Howdy Little Sammy

Howdy Little Sammy please don't cry

I watch as you ask why, why, why

What I'm giving you is better then mom's milk

It's demon blood gleaming like red satin silk

Little baby Sammy you'll grow big and strong,

As your momma runs in it goes all wrong

She knows me well, want's to fight,

Poor little Sammy is in for a fright,

Watch as I lift her up the wall,

Little Sammy screws his hands in a ball

Little Sammy starts to cry as I

Rip Mummy up, thigh to thigh

She breathes so slowly, nearly dead

Little Sammy scared to hell as he rests his head

Daddy runs into the room all flushed

His whole family will soon be crushed

Watch as Mommy bursts to flame,

Your fate is sealed and you'll soon be tame

So howdy little Sammy, don't you cry,

For now its bye, bye

But I'll return, because you're my little soldier,

Sammy's going to grow up into a warrior.

I was bored and after AHBL1 I decided to write this. So what do you think?