stared at it and screamed, "What the fuck!" yelled Shadow, he looked at Sonic and began to throw up in the bucket, Sonic began running all around the room screaming. "WAAAHH! I KISSED FAKER!" yelled Sonic.

Shadow continued to throw up in the bucket, he could stop feeling sick after seeing that photo! Just then he heard a crash, he looked up and he saw that Sonic had tripped over the red footstool and had fallen flat on his face. "You bitches!" shouted Sonic "my reputation! Ruined!"

"You can say that again!" snarled Shadow looking up at the three giggling girls. Amy smiled evilly "come on Sonic!" she said "you deserve to be humiliated after we caught you guys spying on us!" Blaze and Rouge nodded. "You're not gonna show that photo round are you?" asked Sonic looking up.

Amy smirked "maybe I will, and maybe I won't!" "You'd better not!" growled Shadow, his red eyes flashing. Rouge smirked "of course we won't Shad!" she smiled "we're not that nasty! But you must promise us one thing!" she grinned. "What?" said Sonic dreading the answer.

"DON'T SPY ON US AGAIN!" yelled Amy in a voice so loud that Blaze and Rouge leapt back, Shadow fell off the sofa and Sonic who had stood up tripped up over the footstool and fell back on his butt. Rouge and Blaze got hysterical again when they saw Sonic fall on his butt, and Shadow fall off the sofa.

"Bet we learnt a little lesson did we not?" said Amy folding her arms and tapping her feet. "Er…yeah" said Sonic sheepishly, Shadow sat up and glared at Sonic "I don't blame the girls for humiliating us!" he growled. "You don't?" said Sonic confused "no" said Shadow, "I blame you! BLUE-BOY!"

"Why moi?" asked Sonic "it was your idea we spy on the girls in the first place!" said Shadow, Sonic frowned at the black hedgehog, "really?" Shadow nodded "uh huh!" Sonic looked at Shadow with a glare, "well I didn't know the ladies were gonna find us did I!" snarled Sonic.

Shadow just snarled back in angst, the ladies then looked at them both and smirked "well, even if you didn't know you were gonna get caught, you sure know it's an invasion of privacy to spy on us?" "Yeah" grunted Shadow blushing deeply. As the girls continued to smirk, Shadow reached for the green chaos emerald in his jeans pocket.

He pulled it out and yelled "chaos control!" as he did, the green light surrounded him, Sonic saw him and yelled "Shadow! Wait for me!" he leapt towards the green light and got caught in the warp. The girls watched them warp away, Amy chuckled "poor bastards!" she giggled, "they sure couldn't take anymore!" Blaze and Rouge just chuckled.

Meanwhile the green warp had taken Sonic and Shadow outside Amy apartment into the street of Mobotropolis, as soon as they arrived; they began to walk towards their apartments.

"Great!" cried Sonic throwing his hands up in the air in exasperation, "my reputation is ruined! I've snogged my rival! I'm been tied down and got my ass whipped by some dominating females!" "Join the club!" growled Shadow "it was your fault!" Sonic glared at Shadow, "my fault?"

"You heard me!" yelled Shadow "if you hadn't talked Knuckles, me and Tails into spying on the ladies, we wouldn't have been humiliated!" "Well come on faker!" said Sonic "you wanted to know how Rouge felt about you, as you kept thinking about her and wanted to know"

Shadow blushed heavily, "that's true" he said quietly, he then remembered the passionate sex he had with Rouge in Amy's bathroom, and he blushed more, yet he went into a little daydream, "I suppose it wasn't all bad" he thought, "I did kinda find out that Rouge loves me, what am I saying! I had sex with her, Ooohhh" he cringed with pleasure.

Sonic looked at the black hedgehog with shock "man Shad!" he said "I suppose you did get some good out of it the way you're acting!" Shadow looked at his blue companion and blushed again. Sonic looked back at Amy apartment and snarled "this means WAR!"

"Now what?" sighed Shadow, "we were humiliated Shad!" said Sonic "now we should give those girls humiliation" "how we gonna do that?" asked Shadow once again rolling his eyes. Sonic looked thoughtful, then he snapped his fingers, "eureka!" he yelled, so loud he hurt Shadow's ears as he was near them.

"Ouch!" said Shadow "not so loud!" "Sorry" said Sonic blushing as Shadow glared at him, "I have the perfect plan!" "What?" asked Shadow "I know Amy's cousin who lives on the outskirts on Mobotropolis, he may have some naughty ideas for us to get our revenge on the ladies!"

Shadow smirked "really?" he smiled, Sonic nodded, "yep, his name is Streak the Hedgehog, he's a good friend of mine" Sonic continued. "He's known for his adventurous yet badass attitude" "well, give him a call, and see what we can do to make the girls see what it's like to be humiliated!" smirked Shadow, he red eyes glittering with mischief.

"You got it!" said Sonic with a smile, he fished his cell phone out of his pocket and began to make a call, Shadow watched as Sonic waited eagerly, finally he heard a voice say "hello?" "Streak its Sonic!" "Hey buddy how's it goin'?" said the cheerful voice on the other end.

"Terrible!" said Sonic, his ears drooping, "we were humiliated by Rouge, Amy and Blaze after we were discovered spying on them in the attic!", "yikes!" said the voice at the other end, "bet that was scary!" Sonic's ears flopped down lower. "Yeah! Count yourself lucky! You won't believe all the stuff they did to us!" "Ooohhh!" said Streak with a bit of sickness in his voice.

Shadow felt like he needed to rench again after remembering how he and Sonic had snogged whilst drunk, "you won't believe it!" said Sonic, also feeling a little ill. "Streak" he said "can you come to my apartment tonight? We need your help" "sure thing mate!" said Streak "I'll come over at about seven" "Ok" said Sonic "see ya there"

After he hung up Sonic put his cell phone back in his pocket, he then looked at Shadow with a smile, "I believe we have a way to get back at those naughty girlies!" said Sonic, making his eyebrows raise up and down. Shadow looked up at him, "really?" he said.

Sonic nodded "they're gonna have to get their comeuppance sometime" said Sonic "and when they do, it'll be no mercy!" Shadow then began to smirk, "we'll make them so humiliated they'll never regret it, they'll be blushing by the time they're a hundred!" smirked Sonic "oh yeah baby!" said Shadow beginning to laugh evilly and manically, Sonic then began to join in with the laughing.

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