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Chapter One-Meeting the Knights

Sunlight glittered off the girl's face as she approached the Japanese residence. It looks so much like something from home, Alysson Sant had thought. She never paused as she followed her father, who insisted on teaching her business for a few minutes, then telling her to leave.

As Ali entered, a girl bumped into her. Looking up, she noticed her short-layered haircut and pinkish-brownish hair. Her skirt was super short, and she had a white sweater with what Ali deciphered to be a school logo. Ali instantly started apologizing yet wasn't quick enough.


"Don't say sorry! It was my fault!" Ali blinked as the stranger left.


After her father's meeting with whom he called Natsue-san, Ali was to be introduced to the entire family of Awayuki. As she went down the labyrinths called halls to meet them, she went over, in her mind, the facts. There were two parents and three daughters. That was the extent of Ali's knowledge.

Ali, wishing all decorum, was suddenly denied it when she saw the stranger among the family members! Himeno was also at a lack for words at seeing Ali again. Suddenly, Ali was overcome with the funniness of the situation and began to laugh softly.

Himeno, being as good-natured as she was, began to laugh as well. Laughter rang throughout the room till confusion was apparent. Finally, the executives had enough of their daughters.

"Ali, stop laughing now!"

"Himeno, you must stop!" Both girls instantly calmed down. As everyone went to introducing themselves, Himeno and Ali tip-toed out the room


As Himeno got to know Ali, or Alysson, better, the seventeen year old couldn't help but notice that Ali was a lot like Takako. She had a secret. Himeno, although it wasn't as important as the secret part, also felt like she was related to Ali in some way. It was like the connection she had with Takako, the former Pretear. They were connected through the Leafe Knights. Finally, Himeno had to ask the question while they were outside:

"Ali, do you know the Leafe Knights?" Ali stopped walking as she pondered the question.

"Himeno, you believe in that Japanese myth?" Himeno's eyes widened as she realized that, where Ali was from, Pretear was myth. What do I do now? Himeno's frantic eyes spoke volumes to her thoughts.

"Ali, what if I proved it?" The delicate jaw of Ali dropped as she nodded slowly. She then stated:

"Okay, Himeno, you can prove it." Himeno then walked into the woods. As Ali waited, her thoughts wandered over to her last dream. In her last dream, seven men: one with long, blue hair, another with short, silver hair, one that looked like a girl due to his hairstyle, one with hair like brown and red flames, and three boys, had come out of the woods with Himeno. Ali shivered slightly, remembering the fact that most of her dreams came true. She hated this ability, mostly because she couldn't control it. Little did she know, the ability was a gift.

Turning toward the forest, Ali gasps as she sees four men and three boys matching the visual from her dream standing in front of her. Everyone is shocked by her reaction, especially Himeno. Rushing over to her, Himeno asks what is wrong.

"My dream…" Sasame hears and asks:

"What about your dream?" Looking up, Ali feels unwilling to explain. Instead, she puts on a fake smile and asks Himeno to introduce her to everyone.

"Well," Ali watches as Himeno points to a blond man with a long bang, "this is Kei. This is Mannen; he's eleven. Shin's six, Hajime's eight. This is Sasame, Hayate, and Goh." Ali, feeling her etiquette, held out her hand for the others to shake it. Everyone looked at her hand, confused.

"Where I'm from, you shake hands when you meet." Shin, excited about the chance to shake hands, grabs her hand.

White light emits from their hands. Shin's small body turns into a green light and approaches her body. The circular green light expands and shrinks as it becomes one with Ali's body. Suddenly, a bright rainbow explodes from out of Ali. Ali has become the Plant Pretear.

All the remaining Leafe Knights and Himeno are standing with mouths open. Mannen, as usual, opens his big mouth:

"Himeno's friend is a Pretear?" Ali looked at herself, then screamed. Taking deep breaths, Ali remembered this from her dream too. Concentrating, Ali unpreted with Shin. Shin, that being his first accidental prêt, started to cry. Ali knelt down, then started to sooth him.

"I'm sorry, Shin. I knew this was coming, but I forgot. I'm sorry I scared you like that. I forgot my dream about all of you and…" Ali paled as she heard the silence and felt the staring. Standing up rapidly, Ali started to run. Hayate teleported in front of her and effectively stopped her. Ali sunk to the ground. She knew she owed them an explanation.

"Ever since I was a little girl, I've had vivid dreams. At eleven, I started having dreams that predict future events." Everyone became silent with shock, so Ali continued. "For about a year, I've been reading a Japanese myth called The Pretear and her Leafe Knights. Based on what just happened, I'm guessing it's real." Ali looked to Himeno for confirmation and she nodded. "My question now is, why am I a Pretear?" Hayate motioned for her to sit down off her knees. At the motion, everyone sat down.

"We don't really know why. A new Pretear usually appears when danger is approaching. Your ability fascinates me," said Kei, "and it reminds me of an old ability some Pretears can have. It's the gift of seeing into the future." Ali listened respectfully yet honestly felt it was a curse. Ali turned to Himeno, curiosity written in her eyes.

"Himeno, you're a Pretear too, aren't you?" Himeno slowly nodded after Ali's question. Goh then felt the need to say:

"What do you see when you dream? I've never met a Pretear that can see into the future through her dreams." Ali sighed, yet was too polite to refrain from response.

"Sometimes it's great. I can see my score on a test though I never use it to copy the answers. Other times," Here Ali began to cry silent tears of sorrow, " it's terrible. I see my father failing a business deal and then taking it out on me again. Most people think it would be great to see the future, but in reality, it takes away from life's surprises. That's why I hate what Kei calls a gift." Himeno, seeing Ali's tears, gives her a side hug. Suddenly, a maid comes up to them and whispers in Himeno's ear. As Ali and Himeno leave, the Leafe Knights leave for their home.


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