Wraith humour.

Doctor Rodney McKay was -as per his routine of the past several weeks- frustrated. He'd looked over the base code over and over again with little success. It didn't help that Colonel Ellis seemed determined to rub him up the wrong way.

Like constantly…

Rodney sighed and leaned back, the Wraith who also looked tired sighed as well. It smirked and looked the Canadian scientist over.

"We are getting nowhere…" The Wraith said, Rodney grumbled and the soul sucker continued, "Perhaps you are not the genius you claim to be."

"Aw bite me," Rodney stopped, remembered whom he was talking to and winced. He looked at the Wraith, who had a certain little twinkle in its eye and shivered, "I was kidding."

The Wraith looked back at the computer with a large smirk across its tattooed faced.

"You do know that…right?"