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Chapter 1


" WHY!" She screamed at the top of her lungs, feeling her rationality slip away, making place for disconnected thoughts and chaotic accusations.

Sasuke turned around.

" He wasn't trustworthy Sakura, I only did you a favor." He replied coldly.

Sakura started to tremble, clutching the sides of her head.

" You didn't know him! None of you knew him! None! None! None!" She yelled hysterically.

Sasuke snorted.

" He's a heartless bastard for all I care."

Sakura simply gazed at Sasuke with blank, bloodshot eyes. The feeling of nausea hitting her as the contents of her stomach climbed their way up. Clutching her guts and covering her mouth with each of her hands, she felt hot, wet tears mingle with the sand that had been left behind on her pale face.

" Sakura, I killed him to protect you… He could've hurt you." Sasuke now spoke to her in a comforting voice.

Sakura stared out of the window while thinking of her friends back in Konoha, she and her parents were on a vacation in Suna and Sakura just couldn't find anyone to play with. Not that it was any different in Konoha. Most kids would just pick on her because of her large forehead anyway.

Sakura sighed. This was going to be a long, long vacation. She turned away from the window and walked towards the front door, deciding to at least give optimism a try.

"Mom I'm going to play outside!" Sakura called while she was putting her coat on.

" Ok, don't be late for dinner!" Her mom replied from upstairs.

Stepping outside, Sakura clenched her coat. It was already late and the air was freezing, but there were still a lot of children playing outside nonetheless. Sakura closed the door behind her and ran to the playground.

She looked at a few children playing with a red ball.

" Um…" She started.

The children turned to look at her.

" C-Can I.. play with you?" She asked, uncertain of what they would think of her.

Some children shot her some questioning looks.

" No way!" A girl with dark blonde hair that was pulled into a ponytail replied, sensing the vulnerability of the other child.

" W-why not?" Sakura asked with a sad frown.

The blonde grinned.

" Look at you! What's with that forehead of yours?" She replied.

Sakura felt how her eyes slightly started to water. What was wrong with her? She had never done anything wrong towards anyone, let alone this girl. One tear slid down her pale cheek upon having to deal with yet another rejection.

" Look at the forehead girl! She's crying!" The other girl started to yell while she burst out into laughter.

Feeling pumped by the girls accusations, the other children decided to join in.
" Forehead girl! Forehead girl!" They simultaneously called her.

Sakura felt how more tears made it down her cheeks. Her body trembled slightly and her eyes darkened. Slowly she closed them, trying to ignore all the comments but…

Suddenly she heard all the kids scream and when she opened her eyes she saw them running away as fast as they could, tripping every now and then in their haste. Sakura blinked a few times and quickly looked behind her; a few meters away stood a little boy with flaming red hair and dark rimmed eyes. They just stood there for a while, both saying nothing to each other. Shyly Sakura started to speak.

" Um…H-hey." She stuttered.

The boy just looked at her with surprised eyes. As if he didn't really expect her to talk to him.

" I'm Sakura…W-what's your name?" She asked.
Please don't be mean, Please don't be mean! She thought desperately.

A small smile formed on the boys face.

" Gaara."

Sakura thanked the gods. Finally someone accepted her! At least…She hoped so.

" Ok Gaara! Want to play?" She asked excited. She had never made any friends before.

Slowly Gaara nodded. Sakura squealed and pulled him to the sand box.

" Um…Do you feel any pain?" She asked, taking the role as nurse very seriously.

Slowly Gaara nodded and pointed at his heart.

" It…It always hurts here…I'm not injured but it really hurts."

Sakura frowned. She knew what kind of pain Gaara meant. She felt it too.

Every time the world seemed to hate her she felt a stabbing pain in her chest. But whenever she told her mother, she would cuddle her and whisper sweet things in her ear. It would make Sakura feel better right away and the pain would disappear ever so slightly.

" I know how I can treat that." She spoke.

Gaara looked up wide eyed. " Y-You do?" He asked.

Sakura nodded. Slowly she bent forward and took Gaara into her small arms while humming a song. Gaara sat stiff for a moment but slowly began to relax. He listened to the soft humming of Sakura's voice, it somehow made him feel calm and at peace. After a few minutes Sakura sat back again and looked at Gaara.

" Feel better now?" She asked.

Gaara nodded and smiled at her. All the pain he had felt was gone.

" SAKURA!" Someone suddenly called.

Sakura looked around and noticed her mother searching for her nearby.

