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Blue eyes stared unseeingly at the one thing that could change everything back. After all this time, he finally had it in his hands. This inconspicuous little pill was the cure to the poison that had been forced into him on that night. It would turn things back to the way they were meant to be, physically at least. Fixing the rest would be up to him.

And the question was, did he really want to take it?

Which was, all in all, a dumb question as far as Edogawa Conan was concerned. Of course I do, there was never any question about that. It was always about this, this thing that will let me reclaim my life. That, and taking down the Black Organization.

Reclaiming his life was the difficult part of course. Resurrecting a dead man would inevitably be a complicated thing. It had been ten years since that night, eight since Kudo Shinichi had stopped calling, five since Ran had given up hope, two since she had moved on.

And that was really the problem, wasn't it?

Ran had moved on. Not that she'd found a guy or anything, but it was an emotional sort of moving on. Shinichi could hardly blame her, and the part of him that wasn't screaming from the pain of it was glad that she'd found some happiness in her life. Could he really justify the pain he would put her through by returning after ten years?

But, without Ran, was there really anything in the life of Kudo Shinichi to reclaim? His parents already knew the whole thing, Ran had been the only one of his friends that had really mattered, and as for his reputation as a detective, Edogawa Conan had long since gained a reputation of his own.

No, there really wasn't anything notable in the life of Kudo Shinichi.

Edogawa Conan was another story.

Conan had a surprisingly large group of friends and an odd little family (and if Conan occasionally looked at his 'sister' with more in his eyes than there should be, what did it matter?). Conan had his work. Conan had a life.

Conan would be missed if he suddenly disappeared. Strange how Ran is the only one who ever really cared much about Kudo Shinichi disappearing. Well, her and Hattori, even if he never really knew me before, and he hardly counts since he knows.

If this cure had shown up earlier there would have been no question to the matter. But after ten years it was a lot more complicated. There was very little to gain, and a whole lot to lose.

Then there was the real question: was he still Kudo Shinichi? Or had that distant person been replaced by the made up character of Edogawa Conan?

And as he sat there, staring at the little pill in his hand, he found that for once he didn't have the answer. And that maybe, just maybe, there was more than one truth this time.