" Come, Johnny it's gonna be great. Nothing but the beach,girls,and of course,surfing." Sam says

" Yeah and my fifteen year old aunt."

Yeah I still didn't get how this was gonna work. My grandpa is getting married so that makes his daughter somehow my aunt. To tell the truth I'm nervous about meeting her.Grandpa said she was nice and that we should spend sometime getting to know her. But I think there's a little more to the story

" Dude,are you nervous? What happened to Johnny'it's all good' kapahala ?" he asks

" I left him in on I don't even know what she looks like bro." I say

" Well if she's hott you know who's she going with right ? " Sam asks, laughing

" Yeah and it's definately not you." I reply laughing. The forests of Hawaii were dense and has we drove,I can't help feeling like everything is going to okay. I hope.

" What's her name anyway ?" Sam asks

" Isabella. But grandpa told me she prefers Bella." I answer. so I don't forgot. I don't some people get all weird when call them by first name. I dunno.

" Is she into surfing or water ?" Sam asks

" See, that's the thing. When I asked Grandpa about that, he got all quiet and told me he tell me when we got here." I wonder.

" Oh great." Sam groans.

" What ? What's wrong ?" I turn around to see a huge tree trunk in the middle of the road

" Come on let's move it." I turn to unlock the door but stop when I here what sounds like thunder. We both turn around to see a black stallion galloping towards the car. Sam jumps back in the car. The riders moves like the wind and jumps clearly over the tree trunk. Wow.

" Nice jump." I yell. The rider looks back at me with the most piercing blue eyes I have ever seen.

" Dude, she's was hott." As we shifted the trunk out of the way.

" The girl or the horse." I ask knowingly perfectly well his answer

When we reach Grandpa's house, Grandpa comes running out along with Carla, his fiancee. I met her before

" Johnny and Sam, I am so glad you're here !" She exclaims,hugging me and Sam

" I gotta go check in Johnny.I'll see you at the beach." Sam says

" Later bro." I say as he drives off

" So when can I meet my aunt Bella ?" I ask Carla

": Right now. She just came back from riding." She says

" Bella, come down here please." Carla called

A raven-haired girl walks down the stairs and stands next to her to Carla.It's the girl who jumped over the tree. She does't recongize me.

" Bella this is Johnny,your nephew.Johnny this is Bella." Grandpa introduces

" Hi,nice to meet you." I say. Holding out my hand. She shrinks back and runs back up the stairs. O-kay.

" Don't take it personally. She's shy. " Carla says

" She's been through a lot." My mom says

" What happened to her ?" I ask

" You didn't tell him, Johnny ?" Carla asks

" I thought it was better for him to meet her first." Grandpa says

" Tell me what ?" I say

Carla sits me down.

" Last year,My ex-husband died in a swimming accident. She hasn't gone near water since. " Carla says looking at me

" I'm so sorry." I say

" Don't be. Johnny, Bella hasn't said a word since he died. Bella's um,um, mute. We have tried everything to get to talk. But she won't.. The doctor said that she will speak when she's ready to. But I just want my daughter back" She cries into grandpa's shoulder.

" We're kinda hoping maybe you could give it shot." Grandpa

" I'll try my best" I say. Grandpa and Carla both hug me

" Thank you Johnny."Carla says

How I'm going to do that, I have no clue

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