" I gotta go. I was supposed to be back before dinner." She said whilst standing upright.

She paused for a moment and looked at Gaara.

" Will you be here tomorrow?" She asked.

" Yes." He answered and watched her go.

Sakura ran up to her mother and pulled her sleeve. Her mother turned around with a worried look on her face.

" Sakura where have you been? Dinner's ready."

" I was playing…With a friend." Sakura replied while following her mother to their temporary home.

The walls were a sandy color brown, just like the floor and the ceiling. One large window was placed in the middle of a wall.

Sakura walked towards it and looked outside. She could see miles and miles of sand dunes. It seemed like the desert never ended, of course she knew better. The moon shone brightly, giving the dunes a silvery edge. Small animals could be seen in their shadows. Sakura sighed. Suna was nothing like Konoha. She missed the trees and plants, heck she even missed the grass. In comparison with Konoha, Suna looked…Almost dead. No trees, no flowers nor grass grew here. There was only sand…Sand…And more Sand. Sakura didn't really understand why people would even want to live here.

Slowly Sakura turned away from the window and approached her bed. Tiredly she let her small body fall onto it. In a matter of seconds she was fast asleep…

" Have you heard of the demon boy terrorizing the village?" Her mom asked her dad.

" Yeah I heard he kills everthing that comes in his path." Her dad replied.

" I think we should return back to Konoha as soon as possible."

" You may be right, but I still have to finish some business with the Kazekage."

Sakura's mom frowned.

" Can't we just leave? I'm worried for Sakura."

Sakura's dad sighed.

" All right, we'll leave tonight."

Sakura's eyes widened. They would leave…Tonight! What about Gaara? He was her very first friend! She couldn't just leave him!

Sakura jumped off of her stool and ran outside. She could hear her parents calling for her but she ignored them. She had to see Gaara, it probably would be her last chance. When she arrived at the playground she immediately noticed him due to his red hair.

" Gaara!" She called.

Gaara looked up from the ground he was previously staring at.

Sakura came running towards him.

" Gaara! My parents want to leave Suna tonight!" Sakura said, trying to hold back her tears.

" Why?" He asked dumbstruck.

" They mentioned something about a demon boy terrorizing the city, they're worried that he'll hurt me." Sakura explained.

Gaara's eyes saddened.

" Gaara? What's the matter?" Sakura asked.

"…" He was silent.

" Gaara?"

" It's nothing." He said softly, almost whispering.

Sakura frowned at him.

" We'll meet again, don't worry." She smiled.

Gaara gave her a weak smile in return.

" Please Sakura, listen to your parents, I don't want you to get hurt." He spoke.

Slowly he took something from under his shirt. It was a necklace, it consisted of a ball made of glass containing a pink flower. Sakura's eyed widened, it was gorgeous

" Here take this, I have one too. This way we will always remember each other 'kay?" He explained.

With shaking hands Sakura took the necklace, carefully she hung it around her small neck. She smiled, it looked beautiful.

" Gaara…" Sakura started.

Gaara looked up.

" Will you promise me you'll never die?" She asked.

Gaara laughed, it was a small kind laugh.

" Why would I?" He asked.

Sakura smiled weakly.

" I don't know, I just want to be sure."

Gaara's head suddenly whipped around.

" Gaara what are you doing here?" A man with blond hair asked.

" U-Um I…I was just…..Playing with my friend." He stuttered while quickly hiding the necklace around Sakura's neck.

The man frowned.

" You know your father is expecting you for your training, your 6th birthday is in a few days already."

Gaara looked at the ground with sad eyes.

" I know." He said.

He stood with his back facing Sakura. He turned his head to look at her. His jade eyes looked sad and depressed.

" Farewell Sakura." He said.

Sakura felt tears running down her cheeks.

" Farewell Gaara."

Gaara turned to leave but was stopped when Sakura grabbed his arm. He turned around and looked at her. She bent forward and gave him a quick peck on his cheek. His face turned bright red. A small smile adored it.

" Remember me." Sakura said.

Gaara nodded.

" I will." He reassured her and turned around.

Sakura looked at his retreating back whilst smiling. They would stay friends, no need to worry. They would meet again and they would be just as good friends as they were now. Sakura grinned.

With that on her mind she skipped back towards her 'home' ready to leave again. But of course, she would come back someday. When she reached the front door she opened it and walked in.

" Let's go home." She whispered to herself

Looking back at the playground and the rest of Suna one more time.

" Remember me Gaara."

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