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Yomi rolled her sleeping bag up and set out onto the path. It can't be to far to go. She thought. A few minutes later she was at the gates. The sign overhead said Konoha.

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This must be the place, she thought it has the same leaf symbol as the letter I got.

She went through the gates but was stopped by a guard "Stop," he said " I haven't seen you before, what is your name?" he asked. "Well I would think you haven't seen me before, my name is Yomi Hasaga. Lord Hokage sent me a letter explaining I would become a ninja and to come to his office once I arrived." Yomi explained.

"Ah yes he told me you should be coming. Follow me I will escort you there." He said.

He led Yomi through crowded streets, allies and tunnels. " How much further?"

Yomi asked. "Not to far," he said " actually we are here."

The guard turned to her "Wait here until I come for you."

He turned around and went inside. Great. Now I am alone in a new town waiting for that guard to come and get me to see someone that invited me here.

"Lord Hokage" Guard #1 from the north gate entered Lord Hokage's office (if that is what you call it) "Yes, what is it you need?" " oh nothing it is just Yomi Hasaga has arrived and is waiting outside. "Send her in," "Yes sir" the guard walked out. " So she is finally here, I have been waiting for this day since she was born…"

"Ms. Hasaga," the guard was at the door. That didn't take to long. She thought. "Lord Hokage will see you now, follow me please." He led her upstairs to an office where an elderly man with white and red clothing was sitting at a desk. " ah Yomi, so nice to see you again." "Huh? We have never met before." Yomi said confusedly. " oh right its just I have heard a lot about you and have also heard that you have been training to become a ninja is that right?" " Yes sir it is." " Good, let's see what you got… show me a shadow clone of yourself." "O.K" Yomi made a shadow clone of herself, it was perfect the height and color of the clone was exactly the same as the girl's clothes. The clone disappeared into a poof of smoke. "Very nice, Yomi." Lord Hokage said. "You will be on team 7 with Hatake Kakashi, your sensei, Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura, and Uzumaki Naruto. Follow me and you will meet them, they are waiting for you at the Academy." Lord Hokage ushered her to his desk. "Here is your forehead protector," He handed her a headband with the Konoha leaf on it. "You can wear it anyway you want," They left his office and went down stairs.

"When is Kakashi-sensei going to be here?" Sakura asked Naruto and Sasuke. "Who knows, and why does he want us to wait for him here at the academy?" Sasuke said. "I heard that he had a surprise for us that is going to help the team." Naruto said. "Maybe its ramen." He started to drool. "How could ramen help us, moron?" Sasuke asked. " What ninjas have to keep their strength up so maybe he is getting us ramen before a mission." Naruto replied. "It doesn't matter, and even so I doubt the surprise is ramen Naruto." Sakura said. Poof. "Hey guys sorry I am late, I got lost on the path of life…" Kakashi said. "You said that excuse last week," Sakura said as she rolled her eyes. "You're surprise should be here any minute, Lord Hokage said that once it arrived he would bring it over." Lord Hokage? Why would he bring over our surprise? Sakura wondered.

"Ah here they are now." Kakashi said. Lord Hokage walked in Kakashi bowed and said hello. "So where is she? Kakashi asked. "Who? Who are you talking about?" Naruto and Sakura asked. (Sasuke really did not care) "She was right behind me," Lord Hokage looked back. "Oh there she is. Yomi you can come in." A young girl about 12 years old with long brown hair, big greenish-blue eyes walked in. She was wearing a dark blue shorts and a light pink shirt and her forehead protector was around her waist as a belt and she was wearing normal Konoha ninja sandals. "Hello," she said, "My name is Yomi Hasaga." She looked at Sasuke then at Naruto and then finally Sakura. "Yay, I am not the only girl on the cell!" She yelled. "You won't be unless you pass my test." Kakashi said.

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