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Music Pretear

As Ali plays, her feet start to release Leafe and glow white. The white glow travels up her body as the song continues. Once the song is over, she waits for the prêt to be complete. Once complete, everyone stares as Ali stands as the Music Pretear. They are too shocked too speak as they observe her pink dress with a skirt that goes down to her knees, a flute in her hands, and a necklace with a musical note as the only jewelry she has.

"The Music Pretear? How on Earth shall you defeat me as that?" Rogo's confusion grew as he viewed Ali standing in front of him as, in his opinion, the weakest Pretear form. Ali only smiled and began to play her song on the flute.

As Ali played, Rogo began to transform. Dark vapors began to rise out of him and he screamed as if in extreme pain. From his feet up, his dark clothing started to change as the vapors continued to rise. It appeared to be like someone was peeling off his dark clothing to reveal the rich green clothes with light green vine designs underneath. When Ali finished the Song of Redemption, the King of Doom was Rogo, Knight of Plants, a Leafe Knight of the past. Ali smiled at her handiwork, than fainted.


Rogo, the ancient Knight of Plants, paces as the sun sets on the second day that Ali as been sleeping peacefully. His guilt grows as he reminds himself of how much Leafe she'd used to redeem him. Hayate stands up to question the former King of Doom.

"Rogo, is she alive?" Rogo looks at the Knight of Wind, filled with dread at his answer.

"I believe she is. She used a tremendous amount of Leafe to redeem me with the Song of Redemption. It may take years for her to recuperate," He paused, long enough to think for a few seconds, "and she will have to be given Leafe at first. But I expect a full recovery for her because she's a special Pretear." Suddenly, Ali's eyes fluttered open and she started to unpret into her regular clothes. Shin, being the only one who noticed, started shouting:

"She's awake! She's awake!" Everyone turned to Ali. Rogo was the first to reach her side, fueled by his guilt.

"Dream Pretear, are you alright?"

"Rogo? Please call me Ali. Yes, I'm fine. How long have I been sleeping? I've been talking to Rayna the whole time. She said I may break the rules and not lose my Pretear abilities." Rogo's face held no expression at the mention of the Pretear that had killed his love. The present-day Leafe Knights and Himeno, however, wanted to hear about Rayna. As Ali explained about her dreams and how it linked to her strange behavior, everyone started to realize the error of their ways. Goh felt especially guilty, for he had been the hardest on the training Ali.

"Ali, I'm really sorry for how I treated you."

"Think nothing of it, Goh. I'm not hurt by it now. Thanks for apologizing, though." Goh smiled as Ali graciously accepted the apology.



After a two-month period, Rogo died and was happily reunited with Petra. Ali continued being friends with Rayna through her dreams, although Rayna didn't give a mission. Ali also trains with the Leafe Knights very vigorously, proving her loyalty tenfold over. They are very pleased with their new Pretear and friend.